Top 10 Most Expensive Books in The World

A book is close to a piece of gem that has immense value! Other than the fact that books are best friends that human can have, it is also a source of the wealth of knowledge that helps readers to broaden their horizon or develop a new perspective in their life. Books are the types of things with which you are always compatible, and this thing will never betray in your life, and you will be able to read books wherever you want and in any condition.

Similarly, from the past until now there are several books that have been written, authored and even collated and thereby published and made available to the public that have a knack for reading and have access to unique history, amazing facts and fascinating incidents that have shaped human history. Avid book reader or not, these are the top 10 most expensive books in 2018 that are worth knowing whether anyone wants to make a collection or not.

10. Gutenberg Bible (Price – $4,900,000)

Most Expensive Books

This book is also called the 42 line Bible, B42 or even the Mazarin Bible. This was the very first important book that got printed by the Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz. This book has received great accolades owing to its artistic finesse and aesthetic quality. The language used was Latin and the work was considered one of its kinds. As everybody knows that this book has a tremendous historical value because this book is the first major book which was printed and that is the reason this book has historical value. The reason of this massive $4,900,000 is the historical value and the language it was written and quality of the product.

9. Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies (Price – $6,100,000)

Most Expensive Books 2019

Published first back in the 1623 post the death of the great dramatist William Shakespeare, this book is yet another jewel in the area of the most costly books in the world. This book comprises of 36 plays by the dramatist and was compiled by Shakespeare’s colleagues Henry Condell and John Heminges. This book is one of the most celebrated works in English literature.

8. Canterbury Tales (Price – $7,500,000)

Most Expensive Books

English major students are aware of the sale. The Canterbury Tales goes back to the 15th century and was written by the popular author Geoffrey Chaucer. This is a grand collection of 24 stories that stretches more than 17000 lines and is written in Middle English.

7. The Birds of America (Price – $11,500,000)

Most Expensive Books

As the name suggests, this book depicts the vibrant and varied bird life in America. The book earned much fame and popularity for its freshness of thought and writing style that author John James Audubon has put in the book. In this book the author other than giving real life accounts of the birds have also included drawings that makes it even more distinctive.

6. Gospels of Henry The Lion (Price – $11,700,000)

Most Expensive Books 2019

This popular book was made as well as commissioned for the Duke of Saxony to be kept in the altar of Virgin Mary at the church of St. Blaise’s Abbey at Brunswick Cathedral. This happens to be an excellent book in the entire planet till the year 1994 and is said to have some of the best historical details and other interesting facts.

5. Rothschild Prayer Book (Price – $13,600,000)

Most Expensive Books

The much talked about Rothschild Prayer Book features in the list of the top 10 most expensive books 2018 for being a stunning piece of art. This book is a popular Flemish illuminated manuscript book of the hours. There were several artists that had compiled this book with great dedication and sincerity between the years 1500 and 1520 and are till date known as an unique manuscript.

4. Bay Psalm Book (Price – $14,165,000)

Most Expensive Books

The much talked about Bay Psalm Book is a rather interesting and important aspect of history. It was the very first book that has been printed under the British North America and was written in colonies. The publication of this book happened as an outcome of the disappointment with the two Psalter translations that was available by the earlier residents of the Massachusetts Bay colony.

3. St Cuthbert or Stonyhurst Gospel (Price – $14,300,000)

Most Expensive Books

St Cuthbert or Stonyhurst Gospel is said to be an ancient 8th century Gospel Book that is available in a pocket version and initially got written in Latin. This book is one of the first few specimens in bookbinding that makes this book very famous and a class apart. The book took its name from the Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne.

2. Magna Carta (exemplar) (Price – $21,300,000)

Most Expensive Books

The Magna CartaIt which is also known as the Magna Carta Libertatum has been authored by the John, King of London as well as his barons along with Stephen Langton. It was said that David Rubenstein had bought a fabulous copy of this book at New York. Today, this costly book in the world is in great demand.

1. Codex Leicester (Price – $30,802,500)

Most Expensive Books

Codex Leicester also gets the name of Codex Hammer that has been written by Leonardo Da Vinci. In this book the great Renaissance artists writes about his collection of scientific writings. This book has as many as 72 pages and has excellent elucidations on the connection between science, art and creativity. This name codex was after Thomas Coke, who purchased that priceless book in 1719. This book is a real work of art and if you did not saw the book then try to see the book and you will get amazed.

These books have made it to the list of top 10 most expensive books in 2018 for reasons innumerable. The historical value of the quality of writing there are many expensive books you will find on the market, and you will get confused about the most expensive books and which book to read. Each book has a unique character and material that cannot be replaced and is known to add to the human wealth of knowledge when studied with ample time at hand. The book lovers must be swayed by now with the library of information offered here! Stay tuned for more!

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