Top 10 Richest Black Man in The World

In the modern world, black men are increasingly getting influential and wealthy. Whether it is sports, business or entertainment, the black men are showing the world that the days of slavery and humiliation are over. They are also employed by various multinational organisations in positions of responsibility. The black richest entrepreneurs are also increasingly seen in the world forums and among the elite.

There are many black men who have made it big in the world and are immensely rich. Even though the racist slurs and discrimination against the blacks is still common, the ascent of black men in the world arena is expected to combat mindset of people who are against the blacks. These are the world’s top ten most richest black man for the year 2018.

10. Tony Elumelu

Richest Black Man

Tony Elumelu is one of the richest black man in the world. He has earned his substantial wealth from his stakes in the Union Bank of Africa, land and his controlling interest in Transcorp. The total assets of Tony stand at $1 billion and hefeatures in the tenth position in the list of most rich black men.

9. Mo Ibrahim

Richest Black Man 2019

Mo Ibrahim is highly paid from his arrangement with Celtel.He established the Mo Ibrahim Foundation which increased his wages. He also established Satya Capital which paid him an income of $20 million. The total assets of Ibrahim stand at $1.1 billion and he finds his place in the ninth position in the list of most rich black men of 2018.

8. Theophilus Danjuma

Richest Black Man

He is the current chairman of South Atlantic Petroleum and draws a hefty salary. He is a former guard officer who held the rank of General. He is a Nigerian and his total assets are more than $1.1 billion. He occupies the eighth position in the list of most rich black men.

7. Folorunsho Alakija

Richest Black Man

Folorunsho Alakija is not a man but a black woman. She amassed her huge wealth from oil and design business. She is the founder of Famfa Oil and Supreme Stitches. She is the first Nigerian woman to have a total asset of $1.9 billion and this has enabled her to occupy the seventh position in the list of most rich black men despite being a woman.

6. Patrice Motsepe

Richest Black Man 2019

Patrice Motsepe draws his enormous income from African Rainbow Minerals and his holdings in Sanlam. He is a great philanthropist and his known for his social work. He is from a poor family who made it big in the world. The total assets of Motsepe stand at $2.1 billion and he is placed at the sixth position in the list of most rich black men for the year 2018.

5. Oprah Winfrey

Richest Black Man

She is another modern African woman who features among most rich black men. She is an American citizen who needs no introduction. She hosted the daytime TV show of the Harpo creation organization which became very famous through which she earned a substantial amount. Her total assets stand at $3 billion and she is placed in the fifth position in the list.

4. Isabel Dos Santos

Richest Black Man

Isabel is the richest black woman in Africa and the world. She has earned her wealth from the stakes she holds in Angolian cellular telephone and Banco Bis SA Bank. She also has other varied investments which contribute to her wealth. The total assets of Isabel is $3.3 billion. She is placed at the fourth position among the most rich black men.

3. Mike Adenuga

Richest Black Man

Mike Adenuga has earned a large amount from Globacom. He is also the founder of Coincoil creating organization and earns a large amount of salary from it. He opened his own business after completing his studies. The total assets of Adenuga stands at $4 billion and he is placed at the third position in the list of most rich black men for the year 2018.

2. Mohammed Al- Amoudi

Richest Black Man

The wealth of Mohammed Al-Amoudi has been generated from mining and oil organizations. He has immense business opportunities in land development and oil refineries which are situated in various nations. His assets are a staggering $10.9 billion in Saudi Arabian inhabitant and his total aggregate assets stand at a huge amount of $15.3 billion. Mohammad Al-Amoudi, by the virtue of his vast business and the huge amount of money generated by them is placed second in the list of most rich black men for the year.

1. Aliko Dangote

Richest Black Man

Aliko Dangote is the richest black man in Nigeria and the world. The main business interests include cement, flour and sugar. The Dangote cement organization is present in most of the African nations. The total assets of Dangote are worth $15.7 billion. He is the richest black man in the globe and naturally occupies the numero uno position in the list of most rich black men.

The list of most richest black man demonstrates that every black man and women can overcome adversity and hardships and emerge successful.


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  1. To be successful you have to do what you love by heart, just keep on working on it keep on improving yourself , then be passionate about it. As My Man of God Pastor Chris oyakhilome said “improve yourself everyday”.

  2. Mr.Mohammed Al-Amoudi is a kind and generous man. His organizations have created millions of job oportunities in some part of thr world specifically in Africa ( Ethiopoia). I wish him a long life!!!

  3. Mr. Mohammed Al- Amoudi is a kind and generous man. His Organizations in some part of the world has created millions of job opportunities specifically in Africa ( Ethiopia). I wish him a long life!!!

  4. You need to change the title to richest black people if you are going to include women. It’s highly offensive that the title says richest black men but you include women on the list. Black women ARE NOT males. They are beautiful women. change the title.

  5. For all those who discriminate between black and white people, these achievers have shown they are very skilled, determined and can have great success in their field and have achieved few great feats that white have not yet been able to achieve.

  6. Mohammad AL amoudi owns many oil and natural gas drenches in Saudi Arabia.
    The greatest revenue is earned by its export. As there is a great demand for oil and gas, his income is multiplicating rapidly.

  7. Success comes after hardwork and perseverance and high dedication and not dependent on color of the skin. The list shows it right that, these people were dedicated to their profession and have flourished to a great height and it’s not about being black or white.

  8. The Dangote group is wide spread in West Africa producing sugar, salt, cement, oil and gas, flour, packaging materials, steel. The company hails from Nigeria. This is huge company driving a lot of revenue, making Aliko Dangote the richest black person.

  9. A good one list. This shows that color won’t hold back anyone from being popular. Those are some astonishing figures of their assets. I don’t know if Michael Jordan should have been the part of the list.

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