Top 10 Hottest Plus Size Models in The World

Being a plus size model takes a lot of courage. You have to ignore your weight and skin. People say so many things along the lines of “that is disgusting’, “she is fat”, “how can she show her body off without feeling nasty”, pretty much anything that is meant to hurt your feelings and make you feel like you are not perfect. People today see overweight people as trash, dirt, and just plain nasty. Let’s look at the facts. Some people can not help how they look, they have health issues or the weight just will not come off. Doctor after doctor has tried to help and nothing works.

Look past what we all look like on the outside and maybe think about how we act as a person. No one has a perfect body because there is no such think. When someone says perfect body they are just stating their opinion. If you are to big or too small everyone sees you as nasty. For once in our lives let’s stop judging people and look at them the same as everyone else. Everyone bleeds red and we all need water and food to survive. Stop the hate and make the world at peace again. Below is the list of top 10 hottest plus size models in 2018.

10. Jakaliene Rivera

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

Only being twenty six years of age and a plus size model she is making it in life. Weighing in at a hundred and seventy five pounds. She shows off her body like she does not care what people think of her. She has long brown hair. She is hispanic and has tanned skin. The genres that she deals with is acting, fitness, pregnancy, and so many more that will show you just how you can look great just by changing how much you care.

9. Danielle Zavala

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models 2019

Her stage name is Danielle Darling. She has a bright and energetic personality that is captivating. Weighing two hundred and five pounds at the age of twenty nine. Loving her body and curvy self, she wants to move up in the world of plus size modeling and have already begun doing just that. Worked with Images by Laszlo, Haley West Photographer, and a few more that are very well known.

8. Johanna Dray

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

Started modeling at the age of twenty one and that was ten years ago. She appeared in several different magazines such as, French Vogue, Gala magazine, and a few others. Interviewed and asked about her beginning, she said she was asked if she was model by a photographer. At the time no plus size division or model agency existed.

7. Ashley Graham

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

Starting her modeling career in two thousand. She has two younger sisters and was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Signing her deal with Wilhelmina Models in two thousand one. Then in two thousand and three signed a deal with YM Ford Models. Later was found in other magazines. She speaks at high schools about body image and the body acceptance. She married her husband in two thousand ten. Mainly is photographed with swimsuites.

6. Jennie Runk

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models 2019

Best known for her appearance in H&M’s summer 2013 beachwear campaign. Discovered at the age of thirteen at the time she wore a size eight. The size eight is in between straight size and plus size. She was told to lose weight or gain weight and she decided to gain it become a plus size model. She is one amongst the top 10 hottest plus size models in 2018.

5. Griselangel Paula

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

Started being a plus size model in two thousand and eight. After signing to her first major modeling agency she was booked for six page spread on Ebony magazine. Founder of the online fashion retailer CEO & Founder of Rebdolls. You can find all sizes on this website. She is represented throughout Germany and North America.

4. Natalie Monet

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

Winning Torrid’s House of Dreams model search. She has modeled for Lane Bryant, Forever 21+. Was featured in Plus Model Magazine and appeared in “A Perfect 14” which she spoke about plus size industry and what it is like to be a plus size model. Natalie is training as a wrestler, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

3. Rosie Mercado

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

Not only a plus size model but constantly gained weight. She had a few traumatic life events happen to her in a short time. She was thirty five with three kids. People would tell her they could not work with her because she was to plus size. She hit rock bottom and started gaining more weight hitting four hundred and ten pounds. She could not go to the movies or Disneyland. Hired a nanny to have fun with the kids because she just could not do it with all the weight she had to carry around. She finally opened her eyes when she had to buy two seats on the plane because of her weight. After losing the weight she seen her career take off and is very happy now.

2. Lornalitz Baez

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

Becoming a model at teenage years she seen everyone should be able to fit in the clothes being made today. She always felt like she had no category to fit into. She dealt with an eating disorder in which made her very small and then she realized it was not good for her and she really wanted to be a model.

1. Fluvia Lacerda

Most Beautiful Hottest Plus Size Models

She finally just found that with time you just learn what works and doing that with just a glance at the outfits. Figuring out what fits is what made her be happy with her body.

So, these above are the top 10 hottest plus size models in 2018. Having this problem with the plus sizes is so hard today. Girls look at themselves everyday and realise they should be smaller. If you sit back and see the models you will realise some people just can not change their look. It hurts and if people would stop judging everyone and accept them for them then this world would be a lot less hurtful. Men love girls with scrawny bodies but if you are lucky you will find a guy who loves a girl who has a little extra meat because we all need love and need to be happy. You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anything else.

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