Top 10 Hottest Female YouTubers in The World

Achieving stardom is easier now for many, thanks to the super platform that the video sharing website YouTube provides. Forget talk show hosts, celebrities and superstars – YouTube is turning even amateurs into famous stars and household names. Many women are creating accounts on YouTube and uploading interesting videos starring themselves which are getting most popular on the web and enjoying the attention of millions of people around the globe.

They are the women with viral videos which are being watched, re-watched and shared the world over. So take a peek into the accounts of some of the hottest female YouTubers or YouTube stars in 2018 who are blazing their way to glory.

10. Jenna Marbles (Net Worth: $2.5 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

Her actual name is Jenna Mourey, and she is probably the first female to have won YouTube glory. Her humorous 2010 video “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” was watched more than 5.3 million times only in the 1st week. Since then, she has come out with one after another hit videos about male and female stereotypes.

9. Missglamorazzi (Net Worth: $300,000)

Hottest Female YouTubers 2019

She is actually Ingrid Nilsen by name. One of the sexiest YouTube stars, Ingrid started her journey on YouTube back in 2009 and has amassed more than 3.8 million subscribers. She began her channel as a way to get over her scares over speaking in public, but it has revolutionised virtual fashion and beauty world. She was the first YouTube star to be invited to very famous reality show:“Project Runway: Threads”.

8. Nerdy Nummies (Net Worth: $2.5 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

She is Rosanna Pansino in real life. This lovely, petite 31 year old is a great baker. She is renowned for making sumptuous cakes and other stuffs, and has got the talent from her granny who loved cooking. Every Tuesday, she comes out with a brand new culinary video on her channel. These feature baked creations which look like objects and most popular characters from books, TV shows, video games and movies.

7. iJustine (Net Worth: $2 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

She is known as Justine Ezarik in real life. She became famous when she posted a video of her 300-page bill for her iPhone, and got the name “iJustine” as a result. Being one of the sexiest female YouTubers means she soon got acting roles in shows like Criminal Minds and Vampire Diaries. She also participated in famous game show “The Price is Right”. In 2011, she was awarded the Best Web Personality/Host and in 2015 she received the Best Lifestyle series award.

6. Dulce Candy (Net Worth: $500,000)

Hottest Female YouTubers 2019

Dulce Tejeda in her real life, she became famous with her videos on beauty and make-up on YouTube. After her trip to Iraq, she returned to Mexico to work as a mechanic. But the beauty bug bit her, and she soon posted more videos on beauty which became viral. Today, she is one of the hottest female YouTubers working with brands like L’Oreal and Macy’s.

5. Zoella (Net Worth: $0.5 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

Known as Zoe Sugg in real world, this beautiful young woman is one of the sexiest bloggers on the YouTube circuit. Zoella, her amateur blog on lifestyle, beauty, fashion and design concepts, became a big hit in 2009 and it got more than 540 million YouTube hits in 2016. She is one of the most watched and most popular YouTube stars in Europe.

4. Ricebunny (Net Worth: $3 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

Michelle Phan is her real name, and she rocks YouTube with her makeup tutorial videos. Her very first YouTube videos showing her using Lancome products were displayed on Buzzfeed and made her very famous. She was invited to be the official video make-up artist of Lancome. With more than 1.1 views lifetime and more than 8 million subscribers, Phan is one of the sexiest stars YouTube has ever seen.

3. Superwoman (Net Worth: $2.5 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

Actually known as Lilly Saini Singh, this young Canadian-Indian girl has laughed her way to glory with videos targeting traditional and cultural views of various sections of the Indian community. One of the hottest female YouTubers, she regularly has celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Shay Mitchell and Selena Gomez turning up on her channel.

2. Macbarbie07 (Net Worth: $2.5 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

Bethany Mota is her actual name, and this young girl grew famous with viral anti-bullying videos. This down to earth and good natured girl is associated with humanitarian causes and often talks about being a victim of bullies during her teen days. A motivational speaker, she has also made her present felt in the world of music and fashion.

1. The Beauty Bybel (Net Worth: $2 Million)

Hottest Female YouTubers

She is actually Carli Bybel in name, and is undoubtedly the sexiest of the lot. This petite beauty is loved for her amazing blue eyes and brown hair. Her viral DIY videos on makeup capture her in stylish, flirty and innovative moods. She is the face for Bellami Hair, one of the most popular hair extension agencies on the market.

So these are the hottest female stars on YouTube in 2018, famous for their talent and innovativeness, winning over the world with the ingenuity and gorgeousness.

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