Top 10 Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

For both men and women fashion is a fascinating matter. When each and every professional adds his or her own touch of beauty and creativity to a piece of cloth, they contribute to this global field of innovation. Italy, a home of fashion has many fashion houses and very famous designers known all over the world. These famous Italian designers 2018 are known for their beautiful, creative collections. These designers are known for revolutionising traditions and creating amazing designs. All over the world fashion lovers cannot get enough of these creative human beings.

10. Roberto Capucci

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

This Italian designer uses original materials to create remarkable dresses. He bewitched the world of fashion with his revolutionary collections. He has excelled in casual costumes, fancy dresses for women and good-looking men’s wear. His collection transformed the fashion tradition when he showcased them in a Rome museum in July 1970. Roberto Capucci was considered Italian fashion best designer when he was only twenty-six years old. He has featured in many shows representing worlds most renowned and most talented designers.

9. Mario Prada

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers 2019

This person laid the foundation of the fashion brand ‘Prada’ which is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. He originated some of the world’s most innovative designs. In addition to fashion outfits, Mario Prada’s brand also focuses on men and women accessories. He together with his brother Martino, established a company in 1914 as a leather goods shop. He is one of the most popular Italian fashion designers of all time. The brand Prada also offers wine and phones. It is also one of the most sold brands.

8. Riccardo Tisci

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

He is one of Italy’s most famous fashion designers. It is in Design Instituto d’Arte Applicata in Cantu located in Italy where he completed his studies. He then graduated from Londons Central Saint Martin Academy. He is famous for his unique and marvellous women’s collection. He has also been involved in men’s collections as well since 2008.He was offered Creative Director For Men’s Collections in 2008. He was already the leader of Givenchy’s women’s collection before this appointment. He has made people draw attention to the Givenchy brand with his fascination with space-age minimalism and Gothic touches. This brilliant designer is well known all over the world and is one of the most famous Italian designers of all time.

7. Valentino Garavani

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

Educated in Paris Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani of Voghera opened his house in 1960. Some of his lines include Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani, Valentino and R.E.D Valentino. It is in primary school where Valentino became interested in fashion. He became an apprentice in Paris under Balenciaga, Guy Laroche, Jacques Fath and Jean Desses. It is in 1962 that Valentino Garavani started his career. Much of Valentinos collection focused on women and his first show held at Pitti Palace was positively received. The show was so warmly received such that orders surged him and the comments made by the press were very positive. His fashions were and are passionately sought after by royalties, notables and movie stars. Valentino is definitely one of the most popular Italian designers.

6. Elio Fiorucci

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers 2019

Elio Fiorucci established his own Italian fashion brand Fiorucci in 1967. Born in 1935 in Milan his father was a shoe shop owner. He is credited with the transformation of the fashion scene and designing the stretch jeans. He was described as revolutionary by Giorgio Armani. He is one of the top ten most famous Italian designers.

5. Romeo Gigli

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

Romeo Gigli is another Italian designer who is very famous. He has succeeded in presenting comfortable and stylish costumes for women, men as well as children. Romeo Gigli collections are displayed in shows and at big fashion outlets every season. Los Angeles Times even described him as a man who single-handedly changed the course of fashion.

4. Pierre Cardin

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

An Italian- French designer Pierre Cardin is a well-known figure in the fashion world. He is popular for his costumes unique geometric shapes and patterns. Much of his attention is generated to seasonal outfits. It is in 1950 that he created his fashion house. In 1954 Pierre Cardin presented the ‘bubble dress.’ Educated in central France, he learned the basics of fashion design while working as a clothier’s apprentice. He was selected ‘UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador’ in 1991. He is also one of the most famous Italian designers in present times.

3. Emilio Pucci

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

Emilio Pucci is an Italian nobleman and a fashion designer. Born to one of Italy’s eldest noble family in 1914 he created his eponymous house in the year 1947. The first clothes designed by Emilio Pucci were for the Reed College skiing team. Pucci and his corporation are well known for their preference for the brightly colored geometric prints. In 1947 his designs received a wide attention when designed a Skiwear for a female friend who was photographed by a Harpers Bazaar employee Toni Frissel. He is famous for creating high quality and innovative costumes for men, women, and children. No one can deny that Emilio Pucci is one of the most famous Italians designers in the world.

2. Guccio Gucci

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

The ‘House Of Gucci’ founder is a very popular Italian designer. It is in 1921 in Florence, where Gucci established himself. Initially, the brand was operated as a small saddlery store. Guccio then started designing amazing costumes and making leather bags. The biggest selling brand in Italy Gucci was ranked number forty-one in the “Top Global 100 Brands” according to Business Week magazine. His fine designs and quality work have seen him receive worldwide appreciation. Guccio Gucci is one of the most popular Italian designers both in Italy and around the globe.

1. Nina Ricci

Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

She is a French fashion designer who has Italian roots. When five she traveled with her family to Florence Italy. When 12 years old, she traveled to France. Ricci has traveled to America and many parts of the world many times. For more than a decade, Nina Ricci has been in the fashion industry. It was in the 1930s that the house of Nina Ricci quickly emerged.

These above are the most famous Italian designers. They are well known in almost all corners of the world. These designers have for a long period made their mark in the world. It is general knowledge that most ideas for gorgeous dresses, sunglasses, suits, and handbags come from Italy although they are not necessarily made in Italy.

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