Top 10 Countries With Most Slaves In The World

When people think of slavery, they think about the really old days when the whites used the colored folks as a doormat pretty much. In today’s world, slavery is still very much a thing and it happens all over the world. Many people that have never had to be subjected to that type of thing will never understand the circumstances these people deal with on a daily basis.

They have no choice but to do as they are told or the people could end up severely worse or even dead. Ten countries have a reputation for being the ones to hold a much higher number of slaves hostage. Listed below are the top 10 countries with most slaves in the world in 2018.

10. Gabon

Countries With Most Slaves

This country is a victim of the modern slavery that happens in today’s world. It does not matter what the age of the person is, they are subjected to being part of the slavery that happens here. Younger individuals, whether they are male or female, get pushed into domestic servitude which is like doing manual labor and other types of slavery positions. They are made to get married, even children get forced into that as well. Some of the young girls are forced to get jobs at restaurants or the market setups.

9. Gambia

Countries With Most Slaves 2019

The ones living here are forced into prostituting themselves, being a part of the labor trafficking, and begging. Children are forced into intercourse tourism along with other woman, young girls, and young boys being subjected to the commercial intercourse abuse. Almost sixty thousand kids in this country are being made to be part of the modern slavery that is going on here. That includes all of the ones that are in orphanages and the ones living on the streets.

8. Ivory Coast

Countries With Most Slaves

Many of the kids and females here are the main ones that have to take part in slavery while living in this country. The kids get forced to work doing fishing, construction, agriculture, any type of domestic work that is available which could include shining shoes for people that are walking by on the street or being a vendor that is placed in the street. Much of the slavery consists of vulgar work and labor.

7. Benin

Countries With Most Slaves

This is one place that traffics woman and children for sex. They can be trafficked for work and for lab our. Children and women suffer so much from this making the list was horrible. There are around eighty thousand slaves each year and counting. Forty thousand of that number are children making it hard to even keep your kids in your home. What would you do if you woke up one morning and your kids were gone or being taken from you to be traded and sent away to work like a man should. Some kids have to clean house or are forced to work on cotton or some cashew plantations.

6. Moldova

Countries With Most Slaves 2019

They have about thirty-three thousand slaves in this place and it is one place this is considered a big country for the modern slavery that goes on today. A lot of the emigrants from Moldova are made as slaves in the neighboring countries like Germany, Russia, United States, and many others. Most of the ones subjected to cruelty are trafficked for having their organs taken out and used other places.

5. Nepal

Countries With Most Slaves

This is a place that the people are forced to work as slaves or they are used for sex. In two thousand and six things only got worse making the enslaved women rising. The place does not care was gender and will force anyone to do what they can. If you had to deal with this everyday it would get old and tiring. You would hate the fact of waking up to be told what to do. Constantly dealing with pain and trauma because no one cares who you are and what you did. They only care that you are doing what you should. No more life for you if you are enslaved. It is such a horrible life for anyone to deal with.

4. India

Countries With Most Slaves

This is the country that has the highest amount of slaves living there. Most of the types of slavery is being used in this country like forced marriages, kid labor, s/x trafficking, and a lot of others. There is an estimated number of about fourteen million people that have been taken for slavery. This place has been found to be the one that has half of its population being forced into the slavery.

3. Pakistan

Countries With Most Slaves

The people here have it bad but nothing will change. They try to get away only to fall into the act elsewhere. Almost one point eight million people deal with this on a daily basis. No one cares how they feel and how hard they work. They do what they are told and that is that. They try to escape to Turkey or Iran but it is horrible there to and they does not stop anyone from changing the world. It only makes it worse each year.

2. Haiti

Countries With Most Slaves

This one place that deals with the enslavement of children. Children is the main focus because they are so young and they can do more than most of the adults.around two hundred and nine thousand slaves are here and it is not changing anytime soon. The children come in because of all the social service that take the kids from families that can not provide for them. The poor children are sent to rural areas and are forced to work with the families that live in the cities so they can make some money just to give to the family that has them.

1. Mauritania

Countries With Most Slaves

It is on the list at number one because they have over twenty percent of their people being forced to be slaves. The number one type that is practiced here would be chattel slavery and that is when the slave ranking has been given out to others for many generations in a family. It is unfair but that is how the country works.

Overall, slavery is an awful thing but it still does exist and many people are forced to be part of it. They are not free to get themselves out of the situations and a lot of the ones that do not understand exactly what it is that causes them to stay, that is easy enough to get the answer for. These women and children, sometimes men, have no power to say they will not do what is expected of them. A lot of harm could happen to them if they were to do something like that.

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