Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Cricketers in The World

It is extremely hard for some people to believe that there are many beautiful sports women out there. What people know is that sport ladies are prone to many vigorous workouts and are not beautiful at all. This article was designed with an aim of proving these people wrong. Beautiful women cricketers are good looking and successful in their careers. The list below comprises of top 10 beautiful women cricketers in the world in 2018.

10. Sana Mir

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

On tenth position in this article of most beautiful cricketers is Sana Mir. She hails from Pakistan and she is the head of Pakistan Crickets team. Sana is a role model to all cricket women worldwide. There are many things that one can learn and copy from this woman. Some of them are passionate, determination and hardworking nature in her. This amazing and beautiful cricketer from Pakistan inherited her talent from her lovely parents. They supported Mir all through until she became successful. She is not only successful but beautiful.

9. Holly Ferling

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers 2019

Holly Ferling is one woman that cannot be omitted in this list of most beautiful Cricketers worldwide. She if featured in ninth position of this article. Some people tend to think that sports women are not actually beautiful. Ferling will definitely prove all of these people wrong. Holly was born on 22nd December, 1995. She is young and extremely young hence rated in this list. Australia is looking at her for many medals in future.

8. Rosalie Birch

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

Rosalie Birch is more than adorable cricket woman from England. She was born on 6th December, 1983 in St Albans. Many people are aware of her sport name which is Cheesy. Rosalie is a winner of many cricket competitions and through that she has become famous worldwide. On his social media pages, many people are commenting about his beautiful body and not his performance o field. Most of these people are men. They do admire her adorable body and many other good looking parts. Birch has medium hair which is well maintained and is always clean.

7. Isobel Joyce

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

Isobel Joyce is extremely beautiful with her curvy body. This woman is famous ad hails from Ireland. As we all know, Irish ladies are good looking and they have long and well maintained hair. They know how to dress decently. It is with a lot of honor that Joyce is from this popular and beautiful country worldwide. Another thing that you need to know about this woman is that she is left handed but ca also works with right hand. People like her are rarely found. Joyce Isobela is a black woman but very beautiful than all these white crickets we see on our screens.

6. Meghann Moira Lanning

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers 2019

This is a 23 year old beautiful cricketer from Australia. She was born on 25th March, 1992 in Singapore. She started admiring cricket players when she was still a young girl. That became her dream, which is already fulfilled today. Meghan holds a big title of being the head of Cricket team in Australia. It is shocking that in that team, Moira is youngest but still doing well than all other team members. Lanning has always remained successful ever since she was only 18 years. She is not only success but also beautiful Cricketer.

5. Katherine Helen Brunt

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

Katherine Helen Brunt is a very attractive cricket woman than all those featured in various positions of this article. She hails from England and was has supportive parents. They have always helped her ever since she was a young girl. In 2006, Helen was granted a title of being best of all cricketers worldwide. Not only success in playing cricket game, there are many other things that can be discussed at large concerning Katherine Helen. One of them includes her beauty. Katherine’s years cannot be compared with her years. She looks extremely good ad younger than expected of age.

4. Laura Marsh

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

We cannot make a mistake of winding up this article without featuring Laura Marsh. She is rated in fourth position of this article and she is amongst beautiful women worldwide. In our case however, she is rated here among other cricketers. Some of the things that you need to know about her is beautiful and curvy body, sexy eyes and long beautiful nose. You will hear her fellow ladies say that Laura marsh is blessed with a good body which is adorable always. It is so nice to learn some things about Laura Marsh.

3. Sarah Taylor

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

O third position of his article is Sarah Taylor. She is a big name in England and basically in Cricket team Players. She love doing Stoke gaming style and it is in this field that many people came to notice about her beauty. Sarah is a true definition of beauty in entire Cricket team. I love her eyes, they are big and always glowing eve in dark places. Taylor is not only beautiful but also successful young lady.

2. Isha Guha

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

As we wind up this article, let us focus about this beautiful cricketer featured in second position of this article. Isha hails from England and is a passionate cricketer player. Isha Guya has contributed a lot to wining of several matches of her team. History states that she has won more than 100 games to date.

1. Ellyse Perry

Most Beautiful Women Cricketers

Ellyse Perry is in first position of this article and she is the most beautiful of all cricketers worldwide. She has very long ad well maintained hair that is also adorable. The smile of this woman will keep you amazed. It is something that will keep you admiring. Perry is a jovial person ad is hard to tell when she is actually sad. She is not only beautiful but hard working indeed.

These are the most beautiful women cricketers worldwide in 2018. They are from various countries worldwide. Most of them are leaders of big cricket teams and have become role model of many people as well. These women have garnered a lot of fame an success because of their hard work and determination in their career.

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