Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Corruption is a major problem in most countries worldwide. It is something that has caused fall of many revenues in specific countries. It is sad to learn that most corrupt countries are owners of important revenue such as minerals. Africa is a leading continent in this matter. Most of its countries are listed below with few others from different continents. So, let’s check the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2018.

10. South Sudan

Most Corrupt Countries

It is a famous country in Africa that is considered youngest after gaining independence in 2011. People of this wonderful country experienced a lot of joy but little did they know that many other things were to come. South Sudan lacks a smooth and proper government that will keep its economy running forward. Government official of this country in Africa acquire a lot of resources for themselves without minding about innocent citizens that wait for government to speak for them. Common people are most suffering people in South Sudan.

9. Eritrea

Most Corrupt Countries 2019

Eritrea is also found in Africa. It is an African country that is no common to many people but have a lot of things to learn about. According to research that was conducted in 2016, Eritrea was found amongst corrupt countries in that year. We all knew that it will develop fast after isolating itself from other African Countries. This was not the case However. Most commercial activities of this country are only meant to enrich greedy government officials that have no sweat in any of them.

8. Libya

Most Corrupt Countries

This is another Africa country making its way in eighth position of this article. Libya holds a history of being led by a single president for 40 years. President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is considered as most corrupt and dictating person worldwide. He has been in higher most seats but no change has been observed in Libya. Oil production in this country is good evidence that Libya is truly rich. This revenue does not benefit any local citizen of Libya. It is so sad to learn that innocent people are suffering I this country.

7. Venezuela

Most Corrupt Countries

On seventh position of this country is Venezuela. It is another corrupt country in history of this world. President of this country is commonly known as Hugo Chavez and he is amongst world dictators worldwide. He is also considered a fist who only wants to successes in his life without minding about other local citizens. Citizens of this country are considered very poor and cannot access even water for themselves. Food is their common problem and they are even used to it. Venezuela will only change when change in corrupt leaders will be observed.

6. Sudan

Most Corrupt Countries 2019

There is a big difference between South Sudan and Sudan. They are however neighboring countries in Africa. They share a lot of similarities and corruption is the major similarity of them all. Omar Al Bashir rules Sudan since 1989. This man attained power not to benefit local citizens of Sudan but to enrich himself. Leaders that are below him are corrupt too and cannot control it because it comes from higher authority. A few rebels in South Sudan always raise their weak voices to speak for themselves. Funny enough is that they are silenced by Government courts of Sudan. We all trust God that Things will change someday for this Country.

5. Afghanistan

Most Corrupt Countries

This country cannot be omitted this list of most corrupt countries worldwide. Afghanistan is featured in fifth position of this article and is indeed corrupt together with others. Corrupt has affected stability and economic growth of this amazing country. It has become something that is not controlled anymore. Most of times, Afghanistan is on war Crisis physically. Opposition leaders have no say in this country and therefore silenced wherever they tend to raise their voices. Other are shot to death as many others are threatened to keep quiet.

4. Iraq

Most Corrupt Countries

Iraq is another popular country featured in this list as one of most corrupt counties worldwide in 2018. Another country is common to wars like that viewed in fifth position above. Iraq is an Islamic country that is prone to chaos. Most of the times, America soldiers are sent to bring peace and more specifically for local citizens of this country. Religion differences are another major difference that causes a lot of disagreement in Iraq. Christians are always forced to convert to Muslim but they cannot do what they are forced to do. There are a lot of thing to invest in Iraq but this is not possible for now.

3. Somalia

Most Corrupt Countries

Somalia is an Africa country that has been experiencing a non stable government for long time now. A famous and dangerous terror group from this country is commonly referred to as Al Shaabab. This group is common worldwide and has caused a lot of terror attacks in Somalia and other neighboring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania. Corruption is a common Thing in Somalia as many leaders are afraid to fight against it lest they die.

2. North Korea

Most Corrupt Countries

North Korea is in second position of this article and is amongst corrupt countries worldwide. Kim Jung family has led it for more than ten years. We all thought that there would be change after their victory in elections. This was not experienced however. Common citizens of South Korea are poorest worldwide. They cannot afford any cheap thing in their lives.

1. Nigeria

Most Corrupt Countries

It is a shame for this country to learn that it is the most corrupt country worldwide. Nigeria is located in Africa. A country with many revenues is supposed to raise their economy and improve lives of people. Nigerian leaders are however benefiting their countries and their own lives. Several Anti-corruption campaigns have been held in vain.

This article is of much important to all readers out there. It gives them an opportunity to learn about corrupt countries worldwide. Corrupt leaders that are greedy as well lead these counties. Local citizens and opposition leaders are unable to raise their voices and speak for themselves.

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