Top 10 Richest Reggaeton Artists

Reggaeton artists and rappers have over the years amazed us with tunes and club bangers we could dance to all night long. With a distinctive beat drop and tune, reggaeton is a timeless genre guaranteed to ignite the dancer in you. Few reggaeton artists, however, have managed to break the bank in the trade, sometimes even releasing fully Spanish albums. They continue to be consistent and the world is yet to see the last of new and up-coming artists. So, the following are the top 10 richest reggaeton artists as of 2018.

10. Pitbull

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Cuban American rapper and artist Pitbull is the richest reggaeton artist as of 2018. Born in January 15, 1981 in Miami, Florida, Pitbull started Selling drugs at the age of 16. He has gone on to release seven albums the last one coming out in 2014. He has managed to remain relevant thanks to his collaborations with major artists like Lil John, Ne-Yo, and Chris Brown and close personal friend Jennifer Lopez. He continues to make money with music, but is also an investor in his hometown Miami. He also has a controlling stake in the company Voli Vodka.

9. Wisin Y Yandel

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Reggaetin duo Yisin & Yandell started off in 1998 and have together managed to release 11 albums. Their names feature prominently in the American Latin top albums and have featured twice as number 1. They have gone platinum7 times with their studio albums and used their initial millions to further invest in studio outfits in the US. Their popular hits include ‘’Provocative Movimiento’’, ‘’Pam’’ ‘’Abusadora’’ and ‘’Take after the leader’’.

8. Daddy Yankee

Richest Reggaeton Artists 2019

Probably the most popular and internationally recognized rapper and lyricist Daddy Yankee, first reached celebrity status playing baseball for the Seattle Mariners. Born in February 3, 1973, Yankee quit baseball to pursue music after being shot by an AK47 rifle. He has 10 albums to his name, and having been a musician during his playing days, had connections with several studio labels including El Cartel Records and Interscope.

7. Ivy Queen

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Multi-talented vocalist, musician, performing and recording artist Ivy Queen was born in Puerto Rico, but was brought up in New York. After graduating from New Jersey School of Performing Arts, she moved back to Puerto Rico to pursue music. Probably the best decision she made she teamed up with celebrity Dj and producer DJ Negro. Being mainly a performing artist, she released 2 albums in the late 90’s. she continues to perform worldwide and has appeared in some low profile movies most of the time singing.

6. José Fernando Cosculluela

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Born in 15th October in 1980 in Puerto Rico, Coscullela earned fame status as a fast rising reggaeton artist. He opened a studio label Weiler Inc In 2010 in order to make more money. His breakthrough came in 1995, and has not looked back since then. He has five albums to his name with the last one having been released in 2012. He is an amazing rapper, producer and manager, and can play multiple instruments. He is famed to having assumed producing duties for all his albums. He is one amongst the top 10 richest reggaeton artists in 2018.

5. Arcangel

Richest Reggaeton Artists 2019

New York born reggaeton artist Arcangel came from a music savvy family with the mother being a member of an all-girl group Las Chcas del Can. He moved back to PuertoRico to launch his music career and was very influential in underground reggaeton. His 2006 hit single Ven y Pegate took his music mainstream and has assumed iconic status in the world of reggaeton music. He has released several albums and features heavily in the Latina Billboard Top Albums list.

4. Tito El Bambino

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Born in Carolina Puerto Rico in October 5th 1981, Tito El Bambino went mainstream after the release of his first solo album in 1996that became number one in Puerto Rico’s top albums list. His major collaborations include studio works with the likes of Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Beenie Man. He continues to receive loyalties from his past work and his net worth continues to accumulate mostly from record sales and managerial work.

3. Don Omar

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Majority of Don Omar’s wealth has come from a few stints as an on-screen character. He is however an accomplished reggaeton artist doing his trade in America and Puerto Rico. Born February 10, 1978 in Carolina Puerto Rico, Omar is also popularly known as El Rey (meaning King in Spanish). He rose the ranks as a backup for Ellie Lindo. ;’’The Lat Don’’ was his breakthrough album, earning popularity and selling millions of copies worldwide. His studio album King of Kings gained acclimation in the US as one of the best reggaeton albums in history.

2. Tego Calderon

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Rapper, performing artist, musician and vocalist Tego Calderon makes it at number nine on this list. He is a Puerto Rican star born on 1st February 1972. He has earned his money doing music, writing scripts and a few guest appearances in Puerto Rico. He was born of a teaching mother and administrator father. His early music activity includes playing in a band while at Miami Beach Senior High. His most amazing work was with hip hop star Paul Wall as a voiceover on VH1, and has even performed at the Madison Square Garden some time in 2003.

1. Zion & Lennox

Richest Reggaeton Artists

Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Zion & Lennox hail from Carolina. After a dispute with Pina Records, they left to start on their own, creating Baby Records Inc. They have worked together with Daddy Yankee and their first album ‘’Motivando a la Yal’ in 2004. After the success of that album they knew they were going places. A string of successive solo hits and albums saw them rise the ranks locally and internationally. They made their fortune primarily through record sales and sold-out shows.

These above are the top 10 richest reggaeton artists in 2018. It seems Carolina; Puerto Rico is the reggaeton haven with most successful artists tracing their roots there. While these artists are not as rich as their American counterparts, given most of the songs they release are Spanish, you can understand why the cash is limited. The dancing culture of Puerto Ricans is no news, and with artistry and consistency of these artists, you can be sure to continue dancing to reggaeton may years to come.

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