Top 10 Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

India is a great country in Asia continent that is best known for having beautiful and handsome actors, actresses, models, television personalities, songwriters, dancers and film producers. These people are said to be very successful in their career point. In our case however, we are going to look at handsome serial actors in Indian television stations. This article is rich in information required by many readers concerning these handsome men of India. Study them in a clear list below of top 10 most handsome Indian TV serial actors in 2018.

10. Shaheer Sheikh

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

On tenth position of this article, is this handsome and well known gentleman known as Shaheer Sheikh. This great star from India used to be a passionate lawyer before changing to television serial acting. He has done many serials local films. His work is plainly observed at serial dramas of India known as Arjun in Mahabharast film and Bajpai in the serial of Navya. Shaheer Sheikh is amongst handsome television actors hence featured plainly in this list.

9. Rajat Tokas

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors 2019

Rajat Tokas is another handsome and well looking serial television actor in entire India. He has made to appear in many films and local dramas such as taking a role of Prithviraj Chauhan in a historical drama that is highly featured in India. This great actor discovered his passion in acting when he was a small boy and worked to meet his dreams. He has always gone through many challenges before reaching to where she is currently. His role of Akbar won him many awards and acknowledgements. Rajas Tokas has sexy eyes, fantastic smile and medium sized body and has been featured in this article because of these well looking physical features.

8. Karan Kundra

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

Karan Kundra is in eight position of this article. This great man from India has appeared in many competitions and lists. Votes from fans have been contributed a lot from his excellent way of acting and presenting roles. Indian ladies are always on line following Karan Kundra after knowing well that he is not married. Some of these women write him short notes and texts to tell him of his great looks. Kundra is a great icon in entire Indian Film industry.

7. Gautam Rode

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

Here is Gautam Rode taking position seven of this article. He is a very handsome man featured in this list of most handsome Indian TV serial actors in 2018. Gautam has played very important roles especially in local television drama. It includes Sarswatichandra and he took a titular character in this serial drama. Apart from his handsome nature and physical features, Gautam Rode has a presentable personality and useful roles for many years to come in Indian television. His hair is always maintained and shaves completely his beards. This great star of India is generally good looking and needs no introduction.

6. Siddharth Shukla

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors 2019

If you happen to look at this star from India then you will definitely love his cute smile and unique facial structures. He has been featured in sixth position of this article because of his cute body, unique and fantastic smile, well-structured body and short and well maintained hair that is always clean. Siddharth has made many popular roles such as that featured in a popular film known as Balika Vadhu. Apart from this, Shukla has also been observed making great moves in dancing in a public show known as ach Baliye. Because of this, Shukla won Khatron Ke Khiladi and this has been a great honor in his life.

5. Karan Wahi

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

This is a well known man in entire India Film Industry for making important roles that cannot be easily forgotten. Karan Wahi has been featured in sixth position of this article and is amongst handsome Indian TV serial actors featured in this list of 2018 review. Karan has been featured in many skillful acting such as cricket, acting, and television hosting and modeling. Activities such as modeling are to remind us that Karan is still good looking hence featured i fifth position of this article. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors 2018.

4. Rithvik Dhanjani

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

We could not have made a complete listing of most handsome Indian TV serial actors without featuring in details this great actor known as Rithvik Dhanjani. He is a well looking man with great personality that is admired by many people. His body is masculine and has six packs in his stomach that are well reflected when on tight clothes. Apart from his physical appearance, Rithvik has been seen in a film known as Pavithra Rishta where he took all roles of Arjun. Rithvik loves dancing and has many female fans in India and entire Asian territory.

3. Vivian Dsena

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

On third position of this article is Vivian Dsena. He is amongst the handsome Serial actors of Indian television featured in this list. His eyes are relatively large, popping and good looking. Vivian is currently famous and successful in film acting industry especially after taking part in films such as Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahani. It is through roles in this film that many people came to know much about him hence featured in this list.

2. Gurmeet Choudhary

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

It is Gurmeet Choudhary in second position of this countdown. This man has a cool personality and that has won him a lot of reputation in film acting in India. He is said to be hot and handsome in TV serial films. When it comes to dancing, Choudhary cannot be left out. He loves dancing and this has made his roles well known.

1. Karan Singh Grover

Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

Karan Singh Grover is in first position of this article and is most handsome of all male serial actors of India featured in this list. This man is to be celebrated especially after making successful roles in most television serial films has many fans.

Above list contains top 10 most handsome Indian TV serial actors of 2018. They are good-looking men with great personalities in acting. They have been featured widely in this article to keep you updated. It is possible that you have met most of them in popular Indian films and local dramas.


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