Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs In The World

This word gang back in the past was a very positive back in the past meaning that it is a group of people. But in the present name gangs have turned out to be more of negative than the way it was in the past. Very many gangs nowadays tend to terrorise as well as rob people in our society and that is why this gangs are feared as well as hated by people. This is a list of the top ten most dangerous gangs in the world in 2018.

10. Cosa Nostra

Most Dangerous Gangs

This name “Cosa Nostra” is of Italian decent meaning “our thing” in English. The gang is located in the lower east sides of New York. It became popular when immigration of the Italians started in the United States. They are said to be the most famous Sicilian Gang. Rumours has it that they are more than 25000 members in total. All over the world they are said to be 250,000. In issues of drug trafficking, they are said to have collaborated with other gangs internationally.

9. Crips

Most Dangerous Gangs 2019

This is a gang that is mainly composed of African-Americans who are found in Los Angeles, California. It was founded back in 1969. It simply started as a gang in a local level but with time, it grew to become one of biggest crime groups. This is a group that is known for wearing blue clothing as well as blue bandanas. Their approximate number is assumed to be between 30000 to 35000 members. They are great enemies with the blood gang.

8. Wah Ching

Most Dangerous Gangs

These is a Chinese gang that was founded in San Francisco in the 1960’s. The gang is mainly made up of young men. Most of the activities they carry out are mostly financial crimes and money laundering in Eastern Asia and Los Angeles. Trust me if there is gang that really knows how to make money is this one

7. Yakuza

Most Dangerous Gangs

This gang is an ancient one from the Japanese. To become a member of the gang one had to cut off family ties and owe their loyalty to the boss of the gang. The gang has a very large number of members. They are said to be more than 102 000 members all over the world.

6. Bloods

Most Dangerous Gangs 2019

It is a gang from Los Angeles that was founded back in 1972. It is known to be cribs best enemy. The thing that will let you know the gang is the red clothes and the bandanas they put on. This gang is known to operate in sets that are meant to perform a specific task. Even when it comes to recruitment of various members, each set has its own way. The members will identify themselves through various indicators like jewellery, tattoos, language as well as body language as well as hand signs. This is one amongst the top ten most dangerous gangs in the world in 2018.

5. 18th Street Gang

Most Dangerous Gangs

The lethal gang is also referred to as the M18 and is regarded as ruthless. They are 65000 members in over 120 cities. They are great enemies with the Cribs, Bloods Ms13. They are known to have very brutal and inhuman rules that will try to make you prove that you are loyal to the gang. They are criminals that are a great threat even to the security personnel of the state they are in.

4. Los Zetas

Most Dangerous Gangs

This is a gang from Mexico that is known by many for drug trafficking, and also financial embezzlement. They are said to be the most powerful drug lobbies in the world. This is a gang whose hobby is killing people daily. This is to give you a chance to enter the gang. This gang since 2012 had taken control of over 11 states in the city of Mexico. This is the drug cartel with the largest territories. You will get the gang in Mexico but still they have links in the United States.

3. Aryan Brotherhood

Most Dangerous Gangs

The gang also has a variety of names like the AB, the Brand as well as One-Two. This gang is known for plotting prison murders. It is known for planning over a quarter of the murders in the prisons of the United States. In order for you to be a member you had to become a member of someone they want. There are over 20000 members both in and out of the prison in the United States.

2. Latin Kings

Most Dangerous Gangs

This a gang that is known for being organised. In fact they are said to be the most organised gang in the world. The gang was formed in 1940 in first the gang was dominated with Puerto Rican but to this day the Mexicans are the ones who have dominated the gang. They are not as violent as other gangs but still get involved usage of illegal money killing people under contracts given to them.

1. Mara Salvatrucha

Most Dangerous Gangs

And at the top of our list is the most ruthless as well as very violent gang, the Mara Salvatrucha. This gang was started in California and since then, it has grown to become the world’s most dangerous gangs. To this day there are over 70000 members. These gang is known to smuggle drugs from other gangs. It is also said the gang sells guns, do contract killing, trafficking of humans and also theft. This is a gang that will show no mercy even to women and children.

These above are the top ten most dangerous gangs in the world in 2018. We have come to notice that almost all these gangs were formed for quite a long time ago. Since then, they have taken roots and they have become the most lethal, dangerous and very ruthless. Some have even over powered the law enforcement and this has resulted to a great nation’s crisis.

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