Top 10 Hottest Japanese Women

In earlier times there wasn’t so much of opportunity for a woman to go outside and work but as time passed woman started coming out of their homes and got involved themselves into everything. First, it was the only man’s world but now its woman too, equality is now everywhere, but it’s proven that not only it’s important that man can do everything.

There are many successful women in every field whether it is science, entertainment, sports in every field. It is believed that a Japanese women is beautiful to know the fact let’s check the list of top 10 most beautiful and hottest Japanese women in 2018.

10. Elly Akira

Hottest Japanese Women

Elly Akira or Fareeza Terunuma was born on 25th January 1986; she is a famous Japanese adult video actress.She made her debut in porn industry starring in a softcore pink film which even got the Best Film and the 8th position in the 20th Pink Grand Prix. She has been known by two other names Hitomi Nishikawa and Yuka Osawa; she has a record of being in more than 800 Japanese porn videos in the year 2013. She is also well-known artist and photographer, and her exhibition has won Lily Franky Award.

9. Mika Nagano

Hottest Japanese Women 2019

Mika Nagano is a Japanese lady professional wrestler and a master mixed martial performer born on December 29th, 1983. As inside the ring, she uses the name “Future Princess” and usually fights lightweight in Deep and Jewels, she even participated in World Wonder Ring Stardom and Ice Ribbon. She has also been a champion in the Jewels Rough Stone Grand Prix at 54 Kg in 2009.

8. Maria Ozawa

Hottest Japanese Women

Maria Ozawa was born on 8th January 1986, is a Japanese model, actress and formerly use to be Adult Videos idol. When she started her career, she used “Miyabi” as her name as she did modeling for pornographic contents.She was also a gravure model and released a photo book of herself.Besides making porns, Ozawa featured herself into few movies.She was also part of TV dramas, and she is known for her featuring in porns like creampie and simulated rape. By 2010 she was popular in Indonesia and even did a film named Hantu Tanah Kusir, Maria is considered listed number 7 by Complex magazine as the “top hottest Asian pornstar of all time.”

7. Haruka Ayase

Hottest Japanese Women

Aya Tademaru or Haruka Ayase was born on 24th March 1985 in Asaminami located in Hiroshima Prefecture is a well-known Japanese singer and actress. She got her stage name Haruka Ayase as she became the champion of 25th HORIPRO Talent Scout Caravan Grand Prix. She started her career as a singer later joined the industries and did movies like “A Man called Pirate,” “Galaxy Turnpike,” and many movies. She also has two photo books of her named as Birth and Heroine.

6. Ko Shibasaki

Hottest Japanese Women 2019

Ko Shibasaki or Yukie Yamamura is a Japanese singer and actress born on August 5th, 1981. Shibasaki is accomplished by Stardust Advancement, and she got her stage name is being engaged from the main roal of Junkokawakami’s manga Golden Delicious Apple Sherbet. She has two musical groups Galaxias! and Koh+, she made her debut in the year 2002 with her major single “Trust My Feelings” and she was known because of her next single “Tsuki no Shizuku” as it was used in the movie Yomigaeri.

5. Rinko Kikuchi

Hottest Japanese Women

Yuriko Kikuchi or Rinko Kikuchi is a famous Japanese film actress, who has a record of being the first Japanese actress to win the Academy Awards in 50 years because of her work in Babel. She has also been part of other great movies like Norwegian Wood that got screened in 67th Venice Film Festival and science fiction action movie, Pacific Rim. She has also won awards like Independent Spirit and Best Female Lead.

4. Keiko Kitagawa

Hottest Japanese Women

Sexy and One of the beautiful Japanese women Keiko Kitagawa is a Japanese based former model and actress who has done exclusive modeling for Seventeen magazine and then by the middle of 2006 she quits modeling and enter the industry. She is born on 22nd August 1986; Kitagawa started her acting career with the role of Sailor Mar in live action show Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She has also being featured in the movie The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift and TV Drama Mop Girl.

3. Koda Kumi

Hottest Japanese Women

One of the hot and beautiful Japanese women Kumiko Koda was better known as Koda Kumi born on November 13th, 1982 is a Japanese singer. She usually sings urban and R&B genres; she rose to fame because of her seventh single Real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba because this song was featured in the video game Final Fantasy X-2. She is also known for her fashion taste and is idolized by many female of Japan. She is also being compared to music actors Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

2. Namie Amuro

Hottest Japanese Women

One of the beautiful Japanese women Namie Amuro born on September 20th, 1977 is a multi-talented Japanese Singer, dancer, actress, fashion model and business person. She started her career as a singer who can sing different genres and worked with producers outside Japan. She is often referred to as “Teen Queen of Japan” by many professionals and critics. She rose to fame because of her single“Can You Celebrate?” which was a huge hit in Japan after which she changed her genre to westernized R&B and released the single Genius 2000.

1. Ayumi Hamasaki

Hottest Japanese Women

Ayumi Hamasaki born on October 2nd, 1978 is a very talented Japanese lyricist, model, recording artist, and actress. She is called Ayu by her fans, in her whole career, she has written all her lyrics and even co-composed her music. She usually sings J-Pop and is very famous all throughout Japan and Asia.

From the list of top 10 most beautiful and hottest Japanese women in 2018, the fact is being proven that Japanese women’s are beautiful and very talented in their field of work.

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