Top 10 Hottest Korean Actresses 2018

The Korean film industry is growing every day in size and popularity. With beautiful male and female actors portraying complex characters in different types of films – it is building a non-native fan base at a noticeable pace. These films are not only bringing in millions of dollars in revenue and contributing to the country’s GDP but they are also promising the rich culture and heritage of the country. In this fledgling industry some female actors are grabbing eyeballs for their stunning looks and excellent acting.

These beautiful Korean actresses with multiple awards and many talents between them this list contains actresses that would instantly improve the quality of a film. Here is the list of the top 10 most beautiful and hottest Korean actresses in 2018.

10. Jun Ji-hyun

Hottest Korean Actresses

Jun Ji-hyun or Gianna Jun as she is better known is a TV and film actress who started out as a model at only 16. She starred in one of Korea’s most popular romantic comedy films called My Sassy Girl. Although her film debut in White Valentine went relatively unnoticed, she became a familiar face through commercials and other films. Jun got married in 2012 to banker Choi Joon-hyuk in a lavish ceremony and the pair now has a son together.

9. Lee Da-hae

Hottest Korean Actresses 2019

This 32 year old South Korean actress is not only famous in her native country but also hugely popular in China. She entered show business by winning a pageant in 2001 and got mainly supporting roles in television. The show My Girl shot her to instant stardom and she hasn’t looked back winning multiple awards and commercial endorsements in a successful career. Lee is fluent in Korean, Chinese and English. She signed a contract this year to work exclusively with JS Pictures.

8. Song Hye-kyo

Hottest Korean Actresses

Song Hye-kyo rose to nationwide fame through her role in the television drama Autumn in My Heart. Being a very popular face in the country, she has also endorsed multiple brands through commercials and also been a spokesperson for many of them. In 2014, she made a public apology for tax evasion and paid hefty fines as a result. Song has been part of two unsuccessful relationships that became a hot topic for the media and generated much public gossip.

7. Han Ye-seul

Hottest Korean Actresses

Originally named Leslie Kim, Han Ye-seul was in California in the United States. The 34 year old started out as a model and quickly rose to fame after transitioning to acting. She has acted in three films so far and a number of television dramas. Although critics didn’t like her acting early on, she has proved them wrong by starring in several award winning projects and getting good reviews. Han is currently dating Teddy Park who is a record producer at YG Entertainment.

6. Shin Min-a

Hottest Korean Actresses

Shin Min-a were a teen model and also a member of Kpop boy band g o d.. However, she only found national fame after she started her acting career and quickly went on to star in many films. She is critically acclaimed for her variety of different roles which portray her acting skills. She is best known for her roles in My Girlfriend are a Nine-Tailed Fox, A Love to Kill, Arang and the Magistrate and Oh My Venus. She has been dating South Korean actor Kim Woo-bin since last year.

5. Ha Ji-won

Hottest Korean Actresses

Ha Ji-won is one of Korea’s most beautiful and talented actors of her generation. Known internationally for her incredible versatility, she has starred in films like Hwang Jini, Secret Garden and the incredible film Empress Ki. The 38 year old has said all she ever wanted since childhood was to be an actress and she has fulfilled her dreams. Starring both in film and TV masterpieces, she has gone onto win many awards and recognitions for her astounding contribution to the film industry.

4. Han Ga-in

Hottest Korean Actresses

Han Ga-in is the stage name of Korean actress Kim Hyun-joo. She gained popularity quite young as a commercial model and acted in many advertisements but struggled to break in the film industry as an actress. In 2012, her film Architecture 101 was loved by critics and fans alike and rose her career to another level. Han married actor and fellow costar from a TV series, Yeon Jung-hoon and he couple have a daughter together.

3. Yoon Eun-hye

Hottest Korean Actresses

Yoon Eun-hye was a member of Kpop girl band Baby V.O.X. for six years before moving onto an acting career. She felt overshadowed by other members of the band and often ignored and even disliked by fans. Although she has starred in films, she is better known for her acting in television dramas. In fact she got instant stardom with her first major acting role in Princess Hours. She has got recognition as an actress and won several awards in a successful career. Not many know she even has directed a short film.

2. Park Shin-Hye

Hottest Korean Actresses

This lovely lady has been part of several television and film projects and has been regarded as one of the top 40 most powerful celebrities in Korea by Forbes magazine. Though her initial roles received mixed reviews both in the box office and from the critics, she slowly grew in popularity from works such as Tree of Heaven; you’re Beautiful and the rom-com Cyrano Agency. Over the years she has received a lot of critical acclaim for her acting and has also undertaken many charitable projects for helping the poor.

1. Choi Ji-woo

Hottest Korean Actresses

Choi Ji-woo is the stage name of actress Choi Mi-hyang who is known all over her country for her roles in television dramas like Winter Sonata, Beautiful Days and Temptation. She has also starred in multiple films and endorsed some big brands. Over the years she has won many awards in various categories and is a much respected actress in South Korea.

With beauty, physique and fashion sense to match any international Hollywood star, these ravishing Korean beauties of 2018 will leave you charmed at one look. These popular Korean actresses are all timeless classics and possess true beauty.


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