Top 10 Hottest Male Singers in The World

There are many popular and talented male singers worldwide. Men are also not left behind in singing industry. It has however come to my understanding that when one needs to be recognised, much effort has to be put. This cannot be avoided in our case today. Popular male singers that are studied in this article are talented, Passionate, determined and hardworking. Go through the list below that contains top 10 hottest male singers in 2018 review.

10. Jordan Bratton

Hottest Male Singers

Jordan Bratton was born in New York City, New York. He is amongst popular male singers studied in this list. This amazing star is handsome and successful in most of his careers. Music is part of Jordan Bratton’s precious life. He is always heard saying that life could have been a mistake without music. Bratton discovered his singing career while in Nursery school. This is a clear evidence of a talented singer.

9. Eminem

Hottest Male Singers 2019

Eminem is a talented and one of most popular male star worldwide. He was born on 17th October, 1972, in Detroit, Michigan and began singing at a young age. This amazing man has gained a lot of recognition and reputation from fans globally. Young ladies love romantic roles that are played by this great star. They always follow to see his updates in terms of music. I other word, Eminem is one of most searched male singers. Teenage students love great compositions that are released to market by Eminem. Some years back, this great star was ranked in position 83 of 100 greatest Artists worldwide.

8. Justin Timberlake

Hottest Male Singers

This list could have been partially incomplete without featuring Justin Timberlake. This man is talented and famous in music industry. He hails from United States of America and was born on 31st January, 1981. Apart from singing, Timberlake takes park in acting and record producing. Some of his amazing features include great personality and vocals that attract many fans out there. Justin is best known for releasing amazing music albums such as No string attached (2000), celebrity (2001) and NSYNC (1998). These albums are great success for him. His family members contributed a lot to his music recognition worldwide.

7. Drake

Hottest Male Singers

Drake is another handsome, fascinating and one of admired male singers globally. He hails from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. This great and amazing male singer has made a lot of progress in music career. His compositions are sweet melodies I many people’s hearts. Having started singing at a young age, Drake has released to market many albums and great hits. Many winning and nomination awards have been given to this star for his talents and vocals. Several copies of his albums are sold in each year. He earns a lot of income from his career.

6. Chris brown

Hottest Male Singers 2019

Chris Brown is another great name featured in position six of this article. He is well known by many people for fantastic live performances. Chris also enjoys dancing and his styles are unique and attractive at large. Brown normally performs R&B music and has been named in many wining and nomination awards. Because of this, Chris is one of best known R&B male artists worldwide. Popular female singer known as Rihanna used to be his girlfriend and helped him to improve greatly in vocals. However, this ended after their official breakup. Their fans felt sad upon hearing that sad news but still hoping for best news from them.

5. Justin Bieber

Hottest Male Singers

On eighth position of this article is Justin Bieber. This young star is handsome and talented. Most music directors in Canada discovered Drew in 2008. This is after going through his music videos that had been uploaded in YouTube. That was just a start of Bieber’s success and recognition hence featured in this list of most popular male singers worldwide in 2017 review. Some of his great tracks are love yourself (2015), what do you mean (2015) and sorry (2015). Justin has always taken part in most live performances that takes place in United States of America. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in The World 2018.

4. Pitbull

Hottest Male Singers

His full name is Armando Christian Perez and is from Miami, Florida, in United States of America. Many people know him by his stage name, Pitbull. Armando is a well known Entrepreneur, songwriter, music producer and talented rapper. Pitbull is always passionate about performing songs live on stage and has done much collaboration with popular male singers such as Nayer, Akon, Lil Wayne and Ne-yo. Through this, fans of popular singers came to know Armando Christian. Most of his compositions are beautiful. You can listen and watch life videos in YouTube.

3. Jay Z

Hottest Male Singers

This is another popular male singer form United States of America. He is amongst highest paid rappers worldwide. Most of his performances are unique and impressive. They always capture attention of fans that always pay to watch this amazing star perform. In 2014, Z was considered amongst richest celebrities with net worth $520 million. His albums are best selling amongst other popular singers worldwide. Jay Z is a man of his own style.

2. Usher

Hottest Male Singers

On second position of this article is famous Usher. His full name is Usher Terry Raymond IV. He is a well known singer and hails from Dallas, Texas, United States of America. So far, this great man has gained much recognition and reputation due to unique stage performance. I took a lot of time in learning some of Usher’s advantageous features that one can copy. Raymond is talented, hardworking, highly skilled, and determined in his career hence ranked in second position of this article. He is one of most famous male singers.

1. Bruno Mars

Hottest Male Singers

Bruno Mars is most famous of all male singers that are studied in this list. This man is top ranked because of his great vocals when singing. Mars plays instruments skillfully hence having amazing beats in most of his compositions. Some of his greatest include grenade and the lazy song.

I have taken much time to do research concerning top 10 hottest male singers in 2018. This article is therefore of much importance to many people. Ten popular male celebrities are clearly stated in above list. These celebrities do perform other activities apart from their singing careers.


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