Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

The people that take their own lives are the only ones that truly know what the reasoning are behind the suicide that they have committed. Many religions and beliefs say that if one kills their own self then the soul is never going to be in peace because it was done at fault of the person instead of happening naturally. In general, suicide is a true reality that happens every single day and it is a tragedy but if one person could reach out and help the poor soul that needs a shoulder to lean on then we should definitely try it. So, checkout the list of top 10 countries with the highest suicide rates in 2018.

10. Kazakhstan

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

This town is considered a ghost town since hardly anyone has ever heard of it before but I guess that would be because the name is not actually something that someone would remember right off the top of their heads. They are on the list at number ten because in the last five months they have had eighty six cases of suicide happen. All of these deaths were teenagers under the age of 18. What reason would a child so young have for killing themselves? Well there is actually a lot of reasons. Things such as problems at school, them feeling like they are all alone, and feeling like they are a failure.

9. Nepal

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2019

After a terrible earthquake happened here, police had 965 reports of people killing themselves so that they could avoid being killed by one of these natural disasters if one was to happen again. Every year they have more than four thousand suicides because the people are afraid of natural disasters or because they have lost a loved one and are grieving the death. Others kill themselves because of being to poor to provide for themselves.

8. Tanzania

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

Many of the deaths are of men and women that are under age and most are mainly females. These young women usually have social problems which causes them to have high stress levels and they snap. The stress is caused by not being able to deal with incurable diseases such as having HIV or AIDS. Many mind experts are not one hundred percent sure what is the causes entirely but those are the only options they can come up with for now.

7. Mozambique

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

Because of the poverty situations here, many people commit suicide so they do not have to deal with this any longer. Most people have to walk for many miles just to get to a river with water but most of the water will cause the person to contract Malaria which is a deadly disease anyways. Other reasoning for why this country has a high suicide rate is because of rape, even though it does not happen very often it does happen and the victim is not able to handle the traumas that it causes to their minds.

6. Suriname

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2019

This country has a lot of Indian family traditions and staunch beliefs that a lot of people take their own lives because they just can not deal with it all. The females are the ones that have is the hardest with the arranged marriages that end up being bad or the fact that if they are not married it will bring shame to the family so the girl gets burned alive, raped, dismembered, or has acid thrown on them to disfigure the girl. There are also many other tortuous things that happen to them which is actually very sad.

5. Lithuania

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

Use to be the top rate of suicide topping Spain and United State of America put together but no it is number five. It is aid that it is twice as high in rural areas. People who commit suicide her usually are dealing with alcoholism, alcohol abuse, or drugs that are taking over their bodies. The people you see walking on the streets or digging in the trash say they use to have a life and a job at one point but it all went down hill. The people who hope their life will get better usually just give up and pull the string for their life way too soon.

4. Sri Lanka

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

Four thousand people a year kill themselves and that makes it about eleven people a day. If this does not stop real soon it will wipe out the community in a month or two tops. The fact they get depressed because of bills and not enough money will make them just give up. They see if the banks can not help or their job is not making enough and family just will not help then why stay alive. If they are not able to even get a job because of the education they they will say it is over and they have nothing to do with their lives but die. Gang pressure will make someone kill themselves also. The main reason though is because of money.

3. South Korea

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

The people who live here are very smart and have high profiles and are very well educated. Why do they want to kill themselves? Well it is simple they get tired of their jobs or how much they know. They get so high up in the job they have that they get tired of working so hard and can not deal with the stress put on them. Why work yourself up and just kill yourself. Makes no sense but it happens everyday here and it is sad.

2. Japan

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

Last year alone twenty five thousand people committed suicide. One man that was seventy one years old went as far as setting himself on fire while on a train just to kill himself. So many people live here so this causes a lot of problems. People will kill their self because of depression or economic crisis. The place would be overpopulated if no one killed their self but it is still not ok to do such a thing because of something that can be solved.

1. Guyana

Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

When you hear someone talk about this place you hear the phrase that they die like flies. It is because they do literally. Most reason for this happening is because of bizarre reason. People are faced with rape, disease and illness, no education or unemployment, the list just keeps going. It is unreal the list of reasons but it happens everyday. The suicide rate has skyrocketed because of acts of witchcraft.

These places are so high in suicide rates that if it does not slow down or stop there will be nothing left. People will slowly but surely disappear. Without people being alive we do not repopulate. If we could find a way to help those who need it we may see these rates drop very fast but as of now they are constantly rising and could change tomorrow but for some reason I only see it getting worse. The fact that it is mainly over money or jobs makes it sad. They do not realise what they have because if someone else was that high up in a job then they would be happy they could provide for themselves and their family. Just do not plan a trip if you do not want to see or hear about someone killing themselves while you are there. To many go so young and this world will only suffer more each time it happens.

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