Top 10 Highest Paid Employees in The World

Every successful company has some employees at a responsible position who plays an important role in managing the organisation. They are known for the consistent support, future strategies to grow the organisation in future. That is the reason they are highly respected for their work and are rewarded greatly with huge compensation.

For 2018, few new names have added to the list of top 10 highest paid employees as per the company’s new ventures and growth rate.

(10) Howard M. Lorber: Company: Vector Group

Highest Paid Employees

Country: United States (37 million) $3,110,00

Howard M. Lorber is richest American investor and businessman and has been the president and CEO of Vector Group Ltd. As a CEO, the 50% owner of Douglas Elliman Realty along with shareholder of numerous titles, he also holds the position of chairman with the company. Douglas Elliman is the largest residential real estate brokerage in NY area.

(9) Sandeep Mathrani: General Growth Properties

Highest Paid Employees

Country: United States, (39.2 million) 1,200,000

Sandeep Mathrani is the Chief Executive officer and Director at General Growth Properties since 2011. He also served as Director and President for Retail real for various relate estate companies and was responsible all major real estate activities in India and United States. With more than 20 years of real estate experience, he is an internal industry veteran.

(8) Robert A.Iger: Walt Disney

Highest Paid Employees 2019

Country: The United States, (43.5 million)

Robert A. Iger is the CEO and Chairman of Walt Disney Co. He is the steward of a largest media company in the world and has most respected and loved brands all around the globe. His vision focuses on three basic fundamentals: best creative content, utilisation of latest technology and fostering innovation and lastly expanding the product into the latest market around the globe.

(7) Leonard S.Schleifer: Regerneron Pharmaceuticals

Highest Paid Employees

Country: The United States, (47.5 million)

Dr Leonard Schleifer is the founder of bio-technolgy company Regerneron Pharmaceuticals. His hardwork and in-depth study on drugs resulted in the success of drug Eylea which was developed in 2011 for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration. With new experimental drugs for asthma, arthritis, and high cholesterol, Regeneron had observed the increase in share price over 220% in last few years. He was ranked number one among the top biopharmaceutical executives with the highest compensation in 2015.

(6) Frank J. Bisignano: First Data

Highest Paid Employees

Country: United States ($51.6 million)

Frank J. Bisignano is serving as CEO and Chairman of private technology from First Data from April 29, 2013. He is the main guy behind the technology push at the company in 2014 and also the collaboration with Apple Inc. As per the reports, journalist of Wall Street Journal wrote about First Data as one of the top turnaround stories.

(5) Safra A.Catz (Oracle Corporation)

Highest Paid Employees 2019

Country: United States (53.2 million)

Seventeen-year veteran, Catz has been serving as co-CEO since late 2014 and currently one of the highest-paid female executive in the world with $53.2 million in 2015. Credited with aggressive financial strategy, spearheading and company have completed 85 acquisitions in last five years.

(4) Mark V. Hurd (Oracle Corporation)

Highest Paid Employees

Country: United States (54 million)

Mark Hurd is the CEO of Oracle Corporation and also the board of director for the company. With 30 years of experience in industrial leadership, hardware expertise, technology and executive management, he joined Oracle in 2010. HE has been leading Oracle with successful effort to enhance operational efficiency and improve the product line and drive growth.

(3) Philippe P. Dauman (Viacom)

Highest Paid Employees

Country: United States (54.1 million)

Phillippe Dauman ,the person leading Viacom since September 2006, been significantly selling Viacom stock it has been reported that between 2011 to 2015, Dauman received an approximate amount of 6.42 million shares through grants, purchase and options, and also sold 5.53 million shares. Even with recent issues on being removed as the member of the trust, he continues to be the highest paid employee in the world.

(2) Leslie Moonves (CBS corporation)

Highest Paid Employees

Country: United States (56.4 million)

Leslie Moonves is the chairman of CBS corporation. Leslie Moonves had an early start to his career and mostly held an experience of upper management throughout his business career. Under Leslie Moonves’ direction, CBS Network has been ranked #1 in viewers for last 13 to 14 years, and at present TV network runs most of the top shows. He is currently the number second best-paid employee in the world

(1) Dara Khosrowshahi (Expedia)

Highest Paid Employees

Country: Iran (94.6 million)

Dara Khosrowshahi has been serving As Chief Executive Officer of Expedia since 2005. Under his leadership company has extended its presence to more than 60 countries in the world. He is among the list of most prominent Iranian-American in the U.S state departments.

These names are the prominent personalities in their domain who are well renowned for the growth of the business in expanding the realms of the company to global market.

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