Top 10 Countries With Highest Literacy Rate in 2018

When one is literate or simply educated is a very good thing. Many countries have high rate of Literacy. You will find out that they are highly developed because of these people. Many technological companies in a certain country are established to provide jobs for all educated people worldwide. We will study about countries with highest Literacy rate worldwide in 2018. Ten of these are discussed in the list below.

10. Australia

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

This is one of the best countries worldwide and is separated from others geographically. It is also considered amongst developed and wealth nations. Number of tourists that visit there to see the many attractions makes this possible. Number of foreign students in this country is so high and cannot be considered with residents. Australia is considered a country of education because of its top universities that are rated best worldwide. Literacy rate in this country is extremely high.

9. Finland

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate 2019

This is one of small countries of Europe. Some of its neighbours are Norway and Switzerland. We can confidently talk many things about Finland. Education factor is one of the most things focused in this country today. Many educated people In Finland have good jobs while others are yet to be employed. This has been a good reason why it is small but developed. Education percentage rate of Finland is rated to be 39.4% and this is recognised worldwide.

8. New Zealand

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

New Zealand is another popular country that cannot be forgotten in this list of countries with highest literacy rates. Total number of people in New Zealand is rated to be 4.5 million and is a neighbour of Australia. Tourism attraction sites of this nation are many and therefore receive many tourists yearly that come to witness beauty and wonders of nature. Most of these tourists come from different parts of this universe but commit themselves to make their families happy especially during holidays. This is good for a small and developing country. Education and economy of New Zealand is not left out.

7. United Kingdom

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

United Kingdom is rated in seventh position of this article and is amongst countries with highest Literacy rates worldwide 2018. We can comfortably talk in New Zealand about many developed sectors. UK style of education is considered amongst best ones worldwide. Universities of this wonderful country are top in this Universe and contain many learned students from other various countries. 39.7% of people in United Kingdom are learned and highly skilled. This is one reason why United Kingdom is developed and has many offices to offer high quality jobs.

6. South Korea

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate 2019

South Korea is not common to many people but is rated in sixth position of this country. It is only popular among Asian people for very many reasons. One of these reasons that we are to talk about today is Education. Development of South Korea is another thing that we cannot forget. Many people of this wonderful country are educated ad have boosted economy rate of South Korea to high levels. Development rate of this country has increased number of educated people in South Korea and this is not something to argue about. Literacy rate of South Korea is approximated to be 40.4%.

5. USA

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

United States of America is one beautiful country that cannot be omitted in this list of countries with highest literacy rates. It is amongst leading counties in terms of development and this is no compromise about it. It has well established people that have boosted it economy and Literacy rate that is talked about in this article. Population of USA is approximated to be 180 Million people ad number of those educated people is almost half of these people. This is something to be proud of. When a country has many literate people, it tends to be skilful ad intelligent all times. Top Universities are located in United States of America.

4. Israel

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

On fourth position of this article is Israel. It is amongst well and developed countries worldwide and has many literate people altogether. Israel is well established when it comes to issues with finances and educated people of Israel make this possible getting jobs in good offices. Most of families in this amazing country spend their wealth and money in educating their children so that they can better their future. 7.5% of GDP among Israelites is spent on education, which is approximated to be 46.4%.

3. Japan

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

We could have made a very big mistake without featuring Japan in third position of this country. It is amongst developed countries with high rate of educated people. Many companies employ learned and talented people of this wonderful country. These companies produce quality items that are sold in various countries of this amazing Universe. Technology is something to talk about in Japan and it has boosted to economy growth of this popular and developed nation. Literacy rate of Japan is highly credited to be 46.5 percent.

2. Canada

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

Canada is in second position of this article and is amongst countries with highest Literacy rate. It is a proud neighbor of United States of America and has many things to discuss about in this educating article. Specific thing is Education. Students from various countries worldwide make their ways in this country to earn quality education from their top Universities. Literacy rate of Japan is approximated to be 51.3%.

1. Russia

Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

Russia is rated in first position of this article and is highest in Literacy rates worldwide. Educated people from Russia are many and this has boosted a lot to the economy growth of this amazing country. Top Universities offer quality education. This has created good infrastructure of Russia hence featured in this position.

These are the top 10 countries with highest literacy rate in 2018. Educated people from these nations are so many. Students come from various countries to ear quality educated, which is not provided in their countries. it has come to my observations that Developed countries have many literate and learned people.

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