Top 10 Most Beautiful Houses in The World

This world is filled with scenic wonders that please the senses and sight! Sometimes they are castles and on other times it’s the houses with an ancient history or a thought or cause that has welcomed tourists and travellers from round the globe to explore and have a glimpse of these sites. Today, there are many constructions or houses across the globe that has been considered special owing to its architecture, pattern, historical significance, cultural ethos and the like.

Each of these houses has a distinctive beauty that makes it timeless. For the ones having a penchant for mesmerising and interesting abodes, here is a list of top 10 most beautiful houses in the world in 2018 that will stir the imagination and please the vision.

10. The Dracula’s Castle in Romania

Most Beautiful Houses

Located close to the Bran in Romania, this is one of the most popular houses in the world. As the name suggest, this house has been said to be the abode of Dracula which is a popular character in history and myth. The house post 1980’s was transformed into a museum. Furnished with antique decor the house has 17 bedrooms and 57 rooms.

9. The Updown Court in England

Most Beautiful Houses 2019

Known as one of the top 10 most beautiful houses in the world in 2018, this residence is a styled as a Californian house, which is located at the village of Windlesham in Surrey, in England. The house spans across 58 acres and comprises of as many as 103 rooms that provides all the lavish amenities, From bowling alleys to swimming pool, it has all.

8. Franchuk Villa in London

Most Beautiful Houses

One of the most popular of the London villas, this house is located in Central London in Belgravia. This is also considered to be one of the most costly houses in London. The house has its unique decor and design as its cast in a Victorian style and comprises of 6 floors.

7. The Manor in California

Most Beautiful Houses

For the ones looking for one of the hottest and sexiest residence in California can count on this one. This can be best described as a chateau style house or mansion that is the biggest abode in entire Los Angeles, California. This was established back in 1991 and is a privately owned property that has as many as 123 rooms.

6. Hearst Mansion in California, USA

Most Beautiful Houses 2019

Situated on the Central Coast of California, this house is one of the most popular abode in the world that has been created by William Randolph, who was a popular US Newspaper icon. In the year 1976 this house was bought by a lawyer named Leonard Ross. The property spans across 6 hectares and has 29 bedrooms.

5. The Victorian Villa in Ukraine

Most Beautiful Houses

Count on Ukraine for some of the most lavish world’s round the globe! The Victorian Villa is the residence of a Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist, named Elena Frankchuk. The house comes with 5 stores and has amenities like a grand swimming pool, sauna plus a gym and the great room theatre.

4. The Fairfield Pond in New York in USA

Most Beautiful Houses

Noted as one of the most popular and hottest of the houses in the world this property happens to be the residence of Ira Rennert, who was an American businessman and investor. This residence was named based on a water body that’s close to it, which is Fairfield Pond and stretches across an area of 63 acres.

3. Villa Leopolda in the French Riviera

Most Beautiful Houses

Almost having a worth of 506 million dollars this house is one of the most popular residences in the world as well as the most costly in the world. The house also takes on the name of King Leopold. This house got established back in 1902 for the king’s mistress named Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix and is a lavish 80,000 square feet estate today.

2. The Penthouse in London

Most Beautiful Houses

Located in Hyde Park in London this happens to be one of the most expensive and hottest apartments in the entire world. This is all about expensive rates of 6000 pounds every square feet, which shocks many a real estate agent in the city.

1. Antilla – Mumbai India

Most Beautiful Houses

Located in Mumbai, India this property gets featured in the most popular and hottest houses in the world for its costs and lavish decor. This is a 27-storey grand mansion and sometimes is called by the name of new age Taj Mahal. The property spans across 40,000 square feet and belongs to the business icon Mukhesh Ambani.

Every costly or famous house round the globe depicts exquisite taste, refined architecture and the capital that has gone into making the property what it is. These are the top 10 most beautiful houses in the world in 2018 that has gained much fame and popularity for the thought and finesse that has gone into creating them. It is definitely one of the most aspiring lists making us to feel pumped up with energy to give air to our wings to fly high!

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