Top 10 Sexiest Female Bodybuilders of All Time

Bodybuilding is an essential activity practised by many people with a purpose of having a unique and fantastic body looks. Female on other side are not left behind lifting weights. These women are beautiful and hot as well. I have taken time and much effort in doing research. Below is a list containing top 10 most beautiful and hottest female bodybuilders of all time.

10. Gladys Portugues

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

She was born on 30th September, 1957. Many people for having a famous husband who is an actor in Belgian know Gladys Portugues. Apart from being just a wife, this amazing lady is also a mother of two children. Her inspiration came from an Olympic winner popularly known as Rachel Mclish. Gladys is a successful bodybuilder having taken this activity so serious. Appearing in top ten of this list is another major success. Portugues is well described with her big muscles which can scare some people but attractive to others.

9. Jennifer Broomfield

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders 2019

On ninth position of this article is Jennifer Broomfield from Massachusetts. She was born 5th September, 1983. Before joining Body building activity, Jennifer used to play soccer and do wrestling, a fighting game highly featured in most television and loved by children. In 2002, Broomfield got a desire of wanting a well build body. At that teen age, Jennifer lost a lot of weight and muscles began building. According to her own confession, this bodybuilder wishes to add little weights to cover muscles that are full grown currently. Her looks are still very okay according to many opinions from fans.

8. Rachel McLish

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Rachael McLish is another beautiful and hot bodybuilding featured in my article. She was born on 21st June, 1955, Texas, United States of America. Her career at first was health nutrition and Physiology. Rachael was inspired to do bodybuilding after watching other female bodybuilders in magazines and television shows. Mclish became very popular in America for having a unique and attractive body. Several magazines started featuring her for more than other women did. Most women in America with a problem of obesity love following her steps of weight lose and building muscles.

7. Brigita Brezovac

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Brigita Brezovac is a well known bodybuilder who hails from Slovenia. She was born on 24th September, 1979. Her interest in Bodybuilding came in at teen age. Brigita saw photos of other builders such as Anja Langer and popular Cory Everson. Brezovac began lifting weights with an aim of changing her looks completely. Within a short period, many people would recognize her easily. Upon gaining much strength, most television shows started featuring her. For example, she scooped position four in world championship that was held in Europe, 2004.

6. Jennifer Rish

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders 2019

Jennifer is just an amazing woman. Her smile is beautiful and charming always. At Teen age, Rish was best in kick boxing and doing gymnastic games. She likes being busy at all time may be that is why her dedication for gym grew each day. Because of wanting to have a busy life, Rish found herself multi tasking in doing nursing activities and fitness during leisure time. In many bodybuilding competitions, Jennifer Rish is a well known name that dominates mostly. All credit goes to this lady of class because of not loosing that look of a woman even after lifting weights to gain muscles.

5. Dayana Cadeau

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Here is another woman of class making her way in position five of this list. You can always describe her as a strong and determined woman in whatever she does. Born on 2nd June, 1966, in Haiti, Dayana Cadeau has been always successful in lifting weights and many competitions. Apart from all that, Cadeau holds a title of being second in miss international and Miss Olympia. In other competitions like lightweight class, Dayana scooped position one, she was nicknamed Gift. Her weight is estimated to be 135lb but changes after sometime.

4. Nick Fuller

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

This amazing, attractive and beautiful lady of her own style cannot be forgotten in most events, competitions and articles like this one. Her appearance in this article is a great contribution to this list. Fuller hails from Ohio in United States of America and was born on 23rd January, 1968. Nick began falling for gym activities at a very young age and pursued so much to meet her dreams. With her little effort, thing started changing and with no time, fame and success accompanied her life. So many people want to see her current looks that are very attractive.

3. Yaxeni Oriquen

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

From Venezuela is a successful and beautiful known as Yaxeni Oriquen. She was born on 3rd September, 1966. Her bodybuilding career began in 1989. With all seriousness, Oriquen won four amateurs in total out of winning a good and fit body. Yaxeni is also a Gym instructor and trainer. Women flock in her place of training to get much advice and weight lifting skills. These ladies love her so much because of giving them what is required to live in a healthy way. Other trainings can be accessed in internet.

2. Chyna

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Chyna hails from New York in United States of America. She was once a student of University of Tampa and graduated in 1992 having done a complete course in Spanish Literature. In that same university, Chyna studied French and German. Many people recognize her with her full name known as Joan Marie Laurer. In 1997, Marie appeared in www wrestling. That is Chyna grew much fame among many people.

1. Iris Kyle

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Iris is the most beautiful and hot of all bodybuilders worldwide. Kyle happens to be among successful women worldwide. This was achieved from her hard work and determination in weight lifting activities. She has won more than three times in Miss Olympia. Iris is estimated to have a weight of 160lb.

So, these above are the top 10 most beautiful and hottest female bodybuilders of all time. Those are the most beautiful and hot bodybuilders featured in world today. they are very successful and hard working.

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