Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

A country comprising of more than 7,000 islands – the Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia and in the world. Philippines are trying to evolve from an agricultural economy to an industrialised one based on manufacturing. This means the country needs good colleges and universities to cater to its population that is over a hundred million.

Undergraduate and post-graduate education is costly everywhere in the world. These establishments not only have high tuition fees but also charge registration, admission, and other misllaneous fees. Here are the top 10 most expensive universities in the Philippines in 2018.

10. Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) – $2,700 to $2,800

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

With a motto of “Learn, Discover, Create” the Mapua Institute of Technology has inspired many architects and engineers to reach great heights through its variety of programs catering to a wide range of students. Based in Manila, the research-oriented institution has become the first Philippine one to get a ABET certification, which puts it on par with many colleges in the United States.

9. Miriam College (MC) – $2,500 to $3,400

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines 2019

The Miriam College is a private non-profit educational institute for girls only. Established in 1926, this educational institution offers students a chance to learn right from pre-elementary to post-graduate. It even has programs for students who have disabilities, and male students are accepted in such programs. The college has a modern LEAD Residence Hall built for its students and even boasts of an art gallery. Graduates from this institution have established its reputation earning high posts in government and private jobs.

8. San Beda College – $3,100 to $3,300

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

Established in Manila, the San Beda College is a Roman Catholic college that is over a century old. Run by Benedictine monks, the highly respected institution offers courses in diverse fields including business, law, economics, marketing and accounting. Part of the famous University Belt, a stretch with more than thirty colleges and universities, this college has produced many millionaires and highly successful individuals in many different fields. It currently has over 11,700 students donning its red and white colors.

7. Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) – $3,800 to $4,200

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

An exclusively male institution for secondary and elementary education, the Ateneo de Manila University was founded in 1859. That makes it one of the oldest universities in the nation and one which every student would want to get into. With a diverse undergraduate and postgraduate program that is coeducational, the establishment boasts of over 20,000 students when all levels are taken into account. The university has several research centers – most dedicated to disaster prevention and management.

6. iAcademy – $3,840 to $4,500

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines 2019

A highly specialized private educational institution, the iAcademy was established in 2001 in Makati City. Offering dedicated programs in the fields of Computing, Design and Business the school molds its students to succeed in today’s professional world famous for its cut throat competition. With a motto that encourages students to “dare to be different”, the college looks set for a long and steady period of growth in the near future. Using industry aligned syllabuses that aim at creating working professionals, the establishment stand out from others.

5. De La Salle College of Saint Benilde (DLS- CSB) – $3,800 to $5,100

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

A private Catholic college based in Manila, the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde has three different campuses and was established in 1988. The school is famous for its sports teams, nicknamed the Blazers, who have won five general championships since they joined 16 years ago. An autonomous institute with an independent mission and vision, the college offers degree and non-degree programs in a large variety of subjects including arts, management, computing and design.

4. Centre for International Education (CIE) – $3,800 to $5,600

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

A British International school known for setting trends and encouraging innovation, the Centre for International Education offers education from the elementary to the post-graduate level. Branding themselves as the School of Leaders, the establishment tries to generate leaders who can be catalysts in society for change in the positive direction. Founded by the highly educated and awarded professor Neila Cruz Sarcol, the school has infrastructure of world-class quality and holds ISO certification – one of the few in the Philippines to do so.

3. De La Salle University (DLSU) – $4,100 to $4,900

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

Another Roman Catholic university based in Manila, the De La Salle University is over a hundred years old. Originally founded by the De La Salle Brothers in Paco, the institution moved to its current location hoping it would increase the attendance. Since then the university kept growing and currently teaches over 20,000 students and employs over a thousand in academic stuff. Identified as a center of excellence, this university is the Alma matter of prominent scientists, businessmen, politicians and TV personalities.

2. University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) – $4,800 to $6,300

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

This private university has a single word as its motto, “Unity”. Initially created for economic and social research, the university now offers courses mainly in the field of liberal arts. The school mainly focuses on studies related to international relations, politics and economy. It is also home to a successful athletics unit that has won multiple championships at the National Collegiate Athletics Association. The school has notable alumni that have worked in leading positions in international banks and economic sectors in the government.

1. End-run Colleges – $5,300 to $6,800

Most Expensive Universities In The Philippines

The most expensive educational institution in the Philippines is the Enderun Colleges, a non-sectarian private college. With a 1.7 hectare campus and infrastructure to match the best colleges around the world, the college is named after the palace school where promising children were shaped to be leaders during the Ottoman Empire.

Established in 2005, the college moved permanently to its new campus three years later, an area in the McKinley Hill boasting of state of the art teaching facilities and a world class culinary center.

The most expensive universities in the Philippines in 2018 featured on our list today are not only the most expensive but they are the best in the country in terms of infrastructure and education provided.

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