Top 10 Most Beautiful YouTubers in The World

Move over from Facebook notes, Orkut or even the ever popular diaries, its vlogging time. Vlog or v-blog, or video blog is essentially what it sounds like. It is a video journal, except it is public. Millions of people record their own episodes, thoughts, lectures and ideas, performances privately and then post it on YouTube without ever needing the help of an external capitalistic agency. Besides helping the countless uploaders showcase their skills and knowledge, YouTube also helps us access these materials without paying the exorbitant amount to access published and promoted knowledge by some major agency.

Some of this v-blogging includes beauty vlogs, comedies, and personally recorded songs from artists from around the globe whose popularity gets a bit eclipsed because of the popularity garnered by artists promoted by mass media. However, even through the drawbacks, these individuals gain exposure by snowball methods. Read on to find out the top 10 most beautiful YouTubers of 2018.

10. Lia Marie Johnson

Most Beautiful YouTubers

This YouTuber is born in Hawaii and is an actress, singer, guitarist and a v-blogger. She featured in various web series like Teens React, YouTubers React, Kids React, Expelled and Terry the Tomboy. She is famous for MyMusic too. The series Kids React, created by Fine Brothers, even won an Emmy. She is rated among the “12 biggest young stars of YouTube”. She first appeared in 2007 with her mother posting videos of her at performances and church groups. She also features as the character Terry in Nickelodeon sketch comedy series Awesomeness.

9. Chrissy Constanza

Most Beautiful YouTubers 2019

Chrissy Constanza is a YouTube personality and an amazing singer. She has the perfect face with soulful eyes to go with her amazing voice. She also has the gold and silver YouTube play buttons which are exclusively for YouTubers with more than a million viewers. She has been rated #1 on different forums however, in this list, she occupies position #9.

8. Daily Grace

Most Beautiful YouTubers

Daily Grace is the v-blog name of Grace Helbig from Los Angeles. She is a stand up comedian, actress, producer and author. She created her channel my Daily Grace in 2008 and it was a correspondent to the show Attack of the Show! She also appeared in My Music. She has also starred in the feature films Camp Takota and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. She is a famous writer too and her work has got her recognition. She also has a talk comedy show The Grace Helbig Show of her own.

7. Bethany Mota

Most Beautiful YouTubers

Born Bethany Noel Mota in California, the vlogger is also a fashion designer, social media personality, singer, activist and dancer. She has appeared in Dancing with the Stars in Season 19. She is also known for her Haul videos and fashion designing video blogs. Her YouTube Channel is called Macbarbie07 and uploads content ranging from outfit ideas; make up ideas to healthy recipes and hair care. She makes approximately $ 40000 a month for her videos.

6. AndreasChoice

Most Beautiful YouTubers 2019

Andrea from AndreasChoice is a majorly a stand up comedian and a YouTube personality. The girl has a twin with whom she often makes videos. There has been countless praises floating about the twitter-sphere every time she posts one of her videos. She apparently also has an amazing personality that her viewers adore.

5. SuperWoman

Most Beautiful YouTubers

Superwoman is an Indian born Canadian stand up comedian and vlogger named Lilly Singh. She is loved immensely on the social site and has received YouTube Gold and Silver Play buttons. She has collaborated with other celebrities for her blog like Karan Brar of Disney and Shane Dawson, Hannah Hart and Miranda Sings and even Madhuri Dixit. She had started the blog after going through a stage of depression. She believes everyone can be their own superhero and hence her name llSuperWomanll. She also has a live Q and A section with her viewers every week.

4. Jardelle

Most Beautiful YouTubers

Not much information is available on Jardelle. Except as soon as you search her on YouTube you would find her performances and acts. She is a new blogger and does not have her own wikitubia (the YouTube information page) yet.

3. Boxybabee

Most Beautiful YouTubers

She is the new hot girl in the block. Compared to the several other YouTube celebrities on the list, this girl has been known for less time and thus her video blog hasn’t snowballed to a massive phenomenon yet. However, she is already garnering a lot of subscribes and views. And unlike her name, she is in no way ‘boxy’. She has impeccable style and looks to go with her awesome videos.

2. Cutiepiemarzia

Most Beautiful YouTubers

The Italian v-blogger was one of the main contenders to be number one on this list. She is a singer, activist and vlogger. She also has an accent to die for. She is one of the very few video bloggers who appear on screen without makeup and yet wins everyone over with her genuineness.

1. Zoella

Most Beautiful YouTubers

Born Zoe Elizabeth Sugg in 1990 the vlogger is also a gifted author. The followers on her YouTube channel have increased exponentially every year. She is a fashion and beauty idea uploader in YouTube. Her first novel was Girl Online and it received massive positive popularity. She created her blog in 2009 when she was working for an interior design company. But now eve with changed professions she has kept her blog going. She is also in a relationship with fellow YouTube vlogger Alfie Deyes. She is also the Digital Ambassador for Mind, a mental health charity.

The almost brand new idea of v-blogging seems here to stay. YouTube is by far one of the most viewed websites on the internet and thus a great place to showcase one’s talents, whether good or bad. However, it is not a very safe zone either. Countless people have been criticised negatively and has been often been slammed for posting controversial content on sensitive topics.


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