Top 10 Richest Princesses in The World

There are countries all around the world where the major decisions are still taken by the Kings in case if a government is there the king’s consent is always taken before finalising any deal or decision implemented.

Countries like Sweden, Thailand, Tonga, Bhutan and United Kingdom are still under monarchy rule, but they do have a constitution as well. And follow all the international and state laws. So here is a list for you where you will see the world’s top 10 most popular and richest Princesses of 2018 and some of these Princesses are not just beautiful they are as living angels.

10. Letezia Ortiz Rocasolano the Princess of Asturias (Net worth – $10 Million)

Richest Princesses

Letezia is the wife of the King of Spain King Philipe VI. Before her marriage with the king Letezia was a full time journalist and has covered many major events all around the world. She is known for her modest dressing sense she is seen mostly in Pencil Skirts and Cocktail dresses which cost approximately €4000. She is also known to be one of the best dressed royals. With light makeup and her favourite jewel being her Tiara (Crown) which she has worn on several occasions.

9. Mandaleine the Princess of Sweden (Net Worth – $10 Million)

Richest Princesses 2019

One of the most elegant and beautiful Princess of this century Madeleine is the second daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf. She is a brilliant horse rider and has won many horses. She does a lot of charity work as well. Her own foundation trains Horse riders for future. She is one of the richest and most popular princesses in the world.

8. Keisha Omilana the Princess of Nigeria (Net worth – $13 Million)

Richest Princesses

This richest princess Keisha is well known by a given nick name “Pantene Girl”. A former model and a fashion designer. She is the first Afro-American girl to feature in several commercials. She is the wife of the Prince Kunle Omilana of Nigeria. She is a polite person and got married with the prince in Newyork in a very simple wedding with only 25 guests. They plan to have a royal celebration in Nigeria for their wedding later in the year.

7. Zara Phillips from the Royal Family of England (Net Worth $20 Million)

Richest Princesses

Born into the very famous royal family of England she is one of the grand daughters of Queen Elizabeth II. No doubt she was born with a silver spoon in mouth she got married to the famous Rugby player Mike Tindall. She has won many awards by the government and in the field of sports. She is also very instrumental in charitable events. One of her major contributions was the auction of her evening gowns to raise money for the people affected by Tsunami.

6. Victoria Crown Princess Of Sweden (Net Worth – $275 Million)

Richest Princesses 2019

Princess Victoria was born into the Royal family of King Carl XVI Gustaf, she is the eldest child in the family. She was designated as the crown princess in 1979 three years after her birth on 14th July 1977. She is the highest earning princess her personal earnings crossing about $90 million in a year. She got married to Prince Daniel the Duke of Vaster Gotland and now is a mother of two children Oscar and Estelle.

5. Charlene Lynette Wittstock the Princess of Monaco (Net worth – $1000 Million)

Richest Princesses

Charlene Lynette Wittstock her own personal property is said to be worth $800 million. This millionaire princess has the most number of cars and homes than any other Royal has in the world. She was born on 25th January 1978 in Zimbabwe. She is the wife of Prince Albert II who is the Prince of Monaco. She got married with Albert on 1st July 2011 and was in a long relationship with him since 2006. She also has a foundation named Princess Charlene of Monaco foundation that aims at preparing a young generation of athletes as she herself is a swimmer.

4. Tatiana Ellinka Blatnik the Princess of Denmark and Greece (Net worth – $2.2 Billion)

Richest Princessese

Princess Tatiana was born on 28th August 1980 in Caracas Venezuela. This 35 year old is the wife of Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark. She was a descendant of Prince William II but had a very normal upbringing and worked as a event manager for Diane Von Furstenberg. She got married to the prince in 2010 in a royal wedding. On her marriage she was conferred the title of Royal Highness and is now known for her charitable works.

3. Mary Crown Princess Of Denmark (Net Worth – $3 Billion)

Richest Princesses

Her full name is Mary Elizabeth born on 5th February 1972 in Tasmania Australia, she is the wife of Frederick the Crown Prince of Denmark. They got married on 14th may 2004 in Copenhagen. She is the youngest daughter of a mathematics professor.

2. Catherine The Duchess Of Cambridge (Net Worth – $7.2 Billion)

Richest Princesses

The most seen and awaited wedding of the century was the wedding of Catherine with Prince William. Almost all English channels had covered the whole wedding. This couple lives a happy life since their wedding. The remarkable thing about Catherine is that she comes from a very normal family. Born on 9th January 1982 in a village called Chapel Row where she grew up. She is well known as for her dressing style and is listed among world top 20 well dressed ladies.

1. Queen Jetsun Pema Wangchuk of Bhutan (Net worth – $35 Billion)

Richest Princesses

Queen Jetsun Pema Wangchuk of Bhutan is the most Richest and the most beautiful turned queens of the world. Born on 4th July 1990 in Thimpu in a royal family she is the youngest queens in the world now, married to King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk. They have newborn baby boy now.

The remarkable thing about any kingdom is its Kings and Queens and some of these Queens are from very normal backgrounds which shows if luck favors anything is possible.

These are top 10 richest Princesses of 2018 in the world. They are also most famous and the most beautiful princesses in the world of all time.

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