Top 10 Richest Viners in The World

You can make even that 6 seconds break from your hectic schedule exciting by check out what’s going on around the world. That’s what Vine, the popular video sharing social media offers you with its 6 seconds entertainment feature. Not only amusement, but also Vine has made real celebrities out of its casual Viners letting them earn through their millions of followers. “Like those in the sky, Vine world has its own real stars.”

With increasing number of vine followers, some viners have become the popular faces of this social media platform earning big. Their eye-catching and interesting videos with different themes have swayed the world in just few seconds. And now, presenting you the top 10 richest Viners in the world 2018. Check out the list below.

10. Amanda Cerny ($650,000)

Richest Viners

This Vine star, born in Pennsylvania, is the founder of Play Foundation and a former Playboy Playmate for October, 2011. Amanda is associated on Vine videos with Rudy Mancuso and has more than 4 million Vine followers. Besides, she is also a popular hottest television actress and fitness professional.

9. Lele Pons ($765,000)

Richest Viners 2019

Lele Pons is the first viner who has accumulated one billion loops and that has gone up to 7 billion by the end of September 2015. Courtesy Jerome Jarre, another fellow viner, Pons was inspired initially by him to continue to make more videos. she is Also one of the most popular hottest Vines in the world. Today as most of her videos feature, either she falls into the water or hurts herself accidentally. Lele Pons is one of the richest viners in the world.

8. Jake Paul ($1,000,000)

Richest Viners

One of this most popular and richest viners, Jake Paul was nominated for the category of Vineographer in Shorty Award. He has as many as 12.5 million and more followers in his Vine account. When he first launched his vine account, he got 1 million followers in a span of 5 months. Before getting this fame as a viner, Paul was a competitive wrestler. In Bizaardvark of Disney Channel, Jake Paul was cast as Dirk. He also played the roles of Dugan and Lance in Mono and Dance Camp respectively.

7. Cameron Dallas ($1,200,000)

Richest Viners

The comedic videos of Cameron Dallas on his vine account are followed by over 9.4 million users on his self-titled channel. Certainly one of the richest viners of the world, Dallas also won the Most Popular Viner, 2014 award in the category of Teen Choice. He is also one of the biggest stars of YouTube too, with over 4.7 million subscribers. Also an actor, he starred in movies like Expelled (2014) and The Outfield (2015).

6. Taylor Caniff ($1,500,000)

Richest Viners 2019

This 20 year old young boy is not only the richest viners of the world, but he is also equally popular in other social media platforms including YouTube. As per June 2015, Caniff has recorded more than 2 million followers. Interestingly, he is one of the members of vine star groups, Magcon Boys that also includes viners like Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, Matthew Espinosa and many others.

5. Logan Paul ($1,600,000)

Richest Viners

Coming fifth in the list of richest viners is Logan Paul, whose videos feature other vine stars like Rudy Mancuso, King Bach, Jake Paul, and others. If you wonder what made him come to the list of top 10 richest viners, you should watch his imitation of legend Randy Orton of WWE Wrestling. The soft drink giant, Pepsi once hired Paul for participating in a Vine-based advertising campaign. Apart from the richest viner, Logan has also won State Championship in Wrestling.

4. Page Kennedy ($2,000,000)

Richest Viners

Another richest viners of the world, Page Kennedy is a television actor famous for playing the role of Radon Randell on Blue Mountain State. Besides his Vine profile with over 3 million followers, Kennedy also has a popular YouTube channel. “That’s So Drake” is his popular saying there that makes his fans go crazy.

3. Hayes Grier ($2,100,000)

Richest Viners

The third richest viners, Hayes Grier is only of 18 years old. He is again a member of the well-liked Magcon Boys group. With his brother Nash Grier, Hayes tasted success by posting a video of Nash that was rewetted by Tiffiny Semashko, a fellow viner. Grier’s vine videos also feature his sister Skylynn and his vine profile presently has more than 4.3 million viners following him.

2. King Bach ($2,800,000)

Richest Viners

King Bach with an amount of $2,800,000 stands proudly in the second position of the richest viners in the world. Now this man has managed to gather an explosive number of more than 14.9 million subscribers. King Bach, besides, has also acted in the popular TV series like The Mindy Project and House of Lies. He once dated Liane Valenzuela, a vine star herself.

1. Nash Grier ($3,100,000)

Richest Viners

Well, here comes the number one among richest viners of the world, Nash Grier, brother of Hayes Grier. He is the most famous publishers in vine with his sketch videos in comedic genre. His number of followers in vine rounds up to more than 12.4 million. Nash was also recognized as one of the most influential people in internet among the list of top 30 by Time Magazine. Undoubtedly he is an internet sensation whose name collaborates with other vine biggies like Jerome Jarre, Carter Renolds, Jack Gilinsky, and others.

So, you know that’s how viners are making it big these days. If you want to find out how these vine stars topped the list and earned so huge, just check out their posts. Excited? Why not give it a shot? Start on your vine account today!

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