Top 10 Sexiest Male Country Singers in The World

The country music scene has some amazing men with drop dead gorgeous looks, sexy vocals, washboard abs and big biceps that would put fitness enthusiasts to shame. They look as good on stages across the globe and music videos as on album covers, red carpets and magazine pages.

Some of them are young while others are slightly older and pushing 50, but the grey streaks just add to their sexiness. With their unique sense of humor, crazy antics and experimentation with looks, they ensure fans are never disappointed. They make the female hearts swoon and cause women to gasp whenever they appear on print or on stage. Check out this list of top 10 hottest country singers in the world in 2018 who are also the most popular among women.

10. Trace Adkins

Sexiest Male Country Singers

Very tall at 6 feet 6 inches, this American country music singer is known as much for his hits like Arlington, You’re Gonna Miss This, Ladies Love Country Boys and Honk Tonk Badonkadonk as his deep voice and crooked smile. He can be regarded as one of the sexiest country singers in the world.

9. Chris Cagle

Sexiest Male Country Singers

47 year old Chris Cagle is a winner among women with his cute smile, earthy sex appeal and unique vocals. This American country music artist has two biological daughters and is still smoking hot among women. He also has a slightly bad boy image, courtesy the drunk driving charges he was booked for in 2013 in Texas, which makes him popular even with men. He is one of the hottest country singers, worldwide.

8. Joe Nichols

Sexiest Male Country Singers 2019

His naughty smile, curly locks and playful antics…need one say more? This tall, handsome singer is the kind of man women would love to get naughty with. The kind of songs in his repertoire, such as Sunny and 75, Yeah and Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off make him even more irresistible and he deserves to be there on this list of most popular country singers in the world.

7. Chuck Wicks

Sexiest Male Country Singers

Known for songs like Old School, Hold That Thought and Stealing Cinderella, Chuck Wicks is a hit with women of all ages for his amazing voice which combines country and rock ‘n’ roll. But it is his sexy smile and boy next door good looks that make the 37 year old a sexy hunk. His eyes can melt the heart of any girl. Those who watch him in concert simply cannot rave enough about him and he undoubtedly deserves to be tagged as the hottest country singers in the world.

6. Billy Currington

Sexiest Male Country Singers

He is 42 but is still as hot among teens as with grown up women. With hits like Let Me Down Easy, Good Directions and People Are Crazy, the singer has consolidated his position in the country music scene and also in female hearts. His unshaved, careless beauty wins female hearts for him. Rugged, scruffy and carelessly handsome, Billy is known for his unique sexiness which is real and more believable in this list of most popular country singers than many contemporaries who look more plastic and made up.

5. Rodney Atkins

Sexiest Male Country Singers 2019

He is 47, but age has not diminished his sex appeal even a bit, which is why he is there in this list of sexiest country singers in the world. He is more popular with women for being a loving husband and dad and a sweet celebrity to fans. His songs are romantic and inspirational, such as Take a Back Road, Watching You and If You’re Going through Hell.

4. Chris Young

Sexiest Male Country Singers

His quiet and calm handsomeness makes him a hit with women aged between 6 and 60, and he is among the top 10 sexiest country singers. He is the kind of man girls like to introduce to their parents, any day and any time. His vocal range is amazing and wins over females effortlessly. His hits like Drinkin’ Me Lonely, Lighters In the Air and Aw Naw are favourites of women across the globe.

3. Keith Urban

Sexiest Male Country Singers

Sexy smile, fantastic skills with the guitar, amazing voice and attractive accent…no wonder even stunner Nicole Kidman fell for this Australian country singer and ended up marrying him. With fantastic songs like You’ll Think of Me, Cop Car and John Cougar, John Deer and John 3:16, Keith is one lucky singer. His Australian accent and crazy good looks make many women want to marry him, and hate Nicole for being so fortunate. None of the top 10 most popular country singers lists can be complete without him.

2. Keith Anderson

Sexiest Male Country Singers

With a chiseled body, killer smile and sexy eyes, Keith Anderson is a complete package among the top 10 hottest country singers and the mere mention of his names sets female hearts aflutter. He is known for hits like I Still Miss You, Pickin’ Wildflowers and Every Time I Hear Your Name.

1. Josh Turner

Sexiest Male Country Singers

The amazing Josh Turner is undoubtedly the sexiest of them at the moment. His vibrant smile, killer eyes, deep voice and sexy charm makes him the top pick for women. He is one gorgeous man and he knows that. His hits like Your Man, Long Black Train, Would You Go with Me and Why Don’t We Just Dance are winners with female fans across the globe. He is the first among the top 10 sexiest country singers in the world.

There are lots of other singers to be counted, and you can send in your feedback to let know whether you agree with this top 10 sexiest male country singers list 2018, Have a fun time, reading!

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