Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful a famous and beautiful country which is commonly known as Republic of Cyprus and this because of its government. One important thing that we have to discuss about Cyprus is its women. They are indeed described to be beautiful in many articles and competitions. This article is also not left outs. We are going to venture on top 10 most beautiful women from Cyprus in 2018 and they are listed below with adequate information for all internet readers.

10. Elina Loukas

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

Elina Loukas is in tenth position of this article and is amongst beautiful ladies of Cyprus. She is a beautiful and hot actress who was born in this country. This amazing woman is famous for taking many important roles in movies and local television dramas. Some of her films are Stous Dromous (2007), Cross (2011) and paradise (2013. All these films are watched by many people worldwide and have contributed a lot to her growth in acting career.

9. Anna Vissi

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus 2019

Anna Vissi is rated in ninth position of this article and is one of those beautiful women of Cyprus. Many things can be confidently told about this amazing woman. Beauty is one of them and cannot be omitted. She has beautiful and well maintained hair which is brow in color. Anna love make-up ad has become part of his life. She cannot comfortably do without make-up. Her mode of dressing is normally fancy and casual looks. Anna studied at University Of Athens and is a beautiful singer.

8. Hannah Simone

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

On eight position of article is Hanna Simone. She was born on 3rd August, 1990. Hanna Simone is relatively young but has grown successful and famous worldwide. This woman is not only a successful actress but also a well recognised and beautiful model of all time. Simone was born in London and grew up there before moving to Cyprus to pursue her studies. One of her most recognised roles is Cece Parekh. It is featured in a popular and successful film known as Fox Sitcom, New Girl.

7. Anna Monogiou

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

Anna Monogiou is another famous and amazing woman featured in seventh position of this article. She has many beautiful features to talk about. One of them is her hair. Anna loves pleating and maintaining her hair nicely. She is a well recognized actress and film director of all time in Cyprus. Some of her films are Zevgaria (2002), Na me Proseheis (2000) and broke up (2008). This lady is so amazing and started acting when she was a little girl. From that time, Monogiou has remained famous and successful all through her career life. We all recognise her beauty ad hard working nature altogether.

6. Hazar Erguclu

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus 2019

Hazar Erguchu is featured in sixth position of this article. She is another beautiful lady from Republic of Cyprus. This beautiful and sexy woman of all time was born in 1992. One of her parents is from Turkey but the other is from Cyprus. Hazar is a beautiful Model and actress and she has been always credited for good work in acting and modelling performance. Erguchu is just outstanding amongst many models and actresses featured in this article. You will definitely love her performance on stage including fact that she is extremely beautiful. Some of her films are Hunger (2012) and Faces (2001).

5. Marilyn Friday

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

Friday is a name of a person according to this article. it refers to Marilyn from Cyprus. She is a very cute woman featured in fifth position of this article and is amongst beautiful ladies from Cyprus. One thing that will push me urgently to speak about this woman is her beautiful and dark hair. It is dark and always well maintained. To mention a few about her eyes, they are extremely cute ad sexy. Friday is not only a beautiful actress but also a recognised writer of all time. We recognise her good work in acting industry.

4. Karima Adebibe

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

On fourth position of this article is Karima Adebibe. She is another beautiful woman with very unique characters ad features. Karima was born in London, England and grew up in this popular and amazing city before moving to Cyprus later. Tomb Raider is a famous video game that chose Karima Adebibe to model by stage name Lara Croft. Karima Adebibe is extremely an extremely beautiful woman of Cyprus. She is always outstanding amongst many other actresses and models.

3. Daphne Alexander

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

I just love the facial structures of Daphine Alexander. She is naturally beautiful and loves no make-up. Daphine Alexander is not only beautiful but a learned woman of this era. She went to one of most top universities worldwide known as Oxford University. It is found in England and offers quality education to England ad foreign students.

2. Ada Nicodemou

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

Ada Nicodemou was born on 14th May, 1977. She was originally born in Cyprus but currently acts in Australia. Ada is a well known actress and has been featured in many important roles of Leah Patterson where she portrays a romantic character. Nicodemou is also featured I many local television dramas such as Please marry me. Ever since she was a child, Ada used to admire many models and actresses. She begun acting in 1994 and has grown successful to this time.

1. Eleftheria Eleftheriou

Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus

This is a big name in Cyprus and entire world. She is amongst beautiful woman from this unique region and has been in many films and song videos for many years. Eleftheria Eleftheriou is one woman that cannot be omitted I this article of most beautiful women from Cyprus. There are some things that will definitely keep you remembering Eleftheria Eleftheriou. She has beautiful and elegant all times.

The list above comprises of beautiful women of Cyprus in 2018. They are not only beautiful but also successful in various profession careers. This has been brought about by their efforts, passion and determination towards what they are actually doing for life.

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