Top 10 Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc) is one of the leading sources of entertainment based in the United States. The company’s massive popularity can be attributed to not only the professional wrestling it is famous for but also films, music, and direct product sales. It is arguably the best wrestling promoter in the world. The immense popularity of WWE has promoted the opening of other promoting companies of the like and a lot of subsidiaries under it. However, there is a dark side of the coin as well, and the negative side of WWE is that it promotes violence through mass media.

The statutory warning of ‘to be performed without training and supervision hardly works when it comes to children who catch these fights and then try to re-enact the scenes with their friends. What they fail to realise is that most of what we see is scripted and shown only for the purpose of entertainment.

Over the years, WWE has produced and promoted many famous wrestlers from all over the world. The female division of which are called the Divas. However, today we are not here to talk about WWE hottest Divas, we are rather here to talk about the Hunks. Scroll down on to know about the top 10 most popular and sexiest male WWE wrestlers in 2018.

10. EDGE (D.O.B –October 30, 1973)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

The wrestler was born Adam Joseph Copeland in Ontario of Canada and is one of the most prominent and sexiest WWE wrestlers of all time. He has retired now from the world of boxing and has settled himself as an actor. He has multiple ring names like Adam Copeland, Adam Impact, Conquistador Uno, Damon Striker, Sexton Hard-castle and of course, EDGE. He has appeared in the movies Highlander and Bending the Rules produced by WWE studios. He has also appeared in TV in shows like Weakest Link, Mind of Mencia and Deal or No Deal.

9. CM Punk (D.O.B – October 26, 1978)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers 2019

CM Punk is the funniest WWE wrestlers Born Phillip Jack Brooks in Chicago, the wrestler is a seven time world champion in wrestling and was phenomenal even before WWE or UFC signed him in (he was a wrestler for NWA before). His talents doesn’t just end in the physical world, CM Punk is also a famous comic book writer and actor. He is married to diva AJ Lee who is also signed into WWE. The wrestler has a rebellious image. He has always been outspoken and sharp tongued in the ring and has supported various goodwill principles like the no-alcohol, no-drugs campaign.

8. John Morrison (D.O.B- October 3, 1979)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

John Randall Hennigan from California has several other nicknames like Johnny Blaze, Mundo, Nitro, Onyx, Spade and Superstar. He currently wrestles under Lucha underground. He is also an actor and his filmography includes 20 ft below: Darkness Descending, Bat in the Sun and Weird Al’s Broadway Style Cabaret.

7. Batista (D.O.B- January 18, 1969)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

Heaviest Wrestlers Batista was born David Michael Bautista in Virginia and has a number of other ring names like Deacon Bautista, Kahn and Leviathan. The wrestler has won the World Heavyweight Championship thrice, the World Tag team championship thrice and the WWE tag once. He has shuffled under companies long enough before settling down with WWE. He was signed under WXW promotion, OHW before his luck shined in 2002.

6. The Rock (D.O.B- May 2, 1972)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers 2019

Born as Canadian-American Dwayne Douglas Johnson in Hayward, California, the Rock has other ring names like Flex Kavana and Rocky Malvia. The 6 ft 5’ tall giant is not just a wrestler but also an actor and a producer like the rest of the group. In spite of his angry profession, the Rock has a really charming personality which shows in his countless movies. His most famous screen successes include The Scorpion King, world’s top expensive movie the Fast and the Furious Franchise, the Game Plan and The Hero. He is also listed among the top 100 most influential and powerful people in the World.

5. The Miz (D.O.B- October 8, 1980)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

The boy from Ohio was born as Michael Gregory Mizanin and graduated from University of Miami. When he is in the ring he has other names like The Calgary Kid, The Miz and Mike Mizanin. Apart from being a wrestler, Mizanin is an actor and reality TV star. He is on his fifth WWE Intercontinental Championship. He has wrestled under other banners like Ultimate Wrestling Pro and Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling before WWE. As for his movie career, his screen time includes The Real World, Tough Enough and Real World/Road Rules Challenge. He married fellow WWE wrestler and Diva Maryse Oullet.

4. Seth Rollins (D.O.B- May 26, 1986)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

One of the richest American People and famous wrestler from Buffalo, Iowa, born Colby Daniel Lopez has the textbook looks of the American bad boy. His numerous stage names include Gix, Taj the Destroyer and Tyler Black. He debuted in WWE in 2005 and has been competing ever since. He is also an actor who has starred in The Daily Show, Temple and Sharknando: the 4th Awakens. He has won the Ring of Honour World Championship once and the Tag Team championship twice and is the winner of the Survival of the Fittest Contest.

3. Dolph Ziggler (D.O.B- June 27, 1980)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

Born Nicolas Theodore Nemeth, the wrestler has several ring names like Nic Nemeth, Nick Nemeth and Nicky. He is also a famous stand up comedian. Nemeth is signed with WWE under the banner of Samckdown and had been sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling by his company.

2. Randy Orton (D.O.B- April 1, 1980)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

Born Randall Keith Orton the wrestler is not only on this list for his looks, but also for his accomplishments. He is a third generation wrestler and is a 12 time world champion with 8 WWE Heavyweight Trophies and 4 World Heavyweight trophies.

1. John Cena (D.O.B – April 23,1977)

Sexiest Male WWE Wrestlers

John Cena is One of the richest WWE wrestlers. He is not only the most popular of all the WWE wrestlers out there, he is also unrealistically handsome with dimples and a charisma about himself. We have used his line ‘you can’t see me’ as a symbol of our hipness sometime in our past. He will always be number one.

In spite of the negative impacts on psychology by the tournaments, the WWE Wrestlers championships are one of the most viewed events on television because of their entertainment value.