Top 10 Most Beautiful South African Women

South Africa is a beautiful country in Africa and is among developed countries of this big continent. It is popular for many reasons. Some of these reasons are singers, beautiful actresses and handsome actors, attractive game parks and many others. In our case however, we are going to look at most beautiful women from this nation. You will come to earn that they are not only beautiful but also successful in their lives. Below is the list of top 10 most beautiful South African women in 2018.

10. Candice Boucher

Most Beautiful South African Women

She is a beautiful and good looking model from South Africa. Candice Boucher was born on 17th October, 1983 and still looks young to date. It is because of her beautiful body and nice facial structures that this amazing woman has appeared in this article. Several beauty magazines in South Africa have used her images as cover photos. Some of these popular and successful magazines are Cosmopolitan, GQ and FHM. Candice is beautiful and has acted in a romantic film known as Aazaan.

9. Charlize Theron

Most Beautiful South African Women 2019

Charlize Theron is also beautiful, Adorable and elegant all the same. She is a recognised South African model, dancer and actress. Theron is famous worldwide and has been in many live performances and competitions. Some of these competitions are modelling and singing. Residents of South Africa recognised her beautiful body from these points. In terms of movies, Charlize has appeared in films such as Mighty Joe Young, the devil’s advocate, reindeer Games, men of honor, Bagger Vance and the cider House Rules. This adorable South African celebrity is truly beautiful.

8. Roxy Louw

Most Beautiful South African Women

Many people worldwide tend to think that athletes are not actually beautiful. That is according to their opinions. In this article, we are featuring Roxy Louw. She is a determined athlete from South Africa. This woman is extremely beautiful and proves wrong all those people that think athletes are not good looking. One of Roxy’s parents used to be a popular legend of Rugby games. This can be where she borrowed her passion for sports from. Louw decided to join athletics when she was only 17 years old and has remained among top ones in South Africa and entire world.

7. Shashi Naidoo

Most Beautiful South African Women

Shashi Naidoo is also from South Africa. She is another beautiful celebrity featured in seventh position of this article. Naidoo is a popular and successful model, television presenter and actress of all time. Shashi is a learned person. She holds a degree from one of top universities worldwide known as University of Johannesburg. It is through her education that she was able to join film industry in South Africa and did extremely well. Naidoo appeared in a certain local television drama of her country called Backstage. This is where many people came to know about her.

6. Minki Van Der Westhuizen

Most Beautiful South African Women 2019

On sixth position of this article is this beautiful woman with big name popularly known as Minki Van Der Westhuizen. She is a famous and successful model of South Africa. Van developed a passion for modelling when she was still a little girl of very tender age. When she was 16 years, Minki gave in became very reputable from that time to date. Some of organisations where this great star has worked include Guess Jeans (2002) and many other sports magazines. Not only this, Der made an appearance in a popular sport magazine of swimsuit Edition when she was 18 years.

5. Candice Swanepoel

Most Beautiful South African Women

This is another super South African woman. She is a successful model. Candice was born o 20th October, 1998, in Mooiriver, in South Africa and is popular among many people for being one of highest paid model worldwide. Her talent of modelling was discovered when she was 15 years old in a famous market of Durban. Many beauty magazines have always used her images to display on cover pages. Such magazines are Lush, Ocean Drive, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. So far Swanepoel hold a title of modelling for many companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren.

4. Genevieve Morton

Most Beautiful South African Women

Genevieve Morton is a good looking woman from Benoni in South Africa. Born on 9th July, 1986, Morton is a recognised and successful model of all time. Modelling career has introduced this beautiful woman to many organisations like beauty magazines. She appears I these magazines as a decorating agent in their cover pages. One this magazine is sports illustrated magazine of South Africa which is read by millions of people in that same country. This beautiful lady worked here for three consecutive years before moving out to a different organisation.

3. Tracy McGregor

Most Beautiful South African Women

It is with great honour that I introduce to you Tracy McGregor. She is a gorgeous South African television presenter and model of all time. She appears I third position of this article due to her good looking nature. There are many things to admire about Tracy apart from her professional careers. You will definitely want to have such a curvy body shape if you happen to meet her or attend one of McGregor’s live performances. She is equipped with big and glowing eyes that attract many people.

2. Tanya Van Graan

Most Beautiful South African Women

On second position of this article is Tanya Van Graan. She is a talented actress that has appeared in many television shows and films of South Africa. Some of these films are Death Race 2, the boys and the thirst, death race inferno, mad cow and starship Troopers 3. Tanya Van Graan has long and well maintained hair.

1. Kerry McGregor

Most Beautiful South African Women

This is the most beautiful of all South African women. She is famous and successful model of all time. Kerry’s sisters are also famous. Tracy is one of her sister that is recognised worldwide. When doing live performances, she draws attention of many people. These people stare at her because of her good-looking nature.

These are the some most beautiful South African women in 2018. They are rated in different positions above according to their various levels of beauty. South African women are hard working, passionate ad determined in their professional careers. Some of them are model, actresses and film producers.

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