Top 10 Richest Male Singers in The World

To be a mainstream artist, especially in the United States, takes resilience, patience, and hard work. You need to be even more determined just to break even, leave alone make money off singing. The ones who were able to do this make it to the richest male singers and with new entrants every year, it will be fascinating to see just how far a singer is willing to go to rake in more zeros. Let’s check the list of top 10 richest male singers in the world in 2018.

10. Justin Timberlake – $175 million

Richest Male Singers

Justin Timberlake is an American vocalist, musician, performing artist and actor. He started off in music with the hugely popular kid band NSYNC back in 1995. His love for acting has seen him star in movies including The Social Network (2010). He is a recipient of nine Grammys and four Emmys. His most critically acclaimed albums include the 20/20 experience and FutureSex/LoveSounds. He is also a businessman, and combined with the looks, the voice and the talent, Timberlake is what you would call the complete package.

9. Jay Chou – $185 million

Richest Male Singers 2019

Wealthy Taiwanese lyricist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and artist Jay Chou made his fortune through his amazing talent, instrumental wizardry and a lot of hard work. Jay’s first studio album was titled ‘’Jay’’ (2000) courtesy of Alfa Music Record Group. He established his own record label JVR music and he has not looked back since then. With over 30 million records sold worldwide, Jay Chou is a true music master. He has toured over 6 countries and is a darling to his over 10 million fans.

8. (Tie) Robbie William – $200 million

Richest Male Singers

Robbie Williams is a British singer and songwriter. With over 77 million records sold to date worldwide, his name is synonymous with Britons and one of the few British singers to make it internationally. With smash hits like ‘Rock DJ’ (2000), Robbie is a fan favourite wherever he goes. He joined the group ‘Take That’ at age 16 in 1989 and recruited Gary Barlow whose music ingenuity despite the group being an all-teen collaboration, won the heart of their music manager. Robbie Williams is also a business man with music companies and various investments around the United Kingdom.

7. (Tie) Justin Bieber – $200 million

Richest Male Singers

Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s fast rise to fame and fortune amazed many. He owes Youtube for the exposure and Usher for launching his singing career. The celebrity is no short of controversy, but he has a soft side too, a big one. He once auctioned his hair on eBay and sold it for $40,000 for charity. he was once late for a concert, because he was visiting a 7 year old cancer patient. If Bieber was not making hits he would be an architect. Justin loves toys. His car collection includes an bat-mobile themed Mercedes and a gold plated Ferrari. He takes his whole crew of 9 friends wherever he goes, sparing no expense with first class tickets and five star hotel rooms for everyone.

6. Kenny Rogers – $250 million

Richest Male Singers 2019

Kenny Rogers is an American singer, vocalist and actor, widely popular for his classic country music. The Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, has 120 hit singles, 120 million records sold worldwide, more than 20 acting parts, 24 number 1 billboard hits and is close friends with Dolly Parton. The 77 year old Houston native is a former pro- tennis player and spent 10 years at national level. He has married five times, and who can blame him? Playing country and being that famous at the same time? You have to be served.

5. Aaron Kwok $275 million

Richest Male Singers

From the unforgiving streets of Hong-Kong, Aaron Kwok alias Kwok Fu-Shing, beat the odds to become a hugely successful singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. He is affiliated to Sony Music, Phillips Records and Warner Music Group. The award winning singer and actor has won critical acclamation for his parts in the movies ‘’ This Our Exile’’ and ‘’Divergence’’. He has continued accumulating his wealth in stocks, real estate property, luxury items and owns a yacht and a private plane. Not bad for a Chinese singer.

4. Julio Iglesias $300 million

Richest Male Singers

Spanis singer, lyricist and vocalist Julio Iglesias is an honoured musical maestro in his class. With 80 albums to his name, he has sold over 300 million records the world over, and holds the record for Spanish most successful artist in album sales. With an audience of over 60 million people in more than 600 cities worldwide, he is a true musical genius with massive following. He has a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame and one Grammy. He is a Guiness World Record holder for history’s most recorded songs in the most languages to date.

3. George Strait – $300 million

Richest Male Singers

Country legend George Strait is rich. Since his debut hit single ‘’Unwound’’ (1981), he has not disappointed the Country community worldwide. He has a very reserved persona and prefers his personal life very private. The US Army veteran started singing in the Army with the group Rambling Country. The Southwest Texas State University graduate married Norma, his wife to date. He lost a 13 year old daughter Jenifer in 1986. He played a role in a Terror film ‘’The Soldier’’ (1982) a part he loved having previously served for the United States. The movie grossed over $6 million, not bad for a country singer cum action movie actor. (How the two go together is anyone’s guess).

2. Johnny Mathis – $400 million

Richest Male Singers

Johnny Mathis is an American Jazz maestro, singer and songwriter. With over 350 million records sold to date, Mathis is the third best-selling singer of the past century. He loves Christmas, and has recorded five albums for the holiday only. Known for his most famous songs ‘’it’s Not For Me To Say’’ and ’’Wonderful Wonderful’’, Johnny graced the Guinness Book of World records thanks to Billboard Top 100 Charts in 1957. With over 200 songs to date, Johnny Mathis is a true musical legend. Most of his wealth comes from record sales, TV, film and documentary appearances. He holds a lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Recording Artists.

1. Toby Keith – $500 million

Richest Male Singers

The joint richest male singer of 2018 is a bluegrass singer in the name of Toby Keith. Debuting into the music scene with ‘’Should’ve Been a Cowboy’’, the singer and actor can sing, but also can do business. He owns a chain of restaurants known as ‘I Love This Bar and Grill’. Talk about taking his love for alcohol to the next level. Keith is a self-made multi-millionaire having worked odd jobs in oil fields and clubs and joining bands on stage to sing. Keith was so determined to succeed that he made a pact with God and himself that he would have a recording contract by the time he hit 30, or otherwise quit singing as a career for good.

While the richest male singers in the world 2018 are mostly Americans, their Brit, Spanish and Chinese counterparts are not far behind. Being an American musician is very rewarding; especially of you stay away from drugs, alcohol and incompetent personal doctors. It is simple fact that these singers made their way to fame and fortune in the studio, but it is the few investments that keep the cash flowing. Justin Bieber is on track to beating Toby Keith, and whether he will weather the storm that is the entertainment industry, only time will tell.

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