Top 10 Best Selling LED TVs in the World

Television is the human invention which has been entertaining human beings from the late 1950s. Televisions were first invented and made available in crude experimental forms since 1920. From that period till now there has been a vast change in the appearance and functioning of the television. The engineering has changed which improved the quality of the vision and hearing reception of the television. From a range of CRT television sets to HD LED TV, technology has progressed a lot, and the marketing of televisions also progressed as well. Visit for your LED TV repair in Jaipur.

Previously the television used to be small with oval screens and antenna and consumed a lot of power but now the latest television sets also known as the LED TVs have a far bigger screen with a low weight and a whole range of functioning which is making the TV watching experience of human beings more pleasant.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular best selling LED TVs in 2017:

10) SHARP LC-32LB370U (Price: $187)-

SHARP LC-32LB370U Top Most Popular Best Selling LED TVs in the World 2018

Sharp is a brand which has been making televisions for a long time their bestseller has always been LED TVs. In this model, the company has provided a 32 inch full HD display with a resolution of 1080 pixels. The TV is quite compact and therefore handy for the customer. It is very sleek and easily portable. The price of this TV is the market is about $187. It has received an enormous amount of appreciation from its customers.

9) LG 32LF500B (Price: $199)-

LG 32LF500B Top Best Selling LED TVs in the World 2017

LG is a brand from South Korea. It has been in the market for a long time, and it is appreciated by the customers for their home appliances and electronic gadgets. In this model of television LG has given IPS display with 32” screen size. This TV produces life-like pictures which are full HD. This TV offers a great wide viewing angle and supports USB connectivity and HDMI ports. The price of this TV in the market is around $199. Because of its great pixel quality and resolution, this TV is hugely sold in the world.

8) SAMSUNG UN32J5003 (Price: $199.99)-

SAMSUNG UN32J5003 Top 10 Best Selling LED TVs in the World 2017

Samsung is a brand well known for making home appliances and electronic gadgets. This TV is one of the most selling LED TVs of Samsung till date. The great HD resolution of this model offers crisper and sharper image quality. It comes with a feature of Edge Lit LED display providing better clear and sharper images from the side. The TV costs around $200 in the market, and it is getting good reviews for its customers.

7) VIZIO D39hn-D0 (Price: $228)-

VIZIO D39hn-D0

VIZIO is a big name in the world of TV manufacturing. This particular D- series offers a great set of new modern design which includes the Full Array LED design. This design helps in the clear and sharp viewing of the pictures from the edges. It offers a 39” Full HD display. D39hn-D0 is a Smart TV and has a great refresh rate of 120 Hz. The price of this TV in the market is around $228.

6) SAMSUNG 32J5205 (Price: $260)


This is another great product from SAMSUNG which offers clear moving pictures with enriched colors. The resolution is 1080 pixels and offers a Full HD display. There is a facility of USB and HDMI ports. The refresh rate is also outstandingly high. It comes with the feature of DTS premium sound which expands our TV viewing experience. Its price in the market is around $260. This is a 32” Full HD Smart TV and is a good value for money.

5) SONY BRAVIA 48” LED TV (Price: $370)-


Sony is one of the best and largest producers of electronic gadgets. In this BRAVIA model, there is a fantastic display with a great sound quality for both better viewing and hearing experience. The design of this model is very slim and sleek with a full HD display of 48”. It has a resolution of 1080 pixels and has the feature Edge LED system. This feature gives a stunning and pleasant picture quality in every frame. The market price of this BRAVIA 48” is around $370.

4) SAMSUNG UN49K6250 (Price: $697)-


This is another bestseller TV of SAMSUNG which is highly appreciated in the world for its great features and affordability. This model has a 49” curved LED display. The curved LED display gives a great wide-angle viewing and a big panoramic display. This is a smart TV and streams many online programs which are better viewed on the great HD screen of 1080 pixels. The price of this TV in the market is $697.

3) VIZIO D43 D1 (Price: $328)-

VIZIO D43 D1 Best Selling LED TVs in the World 2019

This TV from VIZIO is a great product in value from its price. It provides with a 43” big display with a full array of backlighting LED. This feature adds contrast to the screen even at the edges. High-quality pictures are obtained, and these pictures can be viewed equally from every edge. This is a smart TV and is capable of streaming online programs. The price of this TV in the market is about $328.This TV is valued highly because of the features it provides in its price.

2) TCL40FS3800 (Price: $218)-


TCL is one of the great names of TV manufacturing in the world. This model of TCL has acquired the name of smart TV as it has a very easy interface and can host about 2500 online streaming channels. The display is 40” full HD with crisp and sharper image. The great design and a low price of $218 make it a favorite for the customers worldwide.

1) TCL 32S3800 (Price: $349)-

TCL 32S3800 Popular Best Selling LED TVs in the World 2018

TCL made another smart TV which tops our list. This TV has a modern technology and design which sports an HD display of 32” and a resolution of 720 pixels. The market price of this TV is about $349, and this is the reason it is becoming the favorite of the people worldwide. This TV is renowned as the most recommended TV of the year by many franchises.

All these TVs have been the bestselling in the world in this year. If you are looking for some great TV viewing experience, then this list would be the perfect options for you to choose your kind.

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