Top 10 Richest Drummers in The World

A drummer plays drums, which includes a set of drumming instruments, of different shapes and sizes and types. The main task of the drummer is obviously to give a rhythmic flow and tempo to the music and in doing so he actually maintains the time of the ongoing performance. There are a wide variety of drums ranging from single and double to triple sets and other subsidiary instruments that go with them.

Drummers are claimed to be the backbone of the musical band. The success of the band depends to a large extent on its drummer. And as with the other musicians and lead vocalists in a band, not to say about the solo artists, who have been making a lot of money by becoming popular among their fans, drummers have earned their way in their profession. The top ten richest drummers of the world in 2018 can be seen to be the following.

10. Chad Smith:

Richest Drummers

Chadwick Gaylord Smith is from America. He drums for the Red hot chili peppers since 1988. He is very popular and among the best drummers of rock music. He is also philanthropically involved by rallying for music education support in schools in America. He claims a net value of $90 million.

9. Joey Kramer:

Richest Drummers 2019

Born in NY City, Kramer, Joseph Michael Kramer born on 21st of June, 1950, he is the drummer for the hard rock band Aerosmith. It was he who coined the name Aerosmith. He has also published his memoir. He entertains his audience by hitting the drums with all parts of his body. He made his friendly appearance in the Simpsons series. He owns a net value worth of $100 million.

8. Roger Kramer:

Richest Drummers

Born on 29th of July, 1949, Kramer Roger Meddows Taylor is from England. Along with drumming, he plays many other electric instruments ; he also writes songs and sings. He drums for the Queen band. He was voted as the 8th greatest classic rock drummer by Planet rock in 2005. His written songs are very popular and top hits. He has also worked with Eric Clapton. He possesses a net worth of $140 million.

7. Larry Mullen Junior:

Richest Drummers

Laurence Joseph Mullen Junior, born on 31st of October 1961 is an Irish drummer. He plays for the band U2 and has recorded several albums with the band. His adopted his style of drumming from his marching band where he played martial rhythms. His net worth is $150 million. He was ranked the 96th greatest drummer in this year by Rolling stone. He is also drawn into altruistic activities.

6. Charlie Watts:

Richest Drummers 2019

Charles Robert Watts was born on 2nd of June, 1941. He comes from England and belongs to Mick Jagger’s band, i.e. The Rolling stones since 1963. He has earned money while touring. He was voted to the Modern drummer hall of fame in year 2006. He has amassed a net worth of $160 million.

5. Lars Ulrich:

Richest Drummers

Lars Ulrich was born on 26th of December, 1963 in Gentofte, Denmark. He co-founded the Metallica band with James Hetfield. Originally he played the drum in San Francisco, afterward at 16 years of age he came to Los Angeles in 1980. He came with the aim of training for tennis. But he ended up as a drummer. He possesses a net of $175 million.

4. Don Henley:

Richest Drummers

Donald Hugh Henley was born on 22nd of July, 1947 in the USA. He is famous as one of the founders of the Eagles and has been with the band since the beginning and again after the band got together after their break up. He has been performing solo and giving a lot of hits. His performance as the lead vocalist in evergreen songs like Hotel California, One of these nights etc. are forever remembered. He has approximately $200 million as his net worth.

3. Phil Collins:

Richest Drummers

Philip David Charles Collins was born on 30th of January 1951 in west London and grew up there. His work has made him famous all over the world. He is the drummer and lead singer in the rock band named Genesis since 1970, not to mention his solo performances. He has topped both the UK and US tables in his individual career. Among his most successful solos is the all-time favorite another day in paradise. After a hiatus, he returned to the music world in 2015. He owns around net $250 million.

2. Dave Grohl:

Richest Drummers

David Eric Grohl who was born on 14th of January, 1969 was the drummer for the Nirvana band. He also is a lead vocalist and songs writer. He has worked with a whole lot of musicians like David Bowie, McCartney etc. He has earned about net $260 million.

1. Ringo Starr:

Richest Drummers

Born on 7th of July, 1940, this 76 year old drummer simply needs no introduction and tops the list of world drummers even today. His full name is Richard Starkey and he is from Britain. This drummer Beatle is still giving the others a run for the top position even as at this age. He is the owner of a net worth of $300 million at present.

Drummers from different countries and of various ages have made to this list and it can be seen that nothing, not even age can stop the really gifted ones.


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  1. Phill Collins from UK is a good singer and songwriter and best skilled in drums. His albums have got very popular and got great recognition by critics.

  2. Dave Grohl is a great guitarist, a great drummer, a good singer and a well known composer.
    He has rendered some excellent music and has given shows in many parts of the world.

  3. Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr and David Eric Grohl aka Dave Grohl are the best in the business. Amazingly talented drummers, who have great sense of beats and make the listeners go crazy.

    • I do not agree with this. All are very talented and have gained great popularity. So the list of most famous drummers should be appropriate as it is not right to compare the wealths of these super stars in the field of drums.

      • Actually the list says about how these drummers gained a lot of popularity and gave many concerts, brought out albums and earned money. No doubt that a maestro like Dave Grohl have a top spot. He has given some greatest, fine music.

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