Top 10 Largest Tech Companies in The World

Internet of Things has tremendously increased in demand for many online features and business. Users all across the world seek for the latest software, hardware and technologies. These factors continue to support and growth of successful tech companies.

From retail use, infrastructure, cloud usage are among opportunistic business lines for tech companies. The list of top tech companies includes business activities such as computer hardware, electronics, software, semiconductor, telecom equipment, the internet and computer services. So, here is the list of top 10 largest tech companies of 2018.

10. Cisco Systems

Largest Tech Companies

Market value: $139 billion
Industry: computing Service, Servers

Cisco system has completed 30 years of its presence int he world of technology. It has seen the opportunity in the new wave of the internet which will serve transition period. The recent revenue figures show growth to a total of $49.2 billion and that is nearly 4% growth. CISCO offers subscription based payment structure for software systems. It has also introduced Cisco One Software bundles.

9. Intel

Largest Tech Companies 2019

Market value: $147.2 billion
Industry: Component Manufacturing, Processing

Intel Corporation’s recent report shows that it has been providing an opportunity for five different segments: transportation, retail, channel acceleration, energy and smart homes. Cloud computing expansion is also one of the major area of interest for the modernization of the companies. It will partner with American telecommunication company America Movil to provide the upgrade service to the phone networks.

8. Samsung Electronics

Largest Tech Companies

Market value: $199.4.6 billion
Industry: Mobile Devices, Semiconductor, Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd was established in 1969 and currently runs three divisions: information technology, consumer electronics and mobile communications. In terms of revenue, the company aims to set goals up to $400 billion. In 2015, sales of the company increased by 6.5% and gross profit also increased almost by 2.5% In last five years, Samsung has total asset from $294 billion to $529 billion from 2009 to 2015. With the introduction of new Samsung devices such as Galaxy s% and other gear devices in 125 countries, it is all set to widen and expand its realms to get up in the lead.

7. Tencent

Largest Tech Companies

Market value: $181.1 billion
Internet Advertising, Search Engine, Software

Tencent Holding Ltd is an internet service system portal which was founded in November 1998. It offers email service from its famous online platform QQ, WeChat, Soso, auction website PaiPai and Tenpay, an online payment provider. The revenue of the company has increased from 2014 by 34% and the profit has also increased by 34%. Tencent purchased online rights of James Bond franchise from MGM in China. The company also completed a similar type of arrangement with Disney to achieve the online rights of Star War series.


Largest Tech Companies 2019

Market value: $187.6 billion
Industry: Computing services, Mainframes, Software

Oracle Corporation is a computer software and hardware developer which is based in California. The company was established in 1977. The company has made a good amount of investment in cloud computing for future. Company’s spokesperson reflect the endeavours towards getting the cloud-based market share. There is nearly 420,000 oracle customer in the world. The first quarter result in 2016 showed that revenue was down 2%

4. Facebook

Largest Tech Companies

Market value: $231.6 billion
Industry: Social Networking, Networking,

Facebook Inc. was founded in 2004, in Massachusetts, United States. Facebook service average of 1 billion users daily. The company has grown at the exponential rate from the time it was founded. The headquarters are located in Menlo Park in California. It has recently introduced live video option for its users. Facebook also acquired famous photo blogging platform Instagram in the year 2012. The partnership with some other technology-based companies was started in the year 2013 and it offers basic internet service for free in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 2015 saw 17% increase in Facebook as compared to previous years.

3. Microsoft

Largest Tech Companies

Market value: $340.8 billion
Industry: Software, Hardware

Microsoft Corporation recently started the monthly payment subscription plan for office software and also changed its mission statement to start the way with more productivity. It was founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company launched Windows 3.0 in 1990, Surface 3 in May 2015 and then Windows Phone 7 in the year 2010. The company employs more than 116,000 worldwide. The net revenue for the financial year in 2015 was $93.58 billion with the growth of 8% and the net income of $12.19 billion.

2. Alphabet Inc.

Largest Tech Companies

Industry: Internet Advertising, Search Engine, Software
Market value: $367.6 billion

Alphabet Inc was founded on October 2, 2015, in California, US. Google restructured itself so that Alphabet Inc. can become the parent company. It owls all the projects of Google like life-extension company known as Calico, Google X for innovative technology developer, Fiver, high-speed internet provider and Nest, Google’s smart home system project. It also owns Google Venture, a company that invests in Google capital, startups and long term projects.

1. Apple Inc.

Largest Tech Companies

Market value: $741.8 billion
Industry: Mobile Devices, Personal Computing, Software

Apple was founded on April 1, 1976, Cupertino, United States. In 2014, company introduced programming language known as Swift. Apple’s fiscal year result revealed the revenue of total $51.5 billion, resulted in increase of 22% revenue from previous year. With iPhone 6 and 6s, record-breaking sale of 13 million units in three days of sale announced by October 2015.

The world’s biggest tech companies are reported to generate the revenue which exceeds more than one trillion dollars when they are combined. That is definitely too much of money. The list is compiled after evaluating and considering the market value of the companies putting them on the list of top ten largest tech companies in the world. There are few new names in the list with continues growth and increasing value and new expansion of these companies.

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