Top 10 Most Expensive LED Televisions In The World

Television has become one of the integral parts of our life. Lots of dysfunctional families are held together by the power of the television. Even if one lives alone in a big house, the presence of a television fills that lonely void. Be it the inane staticish chatter of the commercials, the VH1, or the Superbowl, it’s as if the whole world has been captured by your antennas and has been brought to you in one gemious box. The television industry has also produced countless LED TV Repairing job opportunities and opportunity for the talented to show their skills.

However, this article is not just about the television sets owned by the middle class lonely man or the occasional dysfunctional family. This article is pretty much about the exclusive and most expensive televisions available on the planet. The people who own these sets are damn-ably rich because even if these are guy functional televisions, they are eligible for being collectors’ pieces, simply because of their blings. Read on to find more about the most expensive LED televisions on the planet, before you splurge on your choice.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive LED Televisions in 2018

10. Panasonic TH 103VX200W (Price $100,000)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

The television launched commercially in 2011 is one television that maintains its spot on the list even after five years. The television offers one default 1080p picture quality and a 30 chip colour processor and has picture controls the uses can modify according to needs.

9. Yalos Diamond (Price $140,000)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

The Yalos Diamond TV is one of the most beautiful television set you can own in this year. The TV is manufactured by Keymat and is made to order. Besides its technical specs, the television is plated with white gold and has is studded with 160 flawless diamonds which are strategically scattered all over the polished black facade. The television is of 40 inches so it is not a big monstrosity like the others on this list.

8. BeoVision4 103 inches (Price $140,000)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

The BeoVision4 manufactured by Bang and Olufsen is an extreme monstrosity. The television demon child is an entire set, almost coming alive when you switch it on. The dual 10 inch loud speakers which are hidden underneath come out and raise itself to the level of the television. The set has the tech to identify the surroundings and give optimum performance for the viewing of your life. The specs make the television worth the money.

7. Samsung UA110S9 110 inch TV (Price $152000)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

Ironically, it is the only Samsung in the list. Ironical because Samsung is the most popular company worldwide when it comes to buying television sets. As the name suggests, it is a 110 inch television and has a very classy design. The television almost looks like a living canvas. It has superior picture quality and has the most updated technology with amazing controls. It has voice control, gesture controls and a smart control remote. Furthermore, the television provides UHD level picture display which would be one ultra level above the normal HD TVs.

6. Sharp LB 1085 LCD TV (Price $160,000)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

It is one of the very few commercially produced televisions on this list. It has superb specs which provide the viewer with amazing viewing experience. The quality of the pictures promises to make you like even the most mundane programs interesting just because of its picture quality. The television is light sensitive so it with never let direct sunlight or any other glare on the screen ruins your viewing experience. The television also has auto adjusting saturation and contrast settings, which will make the colour palette even more attractive for you to feat your eyes upon.

5. Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV (Price $500,000)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

The company Panasonic has been creating exemplary television, mobiles and other gadgets for a long time. This time they have outdone themselves with the new Panasonic 152 inches Plasma TV. It has a mind blowing resolution of over 2160 pixels and is 4K and it has the screen ratio 17:9 to a multiplex screen. The gigantic 3D TV only happens to weigh around 1282 pounds and needs to be lugged around like King Kong.

4. C Seed 201 (Price $680000)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

The name of the TV, 201 comes from the fact that it measures a whooping 201 inches and thus is makes its name as one of the biggest television sets in the world. It is mostly designed for outdoor screening or for the people who have extremely luxurious outhouses. It is programmed to process data about a hundred thousand times per second. It displays 281 trillion colours to the images, so just imagine the clarity and the depth.

3. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition (Price $1.5 million)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

Remember Stuart Hudges, the freak of nature, who transformed already high tech gadgets into sinfully expensive and attractive trophies, in his personal high tech dungeons, with all kinds of precious gems and metal? Well, the last two items on the list are products from the Stuart Hudges house. The middle name of Stuart Hudges is ‘bling’ and lots of it. This television is a limited edition set covered with nineteen kilograms of gold along with 50 pieces of diamonds.

2. The Titan Zeus (Price $1.6 million)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

It is the world’s largest television set with a width of 370 inch. This is the only television to beat out a Stuart Hudges jewel with its amazing specs. It has a 4K display and gives superior quality performance both indoors and outdoors.

1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition (Price $2.26 million)

Most Expensive LED Televisions

Just like the third last item on the list, Stuart Hudges is responsible for the most expensive television on the list. The price of the set is almost equal to a Bugatti Veyron HyperCar. This TV is one of the top 10 most expensive cars in the world. Like the second last television, this set is pricey of for its bling. The set is coated with twenty five to twenty eight kgs of rose gold, and encrusted with 72 round flawless diamonds. It is a collectors’ piece.

Most of these expensive television sets are made to order so think twice, thrice and couple more times before you decide to burn the hole in your pocket.

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