Top 10 Highest Paid Employees in India

India is developing in many ways and there are a number of millionaires who are leading their companies and dominating the country. The branches of their business are spread in different sectors and all over the world. The profile of Chairman, Chief Marketing Officer, Managing director plays very vital position in forming an association and leading it. They support their company in every thick and thin and also make sure the development factor for the organisation.

They are the leaders who work very hard and turn their vision into the reality with sharp market understand, management skills, International economic aspects and decision making. Due to their smart vision for the International growth and marketing trends, these employees are rewarded with huge payments and other remunerations and incentives every year. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid employees in India in 2018.

(10) Navin Agarwal

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: Chairman, Vedanta ( Annual Salary: 15.1 Cr)

Mr Agarwal focuses on company’s sustainable approach to industrial and socio-economical well-being. Chairman has more than 25 years of experience in strategic management within the group and also widely credited for building a culture of the excellent business to deliver superior performance and high-level benchmark. The Chairman has over 25 years of experience with strategic management within the group and is widely credited for creating a culture of business excellence delivering superior benchmark performance.

(9) Y.C.Deveshwar

Highest Paid Employees in India 2019

Company: Chairman & Wholetime Director, ITC ( Annual Salary: 15.3 Cr)

Deveshwar is known to champion the cause of increasing sustainability all over the world and by highlighting the focus to innovate new corporate strategies. He also implemented and shaped the strategical organisation and adding to this journey of growth that led the Harvard Business panel to rank him the 7th Best Performing CEO in the world. Under his leadership guidance, ITC has become India’s foremost FMCG market.

(8) K.M.Birla

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: Chairman & Non-executive director, UltraTech (Annual Salary: 18 Cr)

At the age 28, Mr Birla took over as a chairman of Aditya Birla Group in 1995. The turnover of the company from $2 billion has currently come up to $41 billion with operations in 36 countries. Kumar has efficiency, cultural value and excellence in finance management. These traits have helped him in building his career to a top level chairman and a fine visionary. One of the important traits of Accountancy is in his blood.

(7) Rajiv Bajaj

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: MD, Bajaj Auto (Annual Salary: 20.5 Cr)

Ten years back, Rajiv Bajaj became the MD of Pune-based country’s second largest two-wheeler firm, Bajaj Auto Ltd. He introduced Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles which were responsible for reviving company’s fortune and also did lots of good to India’s auto industry. As a head, he understands the market priority and excels in delivering to those needs.

(6) N. Chandrasekaran

Highest Paid Employees in India 2019

Company: CEO & MD, TCS (Annual Salary: 21.3 Cr)

As a CEO of India’s largest IT service industry, N. Chandrasekaran is the youngest Chief Executive officer of Tata group. Under the leadership of N. Chandrasekaran, TCS generated revenues of $16.5 billion in the financial year of 2015-16. At present, TCS is the most valuable company in India giving N. Chandrasekaran sixth spot in most successful employees in India for this year.

(5) Sunil Mittal

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: Chairman, Bharti Airtel (Annual Salary: 27.2 Cr)

Sunil Mittal is India’s telephone tycoon, philanthropist and entrepreneur. His Bharti Airtel is ranked world’s third-biggest telecom company by subscribers. It has expanded its 4G services and currently also focusing on achieving more telecom spectrum. Mittal has been continuously working towards the betterment and education development through Bharti Foundation in various villages across the country.

(4) Aditya Puri

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: MD, HDFC Bank (Annual Salary: 32.8 Cr)

Aditya Puri is the highest paid bank chief in India for last three years. He is also the longest-serving chief of India’s most valuable bank HDFC. He is considered as the driving force for building HDFC Bank almost from the ground zero. Aditya Puri is known for his old fashioned lifestyle. He doesn’t own a smartphone and still focuses on the basics for professional as well as personal life.

(3) D.B.Gupta

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: Chairman, Lupin ( Annual Salary: 37.6 Cr)

In 1968, chemistry professor Desh Bandhu Gupta bought a small vitamin company. Today Lupin is one of the India’s top generic firm giving out more than $1 billion revenue from Japan and US. To expand the global footprint, Lupin acquired Gavin in mid-2015 for an approximate amount of $880 million and has already opened a research centre in Florida.

(2) Pawan Munjal

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: CMD & CEO, Hero MotoCorp (Annual Salary: 43.9 Cr)

Her Moto Corp, India’s largest motorcycle maker’s CEO is a quintessential and more of a behind the scenes operational person. He is a shy, introvert 57 years old who is deeply involved in guarded project to upscale technological capabilities of Hero Moto Corp. Pawan Munjal and his best team work closely to complete the mission.

(2) Vishal Sikka

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: CEO and MD, Infosys ( Annual Salary: 48.73 Cr)

The head of Bengaluru-based MNC, Vishal Sikka took home complete salary package of Rs. 48.73 Cr in the year 2016. The company approved a compensation of $11 million (about Rs. 74 crores) in February this year. Dr.Sikka has a strong focus on education and learning and is credited with innovative personality. Sikka has been an influential leader throughout his business career.

(1) C.P. Gurnani

Highest Paid Employees in India

Company: MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra (Annual Salary: 165.6 Cr)

C.P.Gurnani is popularly known as CP within his mates. He played an important role in the transformational journey of Mahindra Satyam before the company merged with Tech Mahindra. He is an accomplished leader with extraordinary experience in the international market of business development, mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions and turnarounds. In last 32 years of his business career, he held many top positions with Perto System and HCL Corporation Ltd and HCL Hewlett Packard Limited.

These personalities believe in high standards of governance and its criticality for business to further succeed and be deeply accountable. These leaders are responsible for the growth of India’s economy with coming years and for that same reason they are among India’s highest paid employees in 2018.

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