Top 10 Richest WWE Divas in The World

The world of wrestling is not only famous for the male wrestlers but fans are also crazy for beautiful divas of WWE world. These divas have amazing skills, perfect body, great entertaining ability and fighting talent to be the best WWE Divas. Many of the divas get featured on sports magazine and high-end fitness magazine covers. Some of the WWE divas are also established models.

WWE divas earn good amount of salaries and offline projects related to ad campaigns and photo shoots keeps them busy and add to their earnings. Some of the top slots are taken by WWE Divas due to their popularity in WWE and their extreme ability to make it big and successful.  Here is list of the world’s top 10 richest WWE divas in 2018.

10. Layla El, Net worth: $1.5 million

Richest WWE Divas

Layla EI appears with the name Layla in WWE ring. She is an English sexiest wrestler, model, dancer and wrestling valet. She started her career with Smack down and later moved to ECW In 2006 she won the WWE Diva Search and won the contract with WWE. In April 2012, she won WWE Diva Championship after a long absence due to injury. Her salary is approximate $168000

9. Alicia Fox, Net Worth: $ 2 million

Richest WWE Divas 2019

Victoria Elizabeth Crawford is known by her wrestling ring name “Alicia Fox”. Before entering the world of wrestling, she was a professional model and actress. Crawford joined WWE in 2006 and started her realm from Ohio Wrestling. She won WWE Diva Championship title in June 2010 and became the only African American lady champion in the history of WWE. Currently, she takes home the salary of $180000.

8. Eva Marie, Net Worth: $ 2.5 million

Richest WWE Divas

Natalia Marie Coyle is a professional wrestler, fitness model and actress signed with WWE with a ring name of Eva Marie. She signed the contract with WWE in 2013 Eva Marie also follows alternate professor of modeling and has acted as an actress in multiple series. Her salary is $200000.

7. Rosa Mendes, Net Worth: $3 million

Richest WWE Divas

Rosa Mendes is a Canadian professional wrestler and former model who is currently signed to the contract with WWE. Her real name is Milena Leticia Roucka and she joined WWE in summer of 2006. She managed 2011 WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and 2013 WWE Tag Team Champions Epico. Her current salary is $220000

6. Paige, Net Worth: $3.5 million

Richest WWE Divas

Saraya-Jade-Bevis is a British professional wrestler who performs in the ring with the name Paige. She won WWE Diva Championship twice in 2014 and concurrently as May 2016. She was the younger girl to win the title at the age of 21 in the history of WWE. Her current salary is $250000. She is also one of the most beautiful WWE divas in the world.

5. Brie Bella, Net Worth: $4 million

Richest WWE Divas 2019

One of the famous names in the world of Women Wrestling is Brie Bella. Along with her twin sister, she has collectively formed a tag team names Bella Twins. She won WWE Divas Champion. She is a semi-retired wrestler. She is also one of the hottest WWE Diva in the world. Her current salary is $280000.

4. Kelly Kelly, Net Worth: $4.5 million

Richest WWE Divas

Barbara Jean also known as Barbie and also known as Kelly Kelly is an American professional wrestler and model. Kelly holds background of cheerleading and gymnastics during her college years. She joined WWE in 2006 and rose to fame with her character as a performer and an exhibitionist. Her current salary is $285000

3. Natalya, Net Worth: $5 million

Richest WWE Divas

Natalie Katherine Neidhart is a Canadian wrestler who has been signed under the name Natalya by WWE. She was Diva Championship title in November 2010. She is a member of famous Hart wrestling family. At present, she takes home salary of $300000.

2. Nikki Bella, Net Worth: $5.5 million

Richest WWE Divas

Nikki Bella is the twin sister of Brie Bella. She is a professional Mexican-American wrestler and the better half of Bella Twins. She is a two-time Diva Champion of WWE. She was also the celebrity judge for Miss USA in 2013. She also featured in the TV reality show Total Divas. She is known to take the salary of $310000.

1. AJ Lee, Net Worth: $6 Million

Richest WWE Divas

April Jeanette Brooks “AJ” is a professional American wrestler signed under the name AJ Lee in 2009. She won the Diva Championship three times. She announced her retirement in the year 2015. However, in a diatom to her wrestling career, she also appeared in short film Madden NFL16 and her book “Crazy is My Superpower” will be published in 2017. Her current salary is $320000.

Above-mentioned names of WWE, superstar divas are among all time best of 2018. They have made their name in the world of wrestling with sheer dedication and will to strive in the tough competition. No doubt, that these girls are paid well enough token themselves maintained for the years to come.

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