Top 10 Hottest Italian Models

Italy is among the most amazing countries in the world that really has embraced modelling. The modelling industry in Italia has gradually grown into one big and huge establishment. Through this modelling, young and beautiful models have entered the race to participate and establish themselves on the world stage. The capability of this country to produce top models that are so significant on the world stage is so high given the fact that it is a country with many people interested in fashion, acting and modelling. Some of these top 10 hottest Italian models 2018 are listed below;


Hottest Italian Models

Her passion for football made her an outstanding model. She is a huge fan of the Juventus Football club. She is blessed with the best curves Cristina has gained the most reputable figure in Italy. She has also essayed several roles in the Italian movies, radio and theater as well as advertisement campaigns. She has been in the limelight for the previous famous breast augmentation surgery. Her tall and slender figure makes her an admiration from men. This Italian beauty is also recognised for her entirely dedication for the Juventus Football Club. Her sensational green-eyed glamour has made her one of the top models in Italy.


Hottest Italian Models 2019

One of the hottest diva, millions in the globe admires her for her gorgeous look. She is also one of the finest produced by mother Italy. She has been associated with brands like -Elle and Dolce and Gabbana. She has also been involved with active cinemas and filming. Has been featured in films like Malena passion of Christ and Matrix reloaded. She is expected to feature in the new James Bond movie, specq1`2tre, if she features she will be one of the oldest actresses to feature in a movie. She has a toned body and a hot pout, which makes her a public admirer of the opposite sex.


Hottest Italian Models

She is a recognised television personality in Italy. Tricia LA Notizia show exposed her to the public life. The show made her famous and admirable to her fans across the globe. The Isola Dei Famosi show in which she appeared as a winning contestants made her an outstanding model. She has also been an advert component for various brands including Cotton Club Brand Underwear in which she was her spokesperson. She was also featured in Max Magazine famous calendar. Her passion for acting has made her the favourites for the Italians. Palmas has a gorgeous look and a toned body. Her slender figure makes men weaker admiring her curvy body.


Hottest Italian Models

She is among one of the divas that possess unique and admirable features. She is a presenter, socialite, model and actress. Born on February 7 1986, the 30-year-old model is a dual citizen of Italy and America. She is also a communications expert coupling up with the television presenter work.


Hottest Italian Models 2019

The known Italian model was born on 19th march 1984 in Lodi, Lombardy in Italy. The 32-year-old model was once married but divorced later due to complicated circumstances. The hot and beautiful model has appeared on various covers and fashion magazines something, which has led to a massive following. She has also participated in various and sensitive advertisement campaigns including that one of Dolce and Cabana. She has also been on various shows including the Victoria’s secret fashion show in the year 2005. She is also an actress in movies like Go Go tales as a dancer and finally done catwalks becoming a face of the Cesare Pciotti international campaign.


Hottest Italian Models

Born on 8 February 1980, the 6 years old model was born in Calabria Italy. She was once married and still married to the love of her life Flavio Briatore and they have one child. The smart and intelligent model is a fashion model and couples  with being a television personality. She is an excellent dancer and that has attracted her t various campaigns. She is also an actress who has led to her being featured on various films which has hit the global scene and amazing television shows.


Hottest Italian Models

The sassy and hot model was born on 8 August of 1988 in Slatina Romania. Though a born Romanian, she has established herself as the face of modelling in Italy and lives in Italy while practicing it at great heights. She has been around the major countries around the globe and appeared in fashion shows in all of them such as Germany, Spain and France. She has been seen in many advertisements and even videos for Eros Ramazzotti’s album. She has been the image and face of TRE-Italy mobile company. She is also is interested in acting in various fields.


Hottest Italian Models

The amazing and attractive model was born on 24 February 1991 in Goshen New York in the United States. She is an Italian model in the sense that she has been practicing and majorly featured in the Italian region. She works at the IMG models firm and stated the modeling idea at a very young and tender age. She has been able to do various television commercials and appeared on various cover magazines. She was once a face of Giorgio Armani’s fragrance Acqua Di Gioa. She has been on various advertising campaigns.


Hottest Italian Models

Born on 21 January 1988 in Rome, Lazio Italy she is one of the sexiest model and an actress who started at a very young and tender age. She has also appeared in many publications and worked in various advertising such as Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. She has also appeared in various commercials in Italy and television shows as the host at Festival Di Sanremo. She has also done acting like in the movies Christmas in Miami and Asterix at the Olympic Games.


Hottest Italian Models

The 26-year-old beauty was born on 28 June 1990 in Perugia Umbria Italy. She is a fashion model who manages the fashion model management in Milan, Italy. She has participated in various beauty pageants and won many awards in some of them. Throughout her career, she managed to win the Italia’s next top model. She has even endorsed the Mercedes Benz 2012 on a calendar in Italia. She has also been included in campaigns, catalogs, photo shoots and fashion shows.

These above are the top 10 most beautiful and hottest Italian models 2018. The Italian industry is making a huge stride in the modelling industry and has been recognised around the globe. These women have made an impact in the Italian modelling industry and elevated it to top levels. Some of them are still young yet accomplished but with a lot of time to still achieve more accolades.

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