Top 10 Hottest Bangladeshi Models of All Time

Models are usually some of the most beautiful women from any country. This is also true for models in lands such as Bangladesh. The models from Bangladesh are among the hottest on the planet. They are somewhat conservative when compared to other models on the planet. However, these females will still reveal their amazing physical features when they feel it’s necessary. The following list will reveal the top 10 hottest Bangladeshi models of all time.

10. Alisha Pradhan

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

Alisha Pradhan is a Renaissance woman. She can do just about everything possible. She can act, sing, dance, do karate, host shows and even model. This hot chick is a great model who has went well beyond this platform to impact the world around her. Pradhan is not only a pretty girl she is an intelligent one as well.

Any man getting with her will have to literally be just as multitalented as she is. Otherwise they won’t be able to keep up. Do not forget that multitalented performers tend to last longer than people who might only have one or two talents. Pradhan is the perfect example of a performer having many skills to be successful.

9. Amrita Khan

Hottest Bangladeshi Models 2019

Amrita Khan started her acting career with the Bollywood film called GAME. Now, she is on her way to becoming a hot acting chick of epic proportions. She has a lot of talent and she is just waiting for the opportunity to show it off. She does commercial advertisements and she still models.

This lady is smoking hot and she can come off like the cute girl next door. Khan is a true trooper who works hard to satisfy her fans. Khan still continues to do many commercials and is the face for many great products in within her nation.

8. Airin Sultana

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

Airin Sultana is up and rising Dhallywood actress. She is hot and most of all she has talent. She is a model that is now transitioning into the world of acting. Her talent is notable and she is an attractive young starlet. She played in films such as Pagol Pagol and Bhalobasha Zindabad. This young lady still has a lot of life in her and she lets it come through on the catwalk and onstage. Sultana is going to entertain Bollywood for many years.

7. Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

BIdya Sinha Saha Mim is known for modelling and her beauty. She is an enduring talent even though she is just getting started. Mim is a young and saultry female that can make any scream come to life. She is good in the roles where she is cast. Her films are fun to watch and she is pleasurable to behold. Mim is a beautiful woman and her looks cannot be easily dismissed. Mim has done some dancing and singing during her career but it was nothing major.

6. Afiea Nusrat Barsha

Hottest Bangladeshi Models 2019

Afies Nusrat Barsha is a great actress and a luscious model. She has appeared in some really great films over the years. However, this woman’s looks is something to be adored. She is well built and a very dazzling appearance.

She is a very enthusiastic actress who can perform very well. Barsha is going to be a good actress well into the future. People can look at her films now and just figure that out. By the way Barsha does more than just look good. She is a civic minded young lady that wants to help out wherever she can.

5. Apu Biswas

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

Apu Biswas might be a little on the heavy side but that does not mean she is not beautiful. This actress can be considered a plus size model. This style of model is becoming the new trend within the industry. Plus size girls are also becoming known for their acting roles.

She has made many hits over the past 10 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Biswa might be on the heavy side but that does not matter. She is living proof that large sized girls are just as beautiful as their smaller counter parts.

4. Achol

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

Achol is a young and sweet modelling chick who spent a few years in the industry before transitioning into acting. She has the looks, charms and style that is needed to be successful in this business. Her skill is developing. This young lady has been doing commercial and print work for years. She is always landing great film roles that are designed to put her on the map.

3. Pori Moni

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

Youthful actors tend to appeal to the youthful generation. This is especially true for Pori moni who is a tantalising model and diva who has been acting for many years. She has appeared in 10 films and did a decent job in most of them. Insiders claim that she is just as charming as she is beautiful. This lady is smoking hot and can really connect with her audiences.

2. Eamin Haque Bobby

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

Eamin Haque Bobby loves to dance and shake her body. She has the looks and the moves to back them up. Bobby is involved with a famous producer and this of course helps her career. People can expect to see more of Bobby in the near future. She is a great performer and her great looks will keep her in theaters for a long time into the future.

1. Mahiya Mahi

Hottest Bangladeshi Models

The Bangladesh film industry will not be the same without the talented and beautiful model/actress Mahiya Mahi. She is a major box office personality and she the hottest star in the Bangladesh industry. She is extremely pretty and her features are mind blowing. Her movies are not that bad either. She has been making some really great flicks that are definitely films of note. Mahi is set to become one of the greatest actors within her nation.

The women on this list are captivating, alluring and just down right mesmerising. These models truly are an inspiration to their country and they make many Bangladeshi men proud to have such beautiful women representing their country.

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