Top 10 Best Selling Rock Bands in The World

Rock music is a popular form of music which emerged from Rock and Roll (R&R) and Pop music during the late 1950s in the United States. Later it emerged into various forms in the late 1960s. Rock and Roll is strongly influenced by Blues and country music. It is a fusion of these genres. A Rock band group can be essentially centered around an electric guitar, a bass guitar, drums, and vocals.

Most of the Rock music is seen to follow 4/4 time signature and has verses and chorus with electric lead and rhythm. There are many famous rock bands who have given us the great flavor of Rock music. We will be now looking forward to the latest top rock bands who are rocking this year. The top 10 best-selling Rock bands of 2018 are:

10) Papa Roach (Net Worth: $12 Million)-

Best Rock Bands

This is an American Rock band formed in 1993, in California. In their twenty-three years of music career, Papa Roach has given us many great rock music. Their music consists of both high and low tempo suitable for different moods. More than 20 million copies of their albums have been sold worldwide. This year Papa Roach again got back to the studio. On 1st July they played for the Alternative Press Awards. Their new record is soon to be released on 2018.

9) Hollywood Undead (Net Worth $1,950,000,000 )-

Best Rock Bands 2019

This is an American Rap Rock band. This band was formed in the year 2005 in Los Angeles, US. They have mixed Rap rock with Nu metal, and hip hop and their songs are one of its kind. Their appearance is also unique as they use pseudonyms and wear unique masks. Another uniqueness in their songs is their lyrics. They have already sold about 3 million records worldwide. Their latest album is the Day of the Dead and in 2015 they released an EP of their previously sung songs for free.

8) Linkin Park (Net Worth: $25 Million)-

Best Rock Bands

Linkin Park is an American Rock Band. The band was formed in 1996 in California. After the release of their first album Hybrid Theory, the band rose to international fame. Their genre is a mixture of rock rap and nu metal. The band topped Billboard 200 many times. Hearing their songs gives you positive vibes and energy. Their songs are also featured in many movies. Their recent album was The Hunting Party. Now they are working on their seventh studio album release.

7) Iron Maiden(Net Worth: $115 Million)-

Best Rock Bands

Iron Maiden is an English Rock heavy metal band. It was formed in Leyton, East London in the year 1975. Their discography has a total of thirty-eight albums. This thirty-eight include sixteen studio albums, eleven of them are live albums; four are EPs and seven compilations. They are the pioneers of the British Heavy Metal. Being a heavy metal band they play high tempo songs which are loved by the young generations. Their last album was the Book Of Souls which was released in 2015, and they are currently doing the Book Of The Souls World Tour.

6) Coldplay (Net Worth: $475 Million)-

Best Rock Bands 2019

This is an English Rock band that was formed in the year 1996 by Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland. They were the vocalist and lead guitarist respectively. They have given us some great songs some will force you to come on the dance floor, and some will set you at peace. They ranked first many times in UK’s bestselling rock albums. Their recent album is ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’. This album has also received great appreciation from the music lovers and critics. They have a great variety of music ideal for rock music lovers.

5) Guns And Roses (Net Worth: $150 Million)-

Best Rock Bands

Guns and Roses are popularly known as G N’ R is an American. This band was formed in the year 1985 and still they are rocking the world with their music. This band has made six studio albums which have record-breaking sales of more than 100 million copies worldwide. Many of their songs like Sweet Child o’ mine, paradise city, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door are world famous. The lead solos of Slash is another great attraction to the band worldwide. Rock music lovers can never say no to this band.

4) Red Hot Chili Peppers (Net Worth: $120 Million)-

Best Rock Bands

This is an American Rock Band which debuted their studio album on August 10, 1984. Their first album was named after their band. The band is famous for their guitar playing. The band has four members three are guitar players, and one is a drummer. The bands USP is their Funk rock and rap rock music. They mix rock music with a bit of funk in it. Their recent album is The Getaway. Over 764,000 copies of this album have been sold worldwide.

3) Imagine Dragons (Net Worth: $5,000,000)-

Best Rock Bands

Imagine Dragons is an American rock band started in the year 2008 from Las Vegas, Nevada. This band has a genre which is a mixture of Alternative Rock and Pop Rock. Their second studio album Smoke+Mirrors topped the Billboard 200. Many of their songs are hits; such is a song called Radioactive which has won the song of the year title and most streamed song on the internet.

2) Royal Blood (Net Worth: $1 Million)-

Best Rock Bands

Royal Blood is an English Rock duo band. It was formed in Brighton in the year 2013. The songs of this band is mainly rooted in modern hard rock, garage rock, blues rock and psychedelic rock. They have made a strong position in the market in these few years. This band is loved by the rock music lovers as well as the young generations.

1) Breaking Benjamin (Net Worth: $4 Million)-

Best Rock Bands

This is an American Rock band from Pennsylvania formed in the year 1999 by Benjamin Burnley. This band is one of the rock bands which is greatly wanted and loved by the new era crowd. By the fan, following it can be said that it is the most wanted rock band of 2018.

Rock music is a type of music which freshens our heart and fills us with energy and joy. These are the bands which you can listen to immerse yourself in a great ocean of rock music. Keep listening to rock music and keep rocking.


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