Top 10 Richest Zambian Musician

In Africa there are so many enormously talented musicians. And few Zambian musicians have made wise use of their talent and have become prosperous. And they are very famous in Africa and other countries around the world. We do not have the real figures but according to survey these are the most successful in the continent. Today we know the brief introduction of the top ten richest Zambian musicians of 2018.

1. Manu Dibango (Not estimated):

Richest Zambian Musician

Manu Dibango is the one of the richest African musician. He is the African Music legend, And Manu Dibango is the most successful African musician. He was born on 12 December 1933 and He is great player of Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphone player. The music style he developed is fusing jazz and the traditional Cameroonian music. He is best recognised for 1972 solo “Soul Makossa”.

Michaelle jean, Sec. Gen. of the Org. Inter. de la Francophonie,honored Manu Dibango with the title of Grand Temon de la Francophonie aux Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques de Rio 2016. And this musician mostly does earnings from several positive concerts, recoding, sales and so many other investments. That’s why he is the one of the richest musician of Africa.

2. Youssou N’dour: ($140 Million)

Richest Zambian Musician

In Africa Youssou N’dour is the most electrifying entertainer musician. and he is also a one of the richest musician in Zambia. And he is very talented in percussionist, song writer, composer, actor, entrepreneur and he is also a great politician from Senegal. Youssou N’dour is the second richest musician in Africa. And he is also the debatable Africa’s most thrilling and mesmerising musician of all time. In Senegal Youssou N’dour is the owner of the largest media house. He was the winner of the Grammy award owns a Nightclub, a record label and a Television station.

3. Koffi Olomide ($145 Million):

Richest Zambian Musician

Koffi Olomide is also the one of the famous and the richest musician in Zambia. He was born in 1956; He is Congolese singer, producer, dancer, and composer enormously popular in Africa. His charge of per show is up to 100,000 Euros. Even though we don’t know his exact net income. In the music world Koffi Olomide has been very successful. From the University of Paris he takes his first degree in Business Economic and after that do masters in Mathematics. During the course of his career he has released more than 30 albums which have been sold millions all over the world. He supposedly bought a house in Atlanta, US. And He is married and has seven children.

4. P-Square( 25.6 Billion Naira):

Richest Zambian Musician

P-Square is also one of the popular and the richest musician in Zambia. They are famously known as P-Square; actually they are twin’s brother Peter and Paul from Nigeria. And this R&B musician takes more than $150,000 a show. Both of brothers produced and released their music albums over Square Records. And their music is very popular across the world.

5. D’banj ($ 5.6 Million):

Richest Zambian Musician

D’banj is also one of the popular and the richest musician in Zambia. He is the great Singer of Nigeria, and he has so many other talents also such as songwriter and harmonica player and he also win many awards. His dancing style uptempo dance fusion of Afro- Beats and the electronic dance music i.e. Oliver Twist is also very popular in Africa. Do you know that he sold more than four millions albums all over the world and now he sighed with Kanye West’s record label in Good music? So, D’banj is a very popular musician.

6. Salif Keita( Not estimated):

Richest Zambian Musician 2019

Salif Keita is among the popular and the richest musician in Zambia. He is great Afro- pop singer and also a good song writer and he honored with the name Golden Voice of Africa. He is civilian of Mali and he was born in 1949, Salif keita is a straight successor of the originator of the Mali Empire Sundiata Keita. According to those peoples who have some interactions with him, he is also a very humble and a wonderful human being. Ha has also a private island in France. And as per his humble nature people love him very much.

7. Fally Ipupa (Not estimated)

Richest Zambian Musician

Fally Ipupa is also one of the popular and the richest musician in Zambia. He is a great Congolese singer and also a fantastic songwriter. His first album “Droit Chemin” was released in the year 2006 for which he has won many awards. Do you know that Lingala music was modernised by him? And he makes lot of money by sanctioning brands and performing so many shows. So, from these shows his financially condition is excellent.

8. 2Face Idibia (4.5 Billion Nairas)

Richest Zambian Musician

2Face Idibia is also one of the popular and the richest musician in Zambia. He is popularly known as 2Face Idibia, hia real name is Ujah Idibia and he was born in Jos Plateau State in Nigeria. He is one of the hottest black male singers, actor, songwriter and also producer. He has released five albums and for this he wins many awards. He is a very popular businessman with venture in real estate in Nigeria. He has also his own night club. And per show his charges between $50,000 and $80,000.

9. Banky W (1.8 Billion Nairas):

Richest Zambian Musician

Banky W is also one of the popular and the richest musician in Zambia. He is the richest R&B musician of Nigeria and also regarded by many as the King of African R&B. He was born in United State and raised up in Lagos. In the premature age he starts sining in church. During his student years he won many music competitions. He also makes lot of money over authorisation. Banky W sings music with heart. So, he is the musician with heart. He intricate in so many charitable activities.

10. Jose Chameleone (Shs 2.5 Billion):

Richest Zambian Musician

Jose Chameleone also one of the popular and the richest musician in Zambia. He is very popular in Ugandan reggae music and mainly sings in Luganda, English and Swahili languages. His music is a flawless blend of Ugandan folk music, central African Rumba and Zouk on a background of reggae. He is very fond of cars, so he is also known for his collection of cars. He has many varieties of car such as Cadillac, Mercedes BenzML 200 super client exchangeable and Premio are among his prized possessions.

So, these are the top ten musician of Zambia and these musicians inspires so many young musician who are intend to make a career in Music world. So, they are idols for them.


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