Ten Most Dangerous Female Gangster In The World

Crime is related mostly with mobster and gangster, but when people talks about gang leader, what comes to mind are nasty looking men. When wives and mothers are arrested for mob activity people tend to wonder. However, these women is a living prove that also women gangsters can work like men mobsters and they can earn money as much as they need. Most of them work in drug trafficking organisation which includes several different kinds of crimes. You should never under estimate female mobsters because they are not afraid of breaking law and even killing anyone. Here are the top ten most dangerous female gangsters in 2018.

10 Raffaella D’Alterio

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

This is well known as The Big Kitten and she is Mafia godmother of Italy. She is nicknamed Miciona, and belongs to Camorra family. Her husband was Nicolo Pianese who was killed in 2006 with bullets and his wife became boss Camorra boss of Nepal. In 2006, Raffaella was arrested during raids at dawn by officers. She was charged of extortion for dealing drug and robbery on the arrest. This gang earns over $200 million per year in money trafficking robbery, drug dealing, money laundering and possession of illegal arms.

9. Rosetta Cutolo

Most Dangerous Female Gangster 2019

This is an old sister of Raffaele Cutolo crime boss, who was former head of Nuova Camorra organization. She is well known as Ice Eyes and was born in 1937. Her brother was working behind bars and her brother and she mostly had arguments over his love of attention, however, she preferred keeping his low profile. This gang worked with South Africa Sicilian mafia and cocaine dealers; also she was magnificent at negotiating. In 1993, she got arrested and acquitted on nine charges for murder.

8. Maria Licciardi

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

She was born on March 24, 1951 and is a former leader of Licciardi clan, North Nales and Secondigliano. She was raised in a criminal house where her brother and father were popular street gangsters that made her to be also a crime boss. After her two brothers and husband were arrested she became first female boss of Licciardi clan. This gang was controlling drug trafficking and extortion racket in North Nepal’s whole. It also bought girls from Albanian mafia for $2000 each and they were promising them that they will give those works in another nation and they became very happy because they were very poor. But instead she was forcing them to do sex work and she was arrested in 2001.

7. Thelma Wright

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

This queen boss was a biggest drug dealer in Philadelphia who was killed in 1986. She was married to Thelma Wright. Her work was to transport heroin and cocaine in between Los Angeles and Philadelphia and with time she became to be a gangster queen of Philadelphia. In her claims it was making more than $400,000 every month. In 1991 she left this gang to take good care of her son and she was never arrested. “With Eyes From Both Sides: out of game and Living My Life In” was her book title where she wrote about her experience.

6. Jemeker Thompson

Most Dangerous Female Gangster 2019

She was significant master supplier of cocaine DURING 1980S IN Los Angeles, California. Jemeker was also known as Queen Pin. She was married to Anthony Mosley after they got married both made a team and started selling large amounts of cocaine. In 1993, she was arrested and stayed there for 15 years and was released in 2005 after becoming evangelist minister who now shows people how God can forgive a person and everyone has second chance for making better life.

5. Charmaine Roman

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

Roman was a Jamaican ringleader of marijuana and drug dealer trafficking organization. She was transporting tons of cannabis in Florida. Although she earned millions of dollars, she also did money laundering for drugs through casino and it was called Sure Thing Investment and also she was in charge of bookkeeping. She lived in an illegal way in US for 20 years when she was charged with marijuana trafficking and racketeering. She was arrested in major operation sting with 1,450 kg marijuana worth $200,000.

4. Griselda Blanco

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

Griselda was famous also as cocaine grandmother and black widow. She was part of Miami based cocaine drug trading during 1970s and 80s. She was included also in Cocaine Cowboy and Miami drug war. This woman has done more than 200 murders and was arrested in 1985, but still she continued her business for selling drugs when still in locker. In 2004, Blanco returned to Colombia and was gunned down in Medellin her hometown in 2012.

3. Judy Moran

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

She was born on December 18, 1944 and became well known matriarch of Moran family. This is a group of infamous criminals are situated in Melbourne, Australia. It was famous also due to trafficking drugs and their named spread fare both among wicked world and publicly. Leslie Johny Cole was her first husband who died during gangland shooting in 1982 together with his son Mark Cole who was murdered in 2000. She later got married to Lewis Moran and both were blessed with a son called Jason Moran who was also shooting and died in 2003.

2. Sandra Avila Beltran

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

Sandra Avila Beltran was born on October 11, 1960 and she is nicknamed The Queen of the Pacific. She has been a leader of Mexican Drug cartel. Both of her husbands were commanders police turned drug traffickers and they both killed by a hired hitman. In 2002 her son was kidnapped and $5 million was demanded for his safe return. Later she was charged with possession of illegal weapon, money laundering and remained behind bars.

1. Claudia Ochoa Felix

Most Dangerous Female Gangster

This female gang earned reputation as Mexican Kim Kardashian, because of her popularity on most dangerous woman gangster and social media. On Instagram and Twitter she has over 35k followers because her luxurious life post and custom made AK-47s.

Above are top ten most dangerous female gangsters in the world. These women are very courageous to do all things they do. Most of them have earned a lot of money and decide to live that life it stay a good way.

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