Top 10 Most Evil Children In History

Children are a miracle. We think of a child as a picture of innocence and sweetness. Unfortunately, there are times when the unthinkable happens. When it is more than a child going through the terrible twos as parents like to say or being rebellious teenagers. Sometimes a child is purely evil.

A child can be evil for various reasons. It could be due to a horrible and harsh upbringing. A horrible death, loss of a loved one, or tragic accident could affect the child deeply. Maybe the child grew up without a father or had to grow up way too fast not getting to experience things a child should. Or worse of all, a child is evil to the core for no reason at all. Simply, because they want to be. They fantasise of evil doings. These are the top 10 most evil children in history.

10. Michael Carneal

Most Evil Children In History

In December of 1997, Michael Carneal went to school with a loaded shotgun and rifle. He wrapped the guns in a blanket, passing them off as his school art project. He then preceded to shoot 8 people. Three girls died while 5 others were seriously wounded.

When he finished, he dropped the gun in surrender. Exclaiming, “Please, kill me! I can’t believe I did that”.

9. Nathaniel Brazill

Most Evil Children In History 2019

A young teen in the sunny and beautiful state of Florida. Nathaniel Brazill, at the time was 13 years old and an honor roll student. The last day of school in 2006. Nathaniel Brazill entered his school and shot his favorite teacher, Barry Gunrow in the head.

Nathaniel Brazil turned 14 by the time his trial took place. He received 28 years in state prison for his heinous crime.

8. Michael Hernandez

Most Evil Children In History

In 2004, Michael Hernandez then 14 years old, killed his fellow classmate Jamie Rodrigo Gough. The incident once again took place in the state of Florida. The murder was committed in the boy’s school bathroom.

The 14-year-old boys were friends. Gough accompanied Hernandez to the bathroom where Hernandez claimed he wanted to show him something. Michael Hernandez took Jamie Gough in the bathroom stall. There he preceded to stab him several times and slice his throat.

7. Willie Bosket

Most Evil Children In History

Will Bosket who was born in December of 1962 forever changed the New York juvenile crime laws. It led to minors as young as 13 being able to be tried as an adult and suffer the same consequences as an adult depending on the nature of the committed crime.

At the age of 15 years old, Willie Bosket shot and killed a man during a robbery attempt in New York City. A week later he did the same thing. Willie was convicted of both murders but, due to the juvenile laws served only 5 years in prison.

People were outraged at the light sentence he received. That began the process of changing the laws for juveniles in New York. Even though, he received a light sentence for his first two murders. Since being released, Bosket has committed felony acts that placed him in prison for three life sentences. Karma will get you.

6. Alex King and Derek King

Most Evil Children In History 2019

This horrific event took place in Florida a week after Thanksgiving of 2001. Twelve-year-old Alex King and his brother, 13-year-old Derek King beat their father to death with a baseball bat while he was sleeping. They continued on to set their home on fire in a failed attempt to destroy the crime scene and evidence.

Both, Alex and Derek confessed to the murder of their father, Terry King. Although, there is more. The boys went on to say that another person was involved. That person was Ricky Chavis, a 41-year-old convicted child molester. They said that Ricky Chavis had a sexual relationship with Alex which he did not want. Ricky talked the boys into murdering their father.

Alex and Derek ultimately received 7 and 8 years in prison for third-degree murder and arson. Meanwhile, Ricky Chavis who of course denied the implications even though he helped the brothers avoid immediate arrest after the murder. Chavis was sentenced to 35 years in a state correctional facility.

5. Joshua Phillips

Most Evil Children In History

Joshua Phillips was 14 years old when he bludgeoned his neighbor to death, hiding her under his bed. She was only 8 years old. This sad event took place in 1998.

Several days after the initially incident, Joshua’s mother noticed something leaking from under his bed. To her surprise, the missing neighbor girl was what she found. Joshua Phillips claimed it was an accident and he panicked and hid her under his bed.

Phillips failed to convince the jury of this. Supposedly, Joshua hit the girl, 8-year-old Maddie in the eye with a baseball bat accidentally while they were playing. Maddie screamed. Joshua Phillips panicked, taking her to his house and room. There he hit her again and stabbed her several times. Not knowing what to do, he tried to cover it up. Not too convincing, is it?

Joshua Phillips received a life sentence for this gruesome murder. His mother is appealing it being that he was only a child at the time of the murder.

4. Jasmine Richardson

Most Evil Children In History

Jasmine Richardson at 12 years old is the youngest person in Canada to ever be convicted of multiple murders. Surely, her parents taught her better. That achievement is nothing to be proud of. The thing is, her parents were 2 of her victims. Along with her younger brother.

The family’s bodies were found on April 23, 2006. When Jasmine was nowhere to be found. Police and citizens were frantic that Jasmine had also been murdered. Fortunately, she was found alive and well with her boyfriend.

Jasmine’s parents did not approve of her boyfriend who was 23. What parent would approve of a 23-year-old dating a 12-year-old child? Her boyfriend was also charged with the murders of her family.

In July of 2007, Jasmine Richardson was found guilty on 3 counts of first-degree murder. She was only sentenced to 10 years in prison. Although, it is the maximum sentence allowed for a person under 13 years of age according to Canadian law.

3. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables

Most Evil Children In History

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were two 10-year-old boys who are evil. The committed a senseless act of murder to a helpless defenseless toddler. In 1992 they murdered 2-year-old James Bulger.

At the mall, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were on a free shopping spree. Stealing items from random stores. They decided to steal a 2-year-old boy, James Bulger. There is no reason why. Maybe just to see if they could. The thing was, once they had him. They had no idea what to do with them.

James Bulger was nothing more than an object for these two greedy boys to steal. Instead of giving back their new property. They disposed of him. Sadly, beating the fragile toddler to death and dumping him on the train tracks.

True, relentless evil. Why did they do kill James Bulger? Only Robert and Jon know the real answer to that.

2. Jesse Pomeroy

Most Evil Children In History

Jesse Pomeroy is nicknamed “The Boston Boy Fiend”. In 1874, 14 year old Pomeroy was convicted of the brutal death of a 4-year-old little boy. What makes it even worse, is that wasn’t even the beginning of all the horrific crimes this boy has committed.

Three years prior to this incident is when his boy tortures began. Jesse Pomeroy was tried and convicted of sexual torturing, several boys. For these unbelievable crimes, Jesse was sentenced to a boy’s reform school and got early release.

A short time after Jesse Pomeroy’s released from the reform school, he got his next victim. A 10-year-old girl came into his mother’s store. He got the chance and kidnapped the pretty girl. He mutilated and killed her. Finally burying her in his mother’s basement.

One month later is when he savagely and brutally stabbing and slashing his victim to death. The 4-year-old first mentioned. The boy was found in a nearby swamp.

Jesse Pomeroy had a history and his appearance didn’t help. He had a milky white eye which made him look like a killer. Police charged and convicted him sentencing him to death. Even though, he killed these children. The public was against giving a minor the death penalty. Ultimately, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison in solitary confinement. Some would rather be dead.

1. Mary Bell

Most Evil Children In History

Little girls are supposed to be sweet and cute. Playing with dolls and having a tea party with their stuffed animals. Not Mary Bell and her friend, Norma Bell (the girls are not related). Mary Bell was convicted of strangling her first victim, Martin Brown on May 25, 1968. Mary did this cruel act the day before her 11th birthday.

Mary Bell is the mastermind behind the death of another boy. Mary and her friend, Norma Bell (the girls are not related) together killed a three-year-old boy, Brian Howe. This sad incident took place on July 31, 1968. Brian Howe was murdered by strangulation. After the murder took place Mary Bell went back to the scene of the crime to carve an N on the stomach of the deceased boy with a razor. Using the same razor she later changed the N to an M. Mary even used scissors to cut some of the boy’s hair and parts of his genitals.

To this day, no one really knows what happened. The two girls were only children. Their stories contradicted one another. The victim’s murders were finally linked and Mary was charged. Her first victim was ruled an accident. She was convicted of her second murder of Brian Howe.

As you already know, children do the strangest things. The next time you are scolding your little one for misbehaving. Take a second and remember these ten children. You will be thankful your child only drew on the wall with crayons rather than in a corpse’s blood. The bad little things now seem like nothing compared to the crimes these evil children committed.

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