Top 10 Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

The entertainment and showbiz world is always welcoming new talents and gorgeous actresses of every origin! Of special note are the Mexican ladies that have made their presence felt in the silver screen by essaying some of the best characters and glamorous roles. Mexican women are known for their evocative beauty, amicable personality, stunning body language, mesmerising looks and a diva like aura that impresses everyone!

Over the years there have been many Mexican ladies that have stunned the movie buffs with their looks and performance and some of them created a name for themselves as well. Talking of the Mexican beauties there are plenty that can be named! However, these are the top 10 most beautiful Mexican actresses in 2018 for their looks as well as talent.

10. Fernanda Romero

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

Known for her popular works like The Eye and Eternamentetuya, Fernanda Romero as she is popularly called was born on January 1st, 1983. She started her career through singing as she had joined in the BMG recording group. Her looks attracted people more and that caused her debuts in acting world. When she was 18 the Mexican beauty started featuring in ad promotions and soon started her career in acting with Control.

9. Angelique Boyer (Net worth – $6 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses 2019

Angelique Monique Paulette Boyer Rousseau as her full name goes happens to be a Mexican actress who is French born in terms of lineage. Her career started by playing a secondary role in a television series and then she was finally offered a protagonists role in 2010 in Teresa. Her popular works include Abismo de pasión, Teresa, Lo que la vida me robo so far. She has proved to be heartthrob and an amazing actress with Mexican background.

8. Aracely Arambula (Net worth – $7 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

Born in March 6th, 1975 Aracely Arambula is a popular Mexican singer, model and actress! She started acting with the small roles in works like y Canción de Amor (1996) and the cuerpo y alma (1995), Acapulco and a couple of more shows. She started nursery rhymessinging and took part in order to pay an honor to Francisco Gabilondo Solerallowed Ellas Cantan Cri Cri. Her famous works are Las viasdelamor and Los Miserables. She has found her fame reaching people in the social networks very fast. Her attractive looks and charming performance are the reason behind her popularity.

7. Maite Perroni (Net worth – $8 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

Born on March 9th, 198e Maite Perroni happens to be a Mexican singer, actress and song writer! She had gained global fame being a member of Latin Grammy being nominated by a pop group RBD. Her videos are very clutching. She has performed with great voice and also with her unique appearances. The actress made her acting introduction with Rebelde and till date her other famous works comprised of Triunfodel Amor (2010), Cuidado con el ángel (2008), La Gata (2014) and Mi Pecado (2009). This has successfully built her fan world in the social networks.

6. Ana Brenda Contreras (Net worth – $10 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses 2019

A popular Mexican singer and actress, Ana Brenda Contreras is known for her famous works like Sortilegio and La Que No Podia Amar. The actress had also starred in a film with the titkle “Divina Confusion” that was heading by Salvador Garcini. The actress also essayed a protagonist role in the telenovela Juro Que Te Amo as a “Violeta Madrigal”. This beautiful lady has charmed many hearts of both men and women through her flawless performances and singing over the world.

5. Sandra Echeverria (Net worth – $245 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

Born in December 11th, 1984 Sandra Echeverria Gamboa is a popular singer and actress! Only real viewers will know why she has made her entry into the list of attractive Mexican actresses. At the age of 14 this singer and actress had become associate of the Perfiles, which is a group who name later got changed to Crush. Being a member of this group Sandra got the chance to recording 2 albums as well as performs in over 200 concerts. Her popular works are Marina and Relaciones Peligrosas. Her stunning characteristics also made her popularity known to the world of actresses in their real life.

4. Angelica Vale (Net worth – $145 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

A popular Mexical singer, actress as well as a comedian, Angelica Maria Vale Hartman was born on November 11th, 1975. She has rightfully ventured into all of her potentials very skilfully. It has been 30 years that she has been functioning her as actress. However, she shot to fame when she essayed the protagonist’s role in La Fea Mas Bella which by far is one of her popular work.

3. Barbara Mori (Net worth – $145 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

No one can forget this name! She is known for her best qualities in the world. Truly she is a Mexican Diva! Bárbara Mori Ochoa was born on February 2nd, 1978 and rightfully belongs to be accredited as one of the top 10 most beautiful Mexican actresses 2018. She is a popular model, actress, writer and producer. Her popular works comprise of Rubi and La mujer de mi hermano.

2. Salma Hayek (Net worth – $85 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

Yet another diva in herself, Salma Hayek is one of the popular Mexican actresses that have a million and more fans all over the world. Born in September 2nd, 1966 her popular works so far include the Dogma (1999),Desperado (1995) and Wild Wild West (1999) and a couple of other works! Other than being an actress she is also a producer and director.

1. Thalia (Net worth – $50 Million)

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda as she is called is a popular Mexican actress, singer, song writer, entrepreneur as well as a published author! Her features have perfectly settled with her beauty as a Mexican jewel. She has sung in multiple languages such as French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Some of her popular works comprise of Marimar, Maria la del barrio, Rosalinda and Maria Mercedes.

These top 10 most beautiful Mexican actresses 2018 have been winning hearts with their performance, talents and an amazing personality that is unique and individual. These beautiful Mexican women have a long way to go! Stay glued to know more about these sizzling Mexican actresses!

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