Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Live In The World

At this day and age the world’s economy keeps fluctuating. That makes it tricky to keep track of the most expensive and the least expensive places to live in the world. However, there are various surveys being conducted by Economic Councils of different forums from all over the world to determine the cost of living of different countries all over the globe. That would help the countless people who travel all over the globe and have to settle in for some time because their jobs require it to at least determine what the cost of living would be.

It is a crucial thing to know the cost of living of the country you are or would be staying at. By that you can determine if you can afford to live there with the salary you make per annum. Here is a list of the cheapest countries of the world to live in 2018. Some of the names are expected to be on the list, but some names might just surprise you.

10.Panama (cost of living per person: $525 per month)


It is a tropical destination. The rent however is a little tight than the other countries on the list, but the white sand beaches, the tropical sun and the exotic forests would more than make up for it.

9. India (cost of living per person: $400 per month)


This was an expected name on the list. We Indians complain about the price hikes every moment of every day, but what we fail to realize is that, India is one of the cheapest countries to live in. At less than $ 400 a month rent and utilities included, you get to experience India at its finest. Meaning, at such prices, you will get to live like a royal. You can even save a few bucks from the staple amount mentioned and go travelling around the country which is rich in its heritage value. Helpers such as maids or drivers which are a luxury for other country folk can be also hired here at minimum pays.

8. Guatemala (cost of living per person: $400 per month)


Guatemala has a rich history of Mayan culture and thus much of the country has ample runs you can stroll through if you are a fan of ancient cultures. Also, the country is very famous for its coffee, so you can also really enjoy a cuppa while you are here.

7. Thailand (cost of living per person: $370 per month)


Thailand has a vivid nightlife which is available for residents at an extremely low cost. However, the country can arguably get a little risky if you fall into the wrong circles.

6. Vietnam (cost of living per person: $350 per month)


It is a great place to settle for the foodies. The local cuisine is spectacular, and since everything is home grown it is cheap too. This is one country where the servers do not accept tips at all. So you can visit restaurants on a daily basis without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Belize (cost of living per person: $280 per month)


The sunny and warm Belize is surprisingly cheap, given its extremely popular holiday locations and hence the booming tourism industry. It is between Guatemala and Mexico; hence it is a bit tropical. If you are someone who is tired of the rains of England or Seattle or the cold of New York, Belize is the perfect place for you to settle down a bit. It is also one of the very famous retirement locations of the planet.

4. Malaysia (cost of living per person: $280 per month)


This is a rather surprise entry on the list because it’s almost twin country Singapore is the costliest place to live on the planet right now. However, the ever popular south Asian location is one of the cheapest places to live. And it offers extremely good living conditions if you just find the right people to interact with and the right place to rest your roots. Just like the rest of South Asia including, Malaysia can be a bit tricky but if you are smart about it, living here is a piece of cake.

3. Albania (cost of living per person: $250 per month)


It is a picturesque country but a little on the cold zone. It has a rich heritage and beautiful old houses and castles and forts to see during the leisure, which the writer assumes you might be having. Albania is an unconventional spot for settlement if you have a lot of other options. Thus, most of the country has quaint towns than chaotic cities in it.

2. Nicaragua (cost of living per person: $190 per month)


This is the largest country of Central America, but surprisingly has much lower cost of living than its neighbours. This will upgrade your lifestyle like no other place on the list. The beautiful scenic beauty of the country just adds to the pro list.

1. Nepal (cost of living per person: $120 per month)


With ‘Big Brother’ India on the list how can Nepal be not on it? The small landlocked country may be the least costly place on the Earth but it is a political and a geographical hotspot. Situated strategically between the two rising Asian supergiants, India and China, Nepal has always been of major importance. Recently, the governance of Nepal changed from the old Monarchy system and the country got its new constitution. That has kind of destabilized the political and economic conditions of the country making it a little more affordable. However, in spite of its natural beauty of being cradled by the Himalayas, Nepal might not be the most peaceful place to settle in right now.

There goes the list of the top 10 cheapest countries in the world to live in right now. The quality of living in all these countries along with the economic conditions might not be ideal but a lot of these countries come with a rich heritage which might just more than make up for it.

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