Top 10 Richest African American

America is the world’s fourth largest country and the third most densely inhabited country in the world. It’s not only one of the highly developed country with the largest economy by GDP but also the world’s leading nation which is most ethnically diverse and multicultural. America’s population is estimated to be more than 330 million and of the total population the number of African American’s is estimated to be 50 million. Of the 330 million American’s there are a good number of people of African American diversity who have made it in a country where black people might be considered a minority race. Below is the list of top 10 richest African American in 2018.

10. Beyonce

Richest African American

Net worth $450 Million

With a net worth estimated to be $450 million, the American singer, actress and one of the famous fashion designers is among the rich African American’s. Her wealth has been due her career success in music. Her success debut started when he sold more than 12 million of her album “Dangerously in love 2003” and this made her a millionaire in a day. In addition to music her net worth has been increased by other activities such as films making, various endorsements from global companies and concert tours. In 2016 alone she has been awarded 7 awards MTV awards, has also been awarded more than Grammy awards, 7 awards by BET and many more. Note Beyoncé is also married to one of the richest musicians in the world Jay Z.

9. Magic Johnson

Richest African American 2019

$500 Million

Magic Johnson is one of the legend in basketball sport. Though he is a retired professional NBA basketball player he has earned his wealth from basketball salary and other endorsements from global multibillion companies. Today his wealth has grown as he is also an entrepreneur investing investments such as Starbucks franchise which he sold and earned him 100 million, 5% stake of Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson Enterprises valued at $1 Billion and other business as well. At present his net worth value is 500 million dollars. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest African American 2018.

Johnson shares his wealth with humanity as he has established magic Johnson foundation which donates charity in areas of fighting HIV & AIDS and other humanitarian causes,

8. Mariah Carey

Richest African American

Net worth $520 Million

Probably you have heard or also listened to some of her legendary songs such as “Touch My Body”,” “All I want For Christmas Is You”, “We Belong Together” among others. Mariah Caley is not just a musician but she is also a songwriter and a record producer though she is famous for five-octave vocal range. She is ranked among the top richest and successful musician in the pop industry. Her wealth apart from music sales which has surpassed a sale of 200 million albums she is one of the female musicians with lucrative endorsement deals, business investments such as HSN which is inclusive of jewelry, shoes, fragrances, and M the fragrance.

Her prosperous career in music has earned her several awards such as 5 Grammy Awards, 15 billboard music awards, 12 American music awards, 20 world music awards among others. On 2015 the female star received one of the honorary recognition when she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015.

7. Jay-Z – $520 Million

Richest African American

Net worth $ 520 milliom

Jay z the husband to one of the richest African American’s Beyoncé is a well-known rapper, record producer and a businessman as well. He is one of the successful hip hop artists of our time as he is worlds best selling artists of all time. Jay z has made his wealth from music where he has sold more than 100 million records worldwide however apart from music channels he is a business man and through business deals that have added the colossal amount of wealth he has become one of the riches African Americans. Some of his business ventures are a former owner of Rocawear which he sold 200 million, co-owner of 40/40 club sports, and certified MLB and NBA sports agent among other businesses.

6. Robert L. Johnson

Richest African American 2019

Net Worth $550 Million

One of the famous and richest African Americans is none other than Robert L. Johnson. He is an investor, businessman, media personality and a humanitarian. Robert L. Johnson is the founder and pioneer or Black Entertainment Television which he sold to Viacom for $3 Billion and that made him famous globally as he was the first African American Billionaire and the first black person to feature in the list of worlds rich on Forbes. Since then he has made investments in real estates, hotels, CBS stocks among other many investments. In totality he is worth $ 550 million.

5. Tiger Woods

Richest African American

Net worth $700 Million

Tiger woods is a professional golfer and one of the famous successful athlete of our times. He has won 15 major wins that have made him a billionaire but due to his infidelity and controversies his wealth has declined to a net worth of 700 million dollars. Major companies that have been awarding him lucrative endorsements deals have pulled out although now he is establishing his grounds making a comeback. Today his main endorsement deal is from Nike and Buick which makes him almost 20 million dollars a year. Some of the other global companies that Woods has contract with are Rolex, Upper Deck Hero MotoCorp among others.

4. Diddy – $750 Million

Richest African American

Sean john comb’s is in the line of the richest Africana Americans. His net worth is 750 million dollars. Best known as P.Diddy or puff daddy is a song writer a rapper, actor, producer and an entrepreneur as well. He is one of the greatest music producers who have seen the careers of stars such as 2pac, snoop, Mary J. Bridge and many others. He is one of the best-selling artists who has sold more than 100 million albums, won many Grammy awards, BET awards, NAACP image awards, Mtv awards among others. Other than music wealth Diddy owns a movie production company, restaurants, stake at revolt TV and half of shares of Cîroc Vodka is owned by Diddy.

3. Dr. Dre – $780 Million

Richest African American

Dr. Dre is an icon in the music industry in the hip hop Genre. He has also overseen the careers of Eminem, Snoop Doggy, Eminem, 50 cent He is estimated to be worth $ 780 million and he is currently the highest earning rapper as named by Forbes. He currently earns $64 million. Dr.Dre is the founder of the Beats by Dre headphones which he sold to apple for $3 Billion dollars. This deal made Dr.Dre to be net worth $ 620 million dollars.

2. Michael Jordan – $1.14 Billion

Richest African American

For those people who love the basketball sports surely you can’t forget the legendary Michael Jordan. Today he is a NBA owner of Charlotte bobcats. Its in the record that Michael is the first African American and professional athlete to be in the list of billionaires which he owes to lucrative deals from companies like Nike, Gatorade, Upper Deck among others. As a business man he has stakes in several investments such as restaurants, car dealership among others. Michael Jordan is estimated to be worth 1.14 billion dollars and we can say he is he is the most entrepreneurial star of our time

1. Oprah Winfrey – $3 Billion

Richest African American

Oprah Winfrey is a television host an actress and a humanitarian who is worth 3 billion dollars. She is the richest African American and one of the famous brands in the world. She used to host her show the famous Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986-2011 which made her to be nicknamed queen of the media and the most influential woman in the world today. Most of her wealth came as a result of film making the show, Sirus XM Oprah Radio show,Oprah Winfrey Network, Harpo production and O Magazine which gives her a total of $230 million annually.

So, these above are the top 10 richest African American 2018. Although to many Africans Americans making it to such heights it’s a bit an uphill task most of these men and women have defied the odds and shoot their way up to feature in the list of the richest people on America.


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  1. Robert LOUIS Johnson owned BET NOT Robert Leroy Johnson (blues guitarist who died in 1938!). Even if you didn’t know – how could you not question strictly from that pic? Come in now..

  2. Michael Jordan is a name that will be ever remembered in the field of Basketball. He has earned a great reputation for his skills and agility in the field. He was the most valuable player in NBA and was paid the highest. He is now a business man also an entrepreneur.

  3. The Oprah Winfrey show is a great show and is the highest rated and most watched shoe of its kind. Her production network also gains a lot from the show. It’s been telecasted since decades long. Oprah Winfrey just show that, a black, a woman can have a great success in her profession with great determination and hardwork.

  4. Oprah is an inspiration for all women in the world. Her TV show, the Oprah Winfrey network, being an actress, an author, philanthropist she has earned a lot of wealth and respect, regards for her work. Her TV show is the highest rated of its kind. Being a woman,born in poverty, now she is the only black multi billionaire of the United States. What more inspiration can one ask for?

  5. Tiger Woods was to be the richest, but some obstacles in his career brought his wealth down.
    Before a major setback of a case on him, he was ruling the golf course.

  6. I consider Michael Jordan as the best basket ball player of my lifetime. He is a great player, greatly skilled and a gentle man on and off the field. His brands are also very good that earns big profit every year.

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