Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers in The World

There are many female singers worldwide. Many people comment positively that their compositions are food for their spirit. They love listening to music performed by these celebrities. Young generations have taken some of these names to be their role models. In this article, we are going to feature slightly on profile of top 10 most famous female singers in 2018. Let us consider the list below.

10. Cheryl Cole

Most Popular Female Singers

Cheryl Cole is ranked in tenth position of this article. She is an amazing lady and blessed with many talents. Cole was born in England and her fame came in 2002. This is after appearing in most popular television shows and dramas. Apart from singing, Cheryl loves dancing live on stage and takes part in Television personality. In 2009, this star released a solo album to outside world. Many people received it with a lot of positivity. She is not only famous but also successful.

9. Pink

Most Popular Female Singers 2019

Her original name is Alecia Beth Moore but many people know her by stage name, Pink. Alecia is a talented, beautiful and great singer from United States of America. This lady has appeared I many music completions and has emerged winner in many of them. Pink began singing by joining in a certain group in America that was famous by their talents and top hitting tracks. One of her great solo albums is Cant take me home. This one was successful and earned her a lot of fame. Apart from singing, Pink is also an actress and music composer.

8. Demi Lovato

Most Popular Female Singers

This is another beautiful and talented woman featured in this list. Demi Lovato takes position eight in this article. She is a well known actress and singer from America. Most of her talent is observed in popular Disney Home production where she appeared in films albums such as Camp Rock and Barney and Friends. Born in 1992, Lovato gained a lot of fame and reputation especially after releasing to market a debut album known as Barney and Friends. Research shows Demi is one of the best singers with unique acting skills especially when live on stage.

7. Beyonce

Most Popular Female Singers

Beyonce is almost known by all teenage girls and young generation. Unlike other singers studied in this article, Beyonce discovered her singing talent when she was just a small girl. Her hobbies include dancing, singing and slightly modelling. Her physical appearances are amazing and beautiful such as body shape and fantastic facial structures. In 2003, Beyonce released a debut album known as dangerous in Love. It earned many hearts of people that love her music. This did not stop here, several copies of this single album was sold to many individual and business music stores worldwide.

6. Rihanna

Most Popular Female Singers

Rihanna is a young and beautiful star featured in this list. She was born 28- years ago and gained a lot of fame and reputation at 20 years only. This young lady used to be a talented actress before changing career to singing. Rihanna did this because of passion and love for music. In 2007, her first debut album known as Good girl gone bad was out. It was beginning of success and fame altogether. Many winning and nomination awards were credited to her. Some of these awards include American Music awards and two other Brit awards. Young generation love her music so much.

5. Shakira

Most Popular Female Singers 2019

Shakira is one talented singer that cannot miss to appear in many music celebration and competitions. This lady is just amazing and has won hearts of many music lovers. Shakira loves dancing and especially in Latin style and has released to market many albums. Copies of her music composition are sold and distributed to fans worldwide. Others get a chance to view videos in legal internet sites such as YouTube. Shakira was requested to compose a song to be sung during a world football that took place in South Africa (2010). She did it within a short time and proved to the world how talented she was. She is one among the Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers in The World 2017.

4. Lady Gaga

Most Popular Female Singers

On fourth position of this article is Lady Gaga. She is amongst Famous and talented female singers featured in this list. Apart from singing, Gaga is a well known actor and business lady. To speak of music, Lady released her first debut album in 2007. Some of great hits that were featured in this single album are do what you want, Poker face and many others. Her love for music industry and fashion has contributed a lot to many people knowing her music and other related talents.

3. Taylor Swift

Most Popular Female Singers

Taylor Swift appears in third position of this article with a lot of success in music industry. Success came because of many people loving great hit from this beautiful lady. Born in 1989, America, Taylor Swift is said to be talented, passionate, determined and well performing singer of season (2017). She began singing at fourteen years of age and has appeared in several music completions. In most of these competitions, winning ad nomination awards are always given to her. Many music lovers worldwide love listening to Taylor’s music hits.

2. Adele

Most Popular Female Singers

Adele is a well known singer from England that has taken part in most music performances. Taking position two of this article is not just a joke. She has a beautiful and amazing voice that touches hearts of many fans. Some of her famous songs include Set fire to the rain and rolling in the deep.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Most Popular Female Singers

Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and most famous of all female singers worldwide. She is a talented Latin woman that was born in 1969. Lopez begun her career by taking part in dancing and then later moved to acting. Jennifer realised her passion for music in 1991. Lopez has been on top of many music and acting competitions and has always gained winning wards and nominations.

These are the most popular female singers worldwide 2018. They are beautiful and talented women. Most of them hail from United States of America and are successful people. Some of their advantageous features include hard work and passion of taking part in music industry.

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