Top 10 Hottest Bangladeshi Women

Beauty has and will always be in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone has their standard of beauty. Nations, cultures, groups and individuals all have a definition of what beauty is. When it comes to beautiful women in Bangladesh, men there like their women to be young, pretty and full of life. The following list of top 10 hottest Bangladeshi women 2018 will be made up of actresses simply because they are popular representations of the women within this nation.

10. Shimla

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

She is a hot Bangladeshi actress who is known for her Madame FuliLeelakhela role. Shimla has smoldering eyes and a great body. She is the type of chick that can enter a room and just glance at a man. He will instantly fall head over heels for her unless he is comatose. She is truly a beautiful woman and the envy of many other females. Guys pay attention to Shimla and do not deny her feminine charm.

9. Nusrat Imroz Tisha

Hottest Bangladeshi Women 2019

If you look at Nusrat Imroz Tisha you will know why she is one of the hottest women in Bangladesh. This woman is built like a supermodel and has the face of a diva. She is very tasty to behold. Tisha has all of the right moves and the right parts to make her stand out from the other girls. She is a great performer and knows how to connect with audiences. Tisha is a very fine woman who is expected to do more in the filming industry. She is one chick that is worthy to watch on film.

8. Ratna

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

If you ever want to roll in the hay with a beautiful girl then Ratna is the one to do it with. A roll in the hay is one of her best scenes in one of her best movies. If you are a true fan (like you should be) then you will know what that is. This chick is something special and unique.

Her appearance is very delicious to the senses. Her body is very enduring. This young lady has been making many films and has been entertaining people for many years. Ratna is going to continue to grow in her career as a top rated performer so be on the lookout for more of her work.

7. Richi Solaiman

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

Richi Solaiman is the type of beautiful Bangladeshi woman that a person would want to kiss and to hold. She is tasty to the senses and has a great screen presence. Solaiman is the type of actress that does not take herself too seriously but she is no clown either. This woman has been acting for a few years and is steadily increasing her talent and her skill. Audiences and fans can expect to see more of her in the future because she will be there.

6. Joya Ahsan

Hottest Bangladeshi Women 2019

Joya Ahsan makes acting look easy. She is natural Indian beauty with great talent. She can perform in front of a person and make them want to be in a scene with her. Ahsan is beautiful and sexy and very alluring. She has been doing well in the industry and is expected to excel in her craft. This young lady is steadily building her career and getting her life in order. Ahsan is a great film worker who is on her way to great places within the film industry.

5. Sadika Parvin Popy

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

Sadika Parvin Popy is known for her role in Amar Gora mar Beshto. She played this role with conviction and with a lot of fan appeal she is a great performer and she understands the importance of her craft. Popy is able to do great things in the theater because that is what she does. She knows that she is on point with her skills. People can expect to see more of this beautiful Indian film star in the making.

4. Shabnur

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

Shabur is an Indian honey pot that is best known for Mayer MarjadaDui Bodhu Ek ShamiShesh Thikana. This film helped to put her on the map. She is a great performer and people all over the Indian nation enjoy watching her on film. She has a sassy appeal and she can be very conservative at times. Shabnur is very alluring with her rich dark hair and her hypnotic eyes. She is a lovely woman to behold and many guys wish they could have her as their own. People do come out to theaters to see her.

3. Sadia Jahan Prova

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

Sadia Jahan Prova is movie theater love. When people go the theaters to see her they are going to see a lovely woman that is loaded with lots of beauty and sexiness. Guys love to fantasise about Sadia. When she is on screen there is no ignoring this top-notch beauty. She can act and do other things as well. She is a beautiful Indian bombshell that is truly turning up the heat in Bangladeshi film and entertainment.

2. Apu Biswas

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

Apu Biswas is best remembered for Koti takar Kabi. This was a great role for this amazing young lady. She is a good actress and a very talented beauty. She is very special when it comes to performing. Many people acknowledge her as one of the top performers in the nation. She is sweet and very enduring when she is on film. Her skills are up to par and in good shape. Biswas is shape is a beautiful woman that has great looks.

1. Nabila Karim

Hottest Bangladeshi Women

Nabila Karim is arguably the best performer in the Bangladeshi industry. She is an international actress of great importance. Karim is a beautiful woman and she is a very sexy woman. This young lady is at the top of her game and she is very competitive. Karim is going to go very far in this field and her skills are going to help her to become a legend. Karim is on her way to the top.

These above are the top 10 most popular and hottest Bangladeshi women in 2018. These Bangladeshi women are the best and they are truly amazing to behold. They are an inspiration to women everywhere within their nation and around the world.

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