Top 10 Most Handsome Doctors in The World

Doctors are known by their noble profession and their contribution to the humanity. They have to work very hard in their academics, after hard struggle they have some pleasant life. However, one most important thing that a doctor has is to carry his responsibility properly. They are even known of being affluent.

However, here we are going to talk about totally different things apart from his profession i.e. the Most handsome doctors. Most of the doctors are generally handsome but little uninteresting. Let us have a look at some of the Top 10 Most handsome doctors in the world 2018.

10. Dr.James Andrews

Most Handsome Doctors

Dr. James Andrews was born on September 1942, in Unites States. He is specialise in repairing injured ligaments. He may be looking a little old, but he has kept himself relatively good fitness and maintained himself properly. He looks good and healthy. He has cured many of the shoulder, elbow and knee injuries.

His education was done from Louisiana State University where he did his under graduation and medical degrees. He has performed orthopedic surgery of many, famous sportsperson in the world.

9. Dr. Manuel Rico

Most Handsome Doctors 2019

Dr. Manuel Rico is a 27 year young doctor, who was born in Spain, but now settled in Chile. This doctor is really a handsome doctor. He has very good height and body, with some fascinating hair style. When he joined the team of doctors for first time, there were many women who rushed to watch this handsome guy.

He is a good Gynecologist, although he may be very young and just started his career. However, he has the potential of becoming good doctor.

8. Dr. Gary Michelson

Most Handsome Doctors

Gary Micelson was born on 14th January 1949, in United States. He is a spinal surgeon and a philanthropist. His age does not stop anybody from calling him a handsome doctor. Yes, he is very handsome looking persons and has really a nice personality. He did his education from Central High School of Philadelphia and from Hahnemann Medical College.

He was successful in inventing a device with new technology related to the spinal surgery. Now these devices are being used in many of the places, known as “Michelson devices”.

7. Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong

Most Handsome Doctors

Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong was born on 29th July 1952, in South Africa. He is surgeon, medical researcher and a professor. He is a good looking doctor, with very cute smile. He has very kindly looking eyes which looks very attractive.

In 1983, he had joined UCLA Medical School and had worked there as a faculty. He has worked extremely hard to give better medical facilities. He is really a good person.

6. Dr. Terry Dubrow

Most Handsome Doctors 2019

Dr. Terry Dubrow was born on 14th September 1958, in United States. He is a plastic surgeon and he is also a television personality. He being a television personality, he is always in a good style. He is handsome doctor, who really has a very good personality. He has also appeared in various reality shows, where he looked very nice.

Terry Dubrow has done his education from University of California and Yale University. Thereafter he had done his fellowship from UCLA Medical Center in reconstructive and plastic surgery.

5. Dr. Robert Rey

Most Handsome Doctors

Robert Rey was born on 1st October 1961, in Brazil. He is very good plastic surgeon. He is a very stylish and handsome person. He is often seen in various parties and ladies really get attracted to this dynamic person. From Arizona State University, he did his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, from Harvard University, he did his Master’s degree in Health Policy and from Tufts University School of Medicine he did his M.D.

He has even appeared in television shows like Plastic Surgery (2000), Rey’s Anatomy (2006), Dr. Hollywood Brasil (2012). He is really a dynamic person.

4. Dr. Leonard Hochstein

Most Handsome Doctors

Dr. Leonard Hochstein was born in United States. He is expert in plastic and cosmetic surgery. He is a very handsome doctor, who had very dashing personality. His look has a very glamorous touch and his dressing style is just like any stylish person.

His charming attitude is being liked by many of the women. He is very much dedicated to his work and he is always ready to help out his patients.

3. Dr. Gabriel Prado

Most Handsome Doctors

Gabriel Prado is a 27 year old doctor who was born in Brazil. Gabriel Prado is one of the handsome doctors from the world. His smile is very cute and with his attractive eyes, he can definitely make many of the women crazy. He has made some good body with awesome muscles and shoulders.

He is a young doctor and he is of the view of becoming one of the best doctors in the world. This young doctor is very active on social media’s like twitter and Facebook.

2. Dr. Dimitrios Motakis

Most Handsome Doctors

Dr. Dimitrios Motakis was born in Canada. He has specialized in the breast and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Dimitrios Motakis has done graduation and medical degree (MD) from the McGill University. He is a very handsome doctor. His dashing personality, with small smile on his face has given him a great look.
Many of the ladies do visit this doctor in big numbers. He has a very decent and nice approach towards his patients. His patients are being offered excellent service with proper anesthesia team, well-qualified nursing and advanced medical care.

1. Dr. Mikhail Varshavski

Most Handsome Doctors

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski is one of the most well-known doctors in the world. He is considered as the most handsome doctor in the world. Many of the girls have gone crazy for this handsome doctor who has very attractive eyes and a very dashing style. He is also known for dating the Miss Universe 2016, Pia Wurtzbach. He has confirmed that he is dating with Pia.

Although he is now dating, however still more ladies will be seen waiting for this dreamy doctor. Dr. Mikhail Varshavski has become almost a glamorous doctor.

The above names show some of the Most handsome doctor in the world. These doctors have really stunned most of the people who may never have thought of such handsome people in this profession.


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  1. Omg! They are so good looking. Now I think even doctors should take care of their style, wear and trends. It gives the patient a good impression I think.

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    Doctors normally don’t bother about their looks, but these doctors seem very conscious about style and look. Few give some serious competition to models.

  3. Wow! This list is so unique. The most handsome doctors in the world! It’s great to look at them. They carry a great charm on their face. Especially those young doctors improve over models. They are very good looking.

  4. I just can’t believe that Manuel Rico and Gabriel Prado are professional doctors. They are best suited for fashion modeling too. They have great style statements and can heal the patient with their charm!

  5. This is a crazy list. I appreciate the writer for this. I wonder what if they had been to fashion and modeling profession than medicine. They are very handsome and they will make the patient fine just by their looks maybe. Lol!

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