Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime in The World

A rape happens every two minutes in the world and it is not only terrifying but also devastating to the women that has had this happen to them. These ladies are not victims, they are survivors. A victim is someone who is not strong enough to deal with the turmoil of the aftermath but when you are able to hold your head high and speak up for yourself and others and hopefully will make a difference. Below are the world’s top ten countries with highest rape crime in 2018.

10. Ethiopia

Highest Rape Crime

More than sixty of the women in this country are subject to the violence of rape. It is one of the very serious problems. The men here will take the women and hide them and continuously rape them till they end up pregnant and have to marry that person. The men will use horses so it is an easier escape. Girls at the age of eleven have been said to have been kidnapped and used for marriages. The military is even being said to be doing this to the women.

9. Sri Lanka

Highest Rape Crime 2019

The security forces are raping and torturing suspects and that still happens today. It has continued four years after the civil war has ended so they do it for their pleasure. Fourteen point five percent of men had been said to have raped someone in their life. Almost five percent of the people had raped in the last two years. Two point seven percent of these men have raped men. One point six percent has been involved in gang rapes. Almost ninety seven of the people who have raped has never been punished for it. About sixty five of these men do not feel anything after causing so much pain to another person. Over sixty four percent has done it all before and is going to keep doing it. Eleven percent has raped girls and women more than four of them.

8. Canada

Highest Rape Crime

The number two million five hundred sixteen thousand nine hundred and eighteen may sound high and it is but this is the number of rapes that have been reported in this country. This is only about six percent of the number that has really happened. That means only this six actually took force and reported to the police so they could get help. The others are way to scared to even open their mouths and that is sad that they are so scared to be hurt to talk to someone who can protect them. One out of seventeen women are raped. The ones that was physically injured are at the sixty two percent. Nine of these rapes are beaten and sometimes they are disfigured.

7. France

Highest Rape Crime

The rape incident was not a crime until the year of nineteen eighty so anything before that was not a problem. The year of nineteen ninety two was when you could count it as sexual harassment. Then in two thousand two the law for moral harassment was passed. In two thousand fifteen the law for women to fight back was in act. Seventy five thousand counts of rape happen in a year here. Ten percent are brave enough to file a report. A total of three million seven hundred and seventy one thousand and eight hundred and fifty was reported.

6. Germany

Highest Rape Crime 2019

The fact that two hundred and forty women and girls have died because of rape is a real problem. If it comes to killing someone while you rape them then it is a huge problem and you can get charged with rape and murder. In two thousand and fifteen six million five hundred and seven thousand three hundred ninety four women was raped and possibly killed from it. If you are raped the Catholics will give you a morning after pill so you do not end up pregnant with a rapist child. It may look like they are moving forward but look closer and they are moving backwards.

5. United Kingdom

Highest Rape Crime

Many people want to visit this place but they do not know about the crime rate here. In two thousand and thirteen the first count of rape was counted. The report says that there is eighty five thousand raped on average every year. That is only the average in England and Wales. Well over four hundred thousand women have been sexually assaulted each year. Between the ages of sixteen and fifty nine the women has had to deal with some form of sexual assault. And this usually starts when they turn sixteen. This is one amongst the top ten countries with highest rape crime in 2018.

4. India

Highest Rape Crime

The rate here is increasing on a daily report. It is the most common crime on women here. In two thousand and twelve over twenty four thousand rapes were reported. Most of the time when someone is being raped it is someone close to them. It can be a family member or a neighbor. The worst is when it is your parent or brother or cousin. These people are usually the cause of ninety eight percent of those of reported to the police. Every twenty two minutes a person in India is being assaulted.

3. Sweden

Highest Rape Crime

One in every four women are being raped. In two thousand and ten the higest number being sixty three of every one hundred the year two thousand and nine fifteen thousand and seven hundred rported being raped in some form. It eight percent from two thousand and eight. The rape crime has raised fifty eight percent for the ten previous years of two thousand and nine. It is one of the highest records today.

2. South Africa

Highest Rape Crime

In two thousand and twelve over sixty five thousand rapes or sexual assaults was reported for just that year. It is now called the rape capital of the world being at number two. Twenty five percent of men that was questioned and they admitted raping someone. Half of those who said they did it said they had rapped more than one person. Three out of four of them did it in their teens and it was their first time ever doing it. The bad thing is it is the highest for child and baby rape in the world today. If the person is convicted of the crime they will only get around two years.

1. United States

Highest Rape Crime

Being number one is no surprise with all the other crimes that happen here. Ninety nine percent of people doing the raping is a male figure. Women that are being raped is ninety one percent and the males that it happens to is nine percent. One in six women have either raped or have tried and men that have done it one in thirty three. Almost a fourth of women going to college has said they have been either raped or had someone come close to doing it. Sixteen percent of any of this happen get reported. Most of the rapes happen inside a home and are rarely common in the outside world so the person can not scream and get help.

These above are the top ten countries with highest rape crime in 2018.. Overall, when a women is raped they become depressed mostly because they feel it is their own fault. If you have been a victim or a survivor of one of these violent tragedies then you should speak up. There are plenty of counsellors out there that you could speak with and get help dealing with what happened. Do not let something like this take away your identity like it does to some. Be different, be brave, and be strong.


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