Top 10 Hottest Taiwanese Actors

The Taiwanese film industry has been growing steadily over the years and cinema is an integral part of the culture of Taiwan. Generating millions of dollars every year the entertainment industry has launched actors who are household names thanks to their roles on television and film.

Some of these most popular Taiwanese actors are face of international brands in the nation and star in countless ads thanks to their incredible fame and popularity. Very sought after by directors as well as ad makers, these boys have proved they have true talent and enviable reputation. Here are the top 10 hottest Taiwanese actors in 2018.

10. Aaron Yan

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Born as Aaron Wu Keng-Lin, the 30-year-old is the youngest member of Fahrenheit, a boy band known for making Mandopop music. With the ability to speak four languages and a degree in English, the actor is a great academic and all-around smart guy. Having released four albums with Fahrenheit and one solo album, Aaron has great vocals and possesses the ability to play a large variety of instruments.

9. Mike He

Hottest Taiwanese Actors 2019

The 32-year-old actor and model Mike He had worked in a drama with Ariel Lin but his role in “Devil beside You” propelled him to nation-wide fame. Initially going into the show business as a model, Mike transitioned into acting and began to star in some music videos before appearing in television shows. He has been a part of nearly a score television shows and done four movies. He is also a successful published author with four books to his name and plans to release more.

8. Ethan Juan

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

The Taiwanese drama “Fated to Love You” introduced us to the incredible acting of 33-year-old Ethan Juan. Growing up in a military family, the young Ethan had multiple achievements in academics and later worked part-time in various jobs. He was unearthed as a talent at an audition in which he was just accompanying a friend. He struggled a lot early on as an actor but is now quite popular.

7. Roy Chiu

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

Roy Chiu is most known for his roles in the television shows Miss Rose (2012) and Office Girls (2011). The 34-year-old celebrity has been part of numerous television project since starting his career on 2002 with Starry Starry Night. Having starred in multiple movies, the actor is also an accomplished singer with multiple hits. Signed under the label EMI MUSIC, he generally produces music of the Mandopop genre. Not many people know this jack of all trades is also a pretty decent racer and has served a year in the military.

6. Wu Chun

Hottest Taiwanese Actors 2019

Another former of the Mandopop band Fahrenheit, Wu Chun left the band in 2011 to concentrate on acting and to spend more quality time with his family. Known for his musical talents throughout China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Chun is incredibly popular among the youth and a role model for many. A health and sport enthusiast, the 36-year-old is also a successful entrepreneur running a bakery, a health gourmet and a health club.

5. Jiro Wang

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

The 34-year-old actor and singer Taiwanese Jiro Wang began his career as a model. Jiro Wang is really popular throughout Taiwan and is also a member of Fahrenheit, the third member on our list to share the distinction. Playing small roles at the beginning of his career, Jiro found fame as a lead in KO One, a television drama. He was the producer and lead actor in the incredibly popular drama series called The Crossing Hero.

4. Chen Bolin

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

The 32-year-old Chen Bo Lin is an award-winning actor and model. Starring in the movie “Blue Gate Crossing” at only 19, Chen has had a long and successful career ever since. The 2011 television show “In Time with You” got him an award for best lead actor. He signed with BM+ Entertainment last year looking to foray into the Korean entertainment industry. He has starred in dozens of movies and has been spokesperson and endorser for major brands in Taiwan.

3. Lan Cheng-Lung

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

The 37-year-old Taiwanese actor was born in Yilan and starred in dozens of projects both on television and movie. Known for his roles in various hit movies, the actor is married to Taiwanese actress Jade Yu-Ting Chou since 2014. The pair now have one child. The strikingly good looking actor has also ventured into producing recently.

2. Joe Cheng

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

The 34-year-old actor initially started out as a model and has gone onto become a successful actor and singer with fans home and abroad. Previously known as Bryan Cheng, the actor is a known face throughout eastern Asia including Japan and the Philippines. Having starred in many television shows the good-looking guy is most known for his roles in the Kiss series and The Rose, a Taiwanese play serial. He has modelled for Puma and Adidas and excelled in plenty runway shows for famous brands.

1. Vic Chou

Hottest Taiwanese Actors

The 35-year-old Vic Chou, who is a member of the boy band F4, is undoubtedly the most recognised actor in Taiwan and deserves the top spot on our list. The Yilan-born actor has been the face of many Taiwanese dramas and has a successful modelling and singing career simultaneously. The multiple award-winning television personality has also starred in over a dozen movies and enjoyed success on the big screen. Signed under the label Sony Music Taiwan, the youngest member of F4 was also the first to release a solo album.

Those were the most well-known and talked about most popular Taiwanese. Undoubtedly talented, these men are not only good at acting but also have handsome faces and well-chiseled physiques that help them in gather a huge fan following. It is not an exaggeration to say having hunks like Vic Chou and Joe Cheng could increase the earnings of any movie.

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