Top 10 Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders in The World

The NFL football season brings millions of watchers together, and all eyes are glued not only to the action on the field but to the sidelines as well. No matter how bad teams perform, viewers can have the solace of watching lovely girls at the sidelines rooting for their favourite sides – dressed in attires that flatter their amazing figures. They are a major draw in every game, and can bring it on when it matters the most.

Take a look at the top 10 most beautiful NFL cheerleaders in 2018, and find out which ones of them are the ones to watch out for this year. The list comprises of amazing beauties who are also intelligent girls with real professions.

10. Liz Rivera, Houston Texans

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

She is one amazing looker, and this is her 4th year with the team Houston Texans. The cheerleading squads of the Houston Texans never fail to impress, and the girl leads her team to glory all the way. But it is not her only talent! When she does not work as a cheerleader, she works as a hairstylist. She always has her brush close at hand, an accessory that she cannot live without. She is into cross-fit training, which is her way to fitness. In July, 2015, she was honoured as the Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week. In the Houston Texans cheerleader calendar for 2015, she was also named as Miss July.

9. Ashley P. Dallas Cowboys

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders 2019

This gorgeous girl is a member of the cheerleading squad of Dallas Cowboys. For 4 years, she cheered the Baylor University. All through college, she has been taking part in competitions and has also won the 2009 Worlds with Cheer Athletics competition. Her beautiful postures are well-settled with the beautiful physique she has. She wants to be on Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer.

8. Candace, Denver Broncos

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

This attractive girl from Richfield, Ohio has been cheerleading for 4 years for the team Denver Broncos. Her glamorous appearance can be counted as one of the plus points she has. Other than pumping up the morale of her side, she can do insulation, roofing and hanging drywall. She has also visited many areas of the globe with her squad and visited the Wounded Warrior Project in Germany and soldiers lying wounded at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

7. Patricia, New England Patriots

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

She cheerleads for the team New England Patriots, and has been dancing in competitions for long. Since 5 years of age, she has been into dancing. She captains the official cheerleading squad of the New England Patriots. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Civil and Environmental Engineering as a Bachelor of Science. But other than cheerleading and dancing she has another amazing talent. When not into cheerleading, she works as an environmental engineer.

6. Sara Bommarito, St, Louis Rams

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders 2019

To be honest this lady is made for the stage. Her performances are just flawless! Since age 5, she began practising numerous styles of dancing – such as ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, tap and hip hop. She has been also into musical theater until she turned 18. She is the captain of the St, Louis Rams Cheerleader line. A competitive dancer, she has been regularly dancing in competitions and is a team member of Dynamic Edge Dance Center competition. Although she has a fire for dance, you will be amazed knowing her hobbies. She is into dirt biking, fishing, boating and tubing.

5. Alicia Marie, Philadelphia Eagles

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

This lovely cheerleader for the team Philadelphia Eagles gets male eyes turning to her whenever she is in the sidelines. For 3 years, she is a part of the squad. Every Sunday, she works her charm on the field. When she is not cheerleading, this Villanova University graduate teaches history. Now if more history teachers looked as good as her, the subject would have hardly been boring for some!

4. Jessica, Jacksonville Jaguars

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

She belongs to Jacksonville Jaguars, and she is one of the star members of the cheerleading team for the group, The Roar of the Jaguars. Every year, the squad ranks among the hottest cheerleading teams. For Floridians, Jessica happens to be one of the biggest eye-candies who make even tough times for the Jaguars bearable. A darling of fans, she has been with the team for 3 years now. When not cheering her side to glory, she works as a nanny.

3. Cynthia, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

She is into her 2nd season with her team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When she is not cheering her team to glory, she works for Power Design as a project engineer. She trains for 6 days a week in the week to stay in shape, and the hard work shows on the sidelines. She is also a water baby, and can be seen as a tournament bass fisherman in her off hours. She wants to be the CEO of an agency someday.

2. Charo, Washington Redskins

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

This girl from Columbia, Maryland is an all-rounder dancer. From 5 years of age, she has been into dancing. She is trained in hip hop, tap, jazz and even modern and contemporary dance styles. When her team sweats it out on the field, she shakes her stuffs on the sidelines as one of the cheer squad captains of the Washington Redskins.

1. Katelyn, San Diego Chargers

Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

This amazingly beautiful girl is a cheerleader for San Diego Chargers for National Football League Sundays. This California stunner is super-fit, courtesy her gymnastics training, and her moves on the soccer field are ample proof. When she is not shaking to the beats on the soccer field, she works as a gymnastics instructor – which means you can learn from her during the rest of the week. She hails from Yorba Linda, California.

These are indeed the top 10 most beautiful NFL cheerleaders in 2018, offering enough eye-candy for watchers. No matter what the weather is, these amazing girls are all the way to cheer for their sides and keep the spectators and viewers entertained. Highly trained dancers with lovely figures, they make games better for men who are not always satisfied with the performance of their team.

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