Top 10 Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Spain is a famous country that is found in Europe. It is known for producing amazing films that are viewed by many people worldwide. Women from this wonderful country are famous, successful, hard working, determined and passionate on their career. We are going to feature ten of these beautiful women from this amazing country. Just go through the list below, it contains 10 most beautiful Spanish women in 2018.

10. Claudia Moro Fernandez

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Claudia Moro Fernandez is a special gift to people of Spain. She is truly a beautiful woman who hails from a popular and wonderful town known as Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Moro is a famous actress and fashion model from Spain. Many people know this great star especially after taking part and winning in Miss Madrid competition. This was in 2007. Later in 2008, Claudia won represented her wonderful country in Miss Spain competitions that was featured worldwide.

9. Sonia Ferrer Gonzalez

Most Beautiful Spanish Women 2019

In this position we have this other beautiful woman from Spain popularly known as Sonia Ferrer Gonzalez. She is a well known and respected television presenter, model and actress. Many people from Spain and some other parts of the world are fully aware of her because of taking part in many films and local television dramas. Apart from this professional career, Sonia Ferrer Gonzalez is a big name in one popular and successful competition called Eurovision Contest in 2006. Some of her favorite shows that she took part in are Cosmopolitan Coffer and Happy. These two made Ferrer successful and known by many people worldwide.

8. Paz Vega

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

This is another beautiful woman that cannot be omitted in this list of beautiful women from Spain. Paz Vega hails from Seville in a place called Andalusia. Paz is a talented actress who has many fans worldwide. She became very famous after taking part in important roles in a popular television drama called Menudo es Mi Padre. Apart from this amazing success in her life, Paz Vega also appeared in an outstanding show called Friends that was held in United States of America. Vega is truly beautiful and has an amazing personality.

7. Amaia Salamanca Urizar

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

On seventh position of this article is Amaia Salamanca Urizar. She is a talented and well known actress from Spain. Amaia has short and beautiful hair that is always clean and well maintained. Her eyes are gorgeous and sexy. She has always captured attention of many people especially after releasing her smile. Amaia has white and well arranged teeth. Some of her important roles are featured in films like Los Hombres de Paco and SMS or Sin Miedo a Sonar. She also appeared took another important role of Catalina Marcos. This is how she became famous.

6. Lorena Bernal Pascual

Most Beautiful Spanish Women 2019

Lorena Bernal Pascual was born in Argentina, Spain. She is a popular and successful model and actress. Bernal is always passionate and determined o what she does. This wonderful woman was crowned Miss Spain pageant in 1999. This gave Lorena a through way to represent her country in several other competitions that she also won. Unlike other popular actresses and models from Spain that have short hair, Pascular has extremely long hair that is also well maintained like that of other celebrities.

5. Elsa Pataky

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Here is another beautiful and successful woman from Spain known as Elsa Pataky. Her full name is Elsa Lafuente Medianu. She is a widely known Spanish actress, producer and successful model from Madrid, in Spain. This successful and popular Spanish lady started acting immediately after completing her studies. Pataky has appeared in many television shows and dramas. In 1997, this great woman took part in a famous and successful film called Al Salir De Clase. Many people in Spain watched this wonderful movie. Elsa was able to sell and distribute several copies to many clients worldwide. Through this business, she has always been successful and popular among many people.

4. Judit Masco

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

On fourth position of this article is Judit Masco. She is another popular and beautiful lady from Spain. This article could have been partially incomplete without rating Judie amongst many other beautiful women from Spain. She has been rated in this position because of her good looks such as curvy body, sexy eyes, long and well maintained hair and nicely trimmed eyebrows that attract many people. Whenever on Stage, her fans get excited o watching her perform live.

3. Eugenia Silva

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Eugenia Silva is ranked in third position of this article and she is amongst beautiful and charming ladies from Spain. Silva is a successful and super model that has made appearances in many modelling competitions and she always emerged winner in some of them. Eugenia is a recipient of degree of law from Colegio Universitario Cardenal Cisneros. Apart from her career, Silva has several physical features that are attractive to many people. She is slim and always presentable.

2. Ines Sastre

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Ines Sastre is rated in second position in this list of beautiful Spanish women in 2018. She is a talented actress and model of all time. Ines is truly a beautiful woman hence featured in this position and has appeared in many films and local television dramas. These Movies and dramas are watched by many film lovers from Spain.

1. Penelope Cruz

Most Beautiful Spanish Women

This is the most beautiful woman amongst many others from Spain. She was born several years back and started acting in 1992. This single career has lifted her to world of celebrities and success. Penelope is currently a highly featured woman in many countries. Some of her roles are well observed in films like The Hi-lo Country, the girl of your dreams, woman on top blow, Sky and open your eyes. Her smile is fantastic and attracts many young men and women.

These are the most ten beautiful Spanish women 2018 that are featured in this list. They are not only beautiful but also successful, hardworking and passionate on their professional careers. We credit them all because of their beauty and success in their careers.

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